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Christmas Gift Ideas for Berliners

23.11. 2015 · Shopping

I don’t cel­eb­rate Christ­mas by reli­gion, which means I totally don’t have to par­ti­cip­ate in the overpriced-gift-giving-mentality. Mean­ing 2: You can abso­lutely give ME presents, but I don’t give YOU presents. That’s unfor­tu­nate, because I legit rule at giv­ing gifts. Once you’re forced to give some­thing, though — to many people that were
Abandoned Warehouse Lichtenberg Berlin-8511

Fleischfabrik in Lichtenberg

20.11. 2015 · Architecture, Places

Between vis­it­ing the Stasi-Museum and rid­ing our bikes to Don Juan Cen­ter, my friend Rachel and I stumbled upon an odd ware­house in the middle of Lichten­berg (although I don’t know if it is the “middle” of Lichten­berg. It’s maybe just some­where in Lichten­berg). Since I’ve prob­ably never even been through Lichten­berg before, and because we
Festival of Lights 2015 Berlin Leuchtet-7278

Secret Concerts: Bach-Marathon at Konzerthaus Berlin

19.11. 2015 · Events, Music, Places

My favor­ite Ger­man word is “Hoch­kul­tur”, because it implies that cul­ture, per se, is low and that you have to will­ingly par­ti­cip­ate in some form of elev­a­tion to know what Hoch­kul­tur means. Unfor­tu­nately, not many people know that High Cul­ture doesn’t need to be elit­ist, con­ser­vat­ive and lame. Espe­cially when it comes to clas­sical
Der antike Kronleuchter und das Deckengemälde im Stil des 19. Jahrhunderts sorgen für französisches Flair in der Fly Beyond Bar


18.11. 2015 · Events, Food, Places

I always for­get that this part of Friedrich­strasse exists. But walk­ing up to the spot­lit bright blue exter­ior of the BOULANGERIE FRANÇOIS, with all these fancy people queuing up behind the red rope in heels (HEELS! In Ber­lin!), I won­der why I’m not here more often. I’ve been temp­ted up here for the open­ing night of

EatFirst: Fresh Food Delivery

17.11. 2015 · Food, Kiez Life, Made In Berlin

Update (19.11.2015): After review­ing Eat­First ori­gin­ally in sum­mer (we left the ori­ginal review below), the start-up closed for a little break and re-appeared on Ber­lins food scene with a new concept. Ini­tially, Eat­First was avail­able two times per day, mak­ing sure you’d get fresh, healthy and hot meals for lunch or din­ner. We were asked to
Stasimuseum Lichternberg DDR Berlin-8405

Stasimuseum Berlin

16.11. 2015 · Places

I never get tired of men­tion­ing how much I detest museums and most exhib­i­tions. Unless I have a very spe­cific interest in some­thing that is shown, I would rather spend my time and money on strolls through for­got­ten streets and eat artisan cakes. But the Stas­imu­seum caught my atten­tion, not neces­sar­ily for its con­tent (as Ger­man born and

Vegan & Healthy Food Delivery: Fresh Parsnip

13.11. 2015 · Food, Made In Berlin

I cur­rently live on chem­ical uppers and down­ers to struc­ture my day (six cups of strong, black fil­ter cof­fee to wake up and 2 hours of intense gym-training to kick-start the sleep hor­mones). Wake up at 7, work half the day, maybe poop if I’m lucky, then the rest of the day work­ing and ready­ing for
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12.11. 2015 · Events, Food

A while ago I was invited to a charm­ing break­fast by GREY GOOSE Vodka at the Char­lot­ten­burg insti­tu­tion Kaf­fee­haus Grosz. An eleg­ant break­fast seems to have noth­ing to do with vodka (you know, apart from day-drinking on a Sunday), but soon we were enlightened about the occa­sion: GREY GOOSE is open­ing a French Boulan­gerie in Ber­lin,
Schöneberg Potsdamer Straße Gay Bunker-7791

Staycation: Schöneberg

10.11. 2015 · Kiez Life

It was a bleak, uni­formly hun­gover after­noon, at least 4 degrees colder than now and with even less sun to be seen. The unseason­ably shitty rain-weather wasn’t par­tic­u­larly invit­ing for a walk through Schöne­berg, but Fousieh and I couldn’t be deterred from our mis­sion. Fousieh loves Schöne­berg and secretly — well, not so secretly


09.11. 2015 · Music

Remem­ber how I was like “lol we’re gonna have a new music cat­egory and it’s going to be only Ger­man and Ber­lin trap music” well, I was 100% real about that. Except I haven’t really been listen­ing to Ger­man music at all, which is why my per­fect cab­ron Georg is the most import­ant char­ac­ter in this story. He’s the
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Finding the Balkans I

08.11. 2015 · Escapism

By the time me and my friends packed our small Hyundai to hit the road i did not really have any vis­ion of what the Balkans might be or look like. Since the Yugoslavian War has ended in the early 2000s the region seemed to be quite absent in Ger­man media and I hardly knew people that had
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Disco Shopping by Warsteiner: Party At The Supermarket

30.10. 2015 · Events

Late night gro­cery shop­ping: every Ber­liners wish. While we usu­ally waver from Späti to Späti, on rare occa­sions you can also find real, proper super­mar­kets open 24/7. Liv­ing the Ber­lin Dream! But it doesn’t have to stay a dream. The Disco Shop­ping Night by Warsteiner at Kaiser’s next Sat­urday should make it happen. DJ’s, disco lights and


29.10. 2015 · Event calendar

Don’t know what to do on Hal­loween? Get a tat­too in one of the cit­ies most pop­u­lar stu­dios. AKA, the only tat­too shop I ever set foot in (I didn’t get a tat­too though because it’s not my thing and I have no taste what­so­ever so I’d prob­ably end up with a sil­hou­ette of the Branden­bur­ger Tor or some shit
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The Definite Berlin To Do List

28.10. 2015 · Architecture, Other, Places

What bugs me with Ber­lin tour­ist guides, usu­ally, is how gen­eral they are on selling the city. God knows everything is sold to you nowadays: even exper­i­ences. They’re bundled, pack­aged and sold. But come on, at least sell the right experiences. Berlin, like most global metropoles, offers many things that are becom­ing uni­ver­sal: designer cafés