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5 Places To Visit in Meran

17.05. 2016 · Escapism

I took some time with my follow-up on our trip to Merano. Not only is FindingBerlin currently undergoing a structural and visual change, which requires a slow-down on the publishing-end, but I’ve been traveling and working, and generally keeping myself busy by enacting very thoughtful philosophy about Berlin. Yet in all this time, I’ve never
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Entdecke Mexico: Discover Mexico in Berlin

13.04. 2016 · Events

If you’ve recently passed by the Hauptbahnhof in Berlin, you may have noticed an intriguing pavilion outside on Washingtonplatz. Since the 18th of March, this tent is hosting an interactive exhibition about Mexico: all about the country’s fascinating culture and history. The exhibition is part of the Dual Year between Mexico and Germany, and

Merano: Home Away From Home

04.03. 2016 · Escapism

Life can be rough, as we all certainly know. Most people find a safe place to escape to. I know many people who regard Berlin as that place: a miracle wonderland for the mind and the soul. Literally, Berlin lets you escape from the usual conventions: you can drown your sorrows in a dark club

Colossus A-C

02.03. 2016 · Architecture, Crew Life, Other, People

News of extensive environmental destruction humanity caused by the way we live have paralleled our existence for decades. The scenario of an approaching climate-apocalypse is being reproduced by science, media and politics permanently. On the one hand, you are being pressured to fundamentally change your lifestyle in order to prevent such drastic

Lichtenberg: My Black Hole

24.02. 2016 · Kiez Life

The original plan was actually to let my thoughts about Lichtenberg – my „hood“ – run free. The only catch was that rumination and fascination don’t exist at all with me when it comes to Lichtenberg. I have a connection to this district as strong as the one between the United States and Russia. I

Friends with Benefits: Valentine’s Day

12.02. 2016 · Events

This weekend is all about LOVE. If you have forgotten once again or just tried to push it to the back of your mind, we remind you that on Sunday is Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t forgotten, but still desperately searching for any plans in making your sweetheart pleased or even if you’re an unhappy

Herrumbre: Terror, Pain & Staatsballet

12.02. 2016 · Events, Other, People

On February 14, the Staatsballet Berlin proves once again that ballet is more than only pompous costumes and wistful choreography. With Herrumbre, director Nacho Duato created a modern dance piece that revolves around the themes of pain, terror and torture. Even if you’re not a typical ballet fan, you should take the chance to experience

The Berlinale Food Trucks

10.02. 2016 · Food, Made In Berlin

During the upcoming Berlinale Festival from Feb 11th – 21st, some selected food makers organized by Markthalle Neun will feed you and keep you warm, together with all the other journalists, movie lovers and festival staff around Potsdamer Platz. So last week we got invited to the Markthalle 9 to test parts of the menu from the upcoming street food

Kanaan Hummus Restaurant

08.02. 2016 · Food, Places

When I received the invitation I just skimmed through the text because I only read texts that have 140 characters and are exclusively written by me. Visibly impressed I stopped and read the part again where it said „the best hummus in town“. „Ballsy“, I thought to myself. But what is Hummus exactly anyway? That gritty,
Moscow City Skyline

Finding Moscow

05.02. 2016 · Escapism

A year ago I decided to go to Moscow for my studies and also because I needed a change of scenery. Berlin was already exhausting me. New life, new me – that was the idea. Most of you probably wonder what got into me, why the hell did it had to be Moscow, but I
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The Quick Berlin Tour

05.02. 2016 · Other, Places

My idea of a guided tour through Berlin is very self-centered. I have a very narcissistic narrative that mostly revolves around where I made out when with whom and which clubs used to be there but which aren’t anymore. My tours generally end without any legit piece of information, and sometimes wasted. There is also
ICC Messe Grüne Woche-9701


04.02. 2016 · Architecture, Places

One of my favorite buildings in Berlin is the International Congress Centrum, also known as ICC Berlin. It is a monstrosity wrapped in tin foil, straight out of an Aliens invasion movie (somehow, I associate District 9 with this building). In typical Berlin megalomania, it is one of the largest congress buildings in the world,
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Best Delivery Food: Habba Habba

29.01. 2016 · Food, Kiez Life

I’ve spent the last year trying out every delivery service under the Berlin sun (or within the Ring) and have not been able to decide on which one is the best. It’s definitely much easier to decide which one is the worst, because most of them fall into that category. I can’t believe it’s 2016
ICC Messe Grüne Woche Berlin-9832

Grüne Woche Berlin 2016

28.01. 2016 · Events, Food

Many people come to Berlin because they’ve seen, or heard of, the life that you can live here. I get it: compared to other European or Western metropoles, Berlin seems free and affordable, tolerant and liberal. I’m sure we can find a plethora of already well-established characteristics that draw people to Berlin. But most people