Forsthaus Strelitz

Taking a time out in Brandenburg
Our endless Berlin summer thankfully lead to a beautiful autumn season, which we gratefully spend in the outskirts of the city. One of the most popular spots in Brandenburg is the cozy and well established Forsthaus Strelitz - exactly the right place for a weekend getaway.
24 Oct ’18 by Sara Food, Places


An autumn sightseeing tour in Brandenburgs capital
Potsdam is only an hour away from Berlin and worth stopping by for a beautiful autumn sightseeing tour.
27 Sep ’18 by Sara Guides, Places, Travel

Da Jia Le

Authentic Chinese Food in Schöneberg
Da Jia Le is one of the most reliable experiences of Chinese food in Berlin and after so many years, still worth pointing the spotlight on its delightfully spicy and delicious specialities from Dongbei.
2 Sep ’18 by Sara Food

Urban & Boutique

Staying at the new Lulu Guldsmeden Hotel Berlin
#WERBUNG# The Nordic inspired, family run and very centrally located Lulu Guldsmeden hotel is perfect for the light-footed and urban traveler.
14 Aug ’18 by Sara Places


A weekend hideaway trip with Drivy
13 Jun ’18 by Sara Travel

Berlin’s best summer events

The best summer events of the year, as judged and rated by an expert (me).
8 Jun ’18 by Sara Events, Guides


An introspective city guide to Los Angeles.
29 May ’18 by Sara Travel

The best things to do when it’s finally summer in Berlin

(updated 2018)
If you're experiencing temperatures over 25° C, remember: that's probably the last time this year.
18 May ’18 by Sara Guides, Street Life

Hummus Witz is not a joke

Taste the new Jerusalem style Hummus in Kreuzberg
The tiny new lunch spot Witz serves fresh, tasty and green Jerusalem style Hummus at Südstern.
10 Apr ’18 by Sara Food

Wohnung tauschen in Berlin

Lohnt sich die geplante Tauschbörse des Berliner Senats?
Ende des Jahres soll es eine offizielle Tauschbörse für landeseigene Wohnungen geben. Aber Wohnungen tauschen geht auch jetzt schon. Wie sieht das in der Praxis aus?
5 Apr ’18 by Sara Community, Other


How to trade your apartment in Berlin
If you're looking for a new apartment in Berlin, you don't have to throw yourself out in the open market: you can just trade with what you have.
5 Apr ’18 by Sara Community, Other

The best Berlin memes of all time

(and why it's important to protect them from being censored by the proposed EU digital copyright law ARTICLE 13)
This post is sponsored by CREATE REFRESH.
18 Mar ’18 by Sara Other

Wok Show: Dumplings 4 Life

Grab your crew, you're eating dumplings by the 20 this Sunday at the Cantonese jiaozi restaurant Wok Show.
27 Feb ’18 by Sara Food

The Bellavista Experience: Trapped in snow (again)

If you ever get stuck on 3000 meters in the European Alps, I hope it's going to be at the lovely mountain cabin Bellavista Rifugio (Schutzhütte Schöne Aussicht)
20 Feb ’18 by Sara Travel