Leipzig: On An Entirely Different Scale

There is a proven cycle of city-hype and the for­mula goes some­thing like this: The mar­gin­al­ized, the poor & cool artists take over a shitty and eco­nom­ic­ally flawed neigh­bor­hood, trans­form it into a “cre­at­ive hub”, estab­lish bars, cafés, gal­ler­ies and bring all their ter­ri­fy­ingly cool look­ing friends to the party. Then, after Read more…

Kisses from Reichenberger Kiez

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The Luzia bar on Orani­en­straße has always been a wet and wild place for parties, so without hes­it­a­tion, we jumped on the chance to actu­ally host our own night. Back in 2012 we star­ted our A MILLION series with a tight crew and the inten­tions to get fucked up with our friends. No man­ners, no reg­u­lar­it­ies, really bad
Kirschblütenfest Gärten der Welt Marzahn Berlin-0452

Cherryblossom-Festival at Gärten der Welt

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Our expect­a­tions about the Cherry Blos­som Fest­ival at the Gärten der Welt in Mar­zahn weren’t par­tic­u­larly high. We were excited to get out of the usual routine for once and escape into a new world. A world in which we would wade in cherry blos­soms and soft light, with like­minded fel­low romantics and a soft Asian soundtrack in
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Voll Schön vs. Shine Bright

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The con­spicu­ous facade of the Spree­wald­platz swim­ming pool (with JUST hav­ing left his mark all over it) is always vic­tim of white­wash graf­fiti. My favor­ites are rather pos­it­ive kisses (ref­er­en­cing Ri Ri at least once) and thank­fully shad­ow­ing a big ass ugly THC piece.
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New Berlin: Refugee Camp Oranienplatz

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When I stepped out of my door last even­ing, a fly­ing rock missed my face only by inches. I looked around the corner to see hooded Antifa riot­ing on Reichen­ber­ger Straße. At first I thought I had missed the 1st of May. I finally summed up the moxy to go and see what was hap­pen­ing and asked a passerby. “The Antifa is
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Springtime Blues II

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I’d men­tioned before how weird it is to feel spring creep­ing up. Nev­er­the­less, it’s more fun than ever to snap­shot the shit out of the city. The past month was very effect­ive in terms of “dusty light” and cherry blos­soms. So without fur­ther ado, here’s a per­spect­ive on our col­lect­ive spring­time blues that isn’t so blue-ish


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The east­ern seg­ment of Ber­lins U1 around the sta­tion “Schles­isches Tor” (built in 1901) is the old­est part of Ber­lins metro sys­tem and prob­ably one of the most vivid ones as well. If you hap­pen to enter a wagon at “Warschauer Straße” and ride through the urban jungle of Kreuzberg 36 (espe­cially in sum­mer time when

Finding Rotterdam

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Though the lush life of Ber­lin is any­thing but bor­ing, I am sure you know that urge to get out of the city, that enthrals one occa­sion­ally. We like to think that we’re sur­roun­ded by noth­ing but rows and rows of Brandenburg’s arti­fi­cially planted pine trees, but we tend to for­get that there’s some­thing wait­ing bey­ond

Past Kisses & Urban Interventions

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Stefan once uploaded a couple of his favor­ite and most del­ic­ate Ber­lin kisses. We def­in­itely need an update from him and all the oth­ers, I know some of the crew are secretly hid­ing their best finds. Think­ing about it made me kick my own ass though, so I went back to have a look through my archives and found
Sundown Spring-0161

Springtime Blues

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I cooked up a the­ory. It’s about a gen­eral fatigue in my circle of friends. Every­body feels bummed out this spring­time, and I won­der why that is. We’ve got break-ups, new jobs and pro­jects, def­in­itely nice weather. Change is hap­pen­ing! That’s mostly good, isn’t it? We’re either get­ting older or the frowns are jus­ti­fied. Everybody’s talk­ing


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The inter­act­ive Con­verse #CLASHWALL #BERLIN finally took place last Sat­urday. On a stun­ning spring­time day, more than 1300 people were wit­ness­ing how a fire-break wall on Tor­straße was trans­formed into a col­lab­or­at­ive piece of art. For ten days, users had the chance to sug­gest what they wanted to see on the wall. The tal­en­ted artists