Quiet Cue at KINDL

29.08. 2015 · Event calendar

My friend Johnny some­times emails me about inter­est­ing stuff going around in the city, but he rarely hypes his own stuff. He’s a musi­cian, and now also part of this series at KINDL called “Quiet Cue”. From the offi­cial release: “The KINDL — Cen­ter for con­tem­por­ary art invites you to the pro­ject room Quiet Cue. On three Sat­urday

The #FordGT Tour in Berlin — Recap

27.08. 2015 · Events

What do you do when you have an excit­ing new auto­mobile pro­to­type but you have yet no con­ces­sion to race it in th pub­lic streets? Well, you build a see-through truck, of course, and parade it across Ber­lins iconic streets. The tour around Ber­lin made a quick stop at Blog­fab­rik and Tem­pel­hof for us to take a couple
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Isolation Berlin — Alles Grau

26.08. 2015 · Music

The prob­lem about hav­ing a music cat­egory on a Ber­lin blog is that it’s lit­er­ally impossible to find good music from Ber­lin that isn’t elec­tronic or Ger­man rap. Not that there’s a prob­lem with elec­tronic (not at all) or Ger­man rap (well, kinda), but the nov­elty fades after a while. So I’m sav­ing these genres for the bangers. There’s
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Singleton Bites: Summer Whisky at Bite Club

25.08. 2015 · Event calendar, Events

After the first Ber­lin street mar­ket stop, which we had covered in the begin­ning of sum­mer, the Singleton Fla­vour Tour con­tin­ues with another halt at Bite Club Ber­lin next to the Hop­pet­osse (Arena). The Whisky brand aims to marry the com­plex fla­vors of their spir­its with the incred­ible selec­tion of the best street food snacks

Pop-Kultur Berlin

25.08. 2015 · Event calendar, Music

Pop-Kultur fest­ival is the re-incarnation of Ber­lin Music Week, set in Berg­hain, with a ver­sat­ile line-up and inter­est­ing pan­els. For three days at the end of August, Ber­lin will be ded­ic­ated to pop when the first ever ‘Pop-Kultur’ takes place, a fest­ival with DJ sets and lec­tures, dis­cus­sions and con­certs. More than 60 artists make up
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Laily’s Berlin: Three Days Of Nelly

20.08. 2015 · Crew Life, Kiez Life, Places

Once again I was able to share my bliss­ful stay with another vis­it­ing friend. She’s a German-bred woman, but had not yet given her taste-buds a bite of this city… not to men­tion the heav­enly Prin­zessinnengarten pizza we rewar­ded ourselves with when our insanely busy week­end came to an end. I’ve real­ized this trip has taught me a lot about

MAULI: Meine Jungs

17.08. 2015 · Music

After two and a half people have kinda encour­aged me to do so, I have finally decided to bless this blog with it’s very own music cat­egory! For now, I am going to restrict myself to post­ing songs that are either about Ber­lin, made in Ber­lin, or some­how related to Ber­lin. It’s prob­ably going to be mostly rap,
Tandiss Travel Essentials Tel Aviv-2-2

Tandiss Travels: Tel Aviv

16.08. 2015 · Escapism

My friend Nor­man from i-ref asked me to join him on a trip to Tel Aviv for which in return I had to keep a travel diary. As I am always broke and also too stub­born to accept that some people have to save their money in order to go on a vacation, I agreed to do it. Also, I always wanted

Atonal Festival 2015

14.08. 2015 · Event calendar

While we are exper­i­en­cing a legit heat-wave and Ger­many is dis­cuss­ing what this drought will mean to our future eco­nomy, the Event Cal­en­dar is hint­ing that sum­mer is com­ing to an end. The hap­pen­ings of the city are tak­ing you back inside again. And noth­ing is as lit­eral about that as Atonal. This fest­ival for

Laily’s Berlin: Pentaprisma Photography Course

12.08. 2015 · Kiez Life, Other

We’ve all ima­gined ourselves as the next Annie Leibovitz or Henri Cartier-Bresson…no? Not even a little? Well at least I can say we’ve all dreamt to be known for hav­ing the coolest Face­book pro­file pics. I have never been form­ally trained in pho­to­graphy; don’t get me wrong I abso­lutely love it and recently – with all this blog expos­ure and
oranienstraße camp

10 Ways To Help Refugees in Berlin

11.08. 2015 · Kiez Life, People

The whole refugee topic is as big in Ber­lin as it should be. Hun­dreds of new shelter-seeking refugees are arriv­ing on a daily basis. Last week, many people have united to help dur­ing the heat-wave in front of the LaGeSo. It was reliev­ing to know that one could take imme­di­ate action by driv­ing up to Moabit to donate food,
Rooftop Mitte Deliveroo Delivery Berlin-3768

Rooftop Picknick Mitte

10.08. 2015 · Kiez Life



07.08. 2015 · Event calendar

With CREAMCAKE, you can never be really sure what to expect. From exper­i­mental bass to queer rap, this party series is an epic­ally low-key legend of Ber­lins night­life scene. Return­ing ever so often with eccent­ric under­ground music that is only wait­ing to pop above the sur­face (and — like Creamcake’s taste­m­akers pre­dict way ahead of their
Rooftop Mitte Deliveroo Delivery Berlin-3724

Good Delivery Food in Berlin with Deliveroo

07.08. 2015 · Food, Kiez Life

Scroll down to skip the review (you hea­then) and win a 100 € worth of deliv­ery food! With the cur­rent tem­per­at­ures, food isn’t an easy thing to decide on. Do I even want to eat? (… yes) Do I want to cook (hell no)? Do I want to actu­ally spend time in a res­taur­ant, where my thighs will be glued to the chair