Finding Bookstores

Right now, I am sick for the 100th time this year. And while I really love to spend hours watch­ing Sat­urday Night Live clips on You­tube, my sick head just starts to hurt after star­ing at a screen for too long. What else is to do there, you might ask. Well, my dear friends: there actu­ally exists a world Read more…

Top 10 Things To Do In Berlin In Autumn

22.10.2013 · 3 comments

While get­ting back to work without the dis­trac­tion of swim­ming pools and Späti-Hangouts might be a bit of a bum­mer, this fall has been beau­ti­ful so far. For the next two or three weeks, the streets will hope­fully be covered in golden and brown and green and red and orange and yel­low col­ors of the fall­ing leaves,
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Kimchi Princess Lunch

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Mat­thias just returned from his vaca­tion in Seoul and he brought back with him (amongst an AWESOME selfie-stick and vari­ous weird but deli­cious snacks) many memor­ies of a won­der­ful time, spent mostly with the indul­gence of Kim­chi. I am very envi­ous. Trav­el­ing, to me, is a sport based on culin­ary exper­i­ences. It’s my favor­ite thing in the
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Cooking at home with Marley Spoon

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Winter is com­ing, my fel­low Ber­liners, and with that comes the time of the year that keeps me from leav­ing my house to do the gro­cery shop­ping. Which means I usu­ally just quickly head to the super­mar­ket on my way home to get the same five ingredi­ents to pre­pare the same five dishes all over again.

short notice: Yik Yak

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Mobile phone apps are a curse and a bless­ing. But some­times they can be quite inter­est­ing, at least for a while. Location-based apps like Yik Yak (one that isn’t par­tic­u­larly pop­u­lar in Ber­lin yet, but I hope this will change) have the poten­tial to con­trib­ute to what hap­pens around the city in far more spon­tan­eous and flex­ible ways than
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Lichtgrenze: 25 Jahre Mauerfall

10.11.2014 · 4 comments

Well, talk about anti-climax… For the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Ber­lin Wall, the city had planned a very intriguing and fant­astic concept: the Licht­grenze, a wall con­struc­ted of bal­loons that lit up the former bor­der between West-Berlin and the GDR. After two days of illu­min­at­ing (and thereby remem­ber­ing) the divi­sion, the

short notice: Hood-lum

05.11.2014 · 2 comments

short notice is a new tag in which we will reg­u­larly intro­duce things, events, people or products in a brief man­ner because they really mean some­thing to us. they are depic­tions of our per­sonal tastes and will not neces­sar­ily have any­thing to do with ber­lin, but instead with our lives and with the things we want to
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Walking in November

04.11.2014 · 5 comments

I never go out to take a walk and some pic­tures any­more. And why would I? I have enough on my list as it already is. There’s rarely a moment now when the city (or my life) isn’t pol­luted with a big mis­sion. I think that’s the feel­ing that most people have after liv­ing here for a while; I mean, they real­ize

Asian Tapas at Dr. To’s


Just like Sara, the mas­ter­mind behind this site here, I also have a lot of love to give for all kinds of Asian food. And I also love eat­ing as many dif­fer­ent dishes as pos­sible when I eat out. But as some of you might know: order­ing five main courses can get a little pricey. So when the guys from

AXE Dark & Gold Battles: win a CHRISSON FGS CrMo gold vintage bike!

29.10.2014 · 91 comments

If you got used already to AXE Dark Tempta­tion, the sexy and sedu­cing fra­grance for men, you’ll be excited to know there’s new com­pet­i­tion that will make the ladies swoon: AXE Gold Tempta­tion. The clas­sic nar­rat­ive of good vs. evil has been expan­ded to cover the pos­sib­il­it­ies of the flirt­ing game. Who’s got more seduct­ive

short notice: New Korean Design

28.10.2014 · One comment

The love we have for Korean food knows no bound­ar­ies, and cer­tainly it extends to other parts of the cul­ture. Mat­thias is head­ing for Seoul soon because he wants to find all the other fla­vors of the Mel­ona brand, and I’m still dream­ing of a world where I can eat good Bib­im­bap at any time of the

Mandy’s Bar

27.10.2014 · One comment

What happened to hav­ing a favor­ite bar to always come back to? While a lot of TV shows like How I Met Your Mother* still advert­ise this second liv­ing room to meet your friends at whenever you want to, none of my friends seem to have a “Stam­mkneipe” any­more. Maybe Ber­lin simply has too many dif­fer­ent pubs and

Sammelkarten #8 by Jan Herdlicka

20.10.2014 · One comment

Hey friends! It is time for the next round of SAMMELKARTEN! I think you know the pro­ced­ure by now: you can get a pack­age of beau­ti­ful hand­made mini-prints of my pho­to­graphs. If you are lucky you will even find a “print”-card in your pack­age which will get you a signed print of my work. All you have to
Bar and Food Night Neue Heimat Berlin Friedrichshain RAW-6392

Bar & Food Night at Neue Heimat

20.10.2014 · One comment

To trans­form an old rail­way sta­tion into an urban space for con­certs, street food and hap­pen­ings of diverse nature is a very good idea in and of itself already. But the Neue Heimat venue has actu­ally also brought life into an almost for­got­ten area of the city, too (for­got­ten by me, mostly). Every street between Warschauer

MJs Foodshop


On our Sunday binge-eating trip (which I already told you about when I intro­duced you to the amaz­ing Gyozas at YuMe), we decided to snack our way through Neuk­ölln. Our next stop on the list was sup­posed to be City Chicken (a very human crav­ing some­times), but when we stood in front of the store we were sud­denly