100 Favorite Places — Win 1×1 E-Book Copy

by Sara · 17.12.2013 · Kiez Life, Made In Berlin · 22 comments

Prob­ably one of the most elab­or­ate and best Ber­lin blogs/magazines cur­rently online is Slow Travel Ber­lin. The rich­ness of detail and love that Paul and his col­leagues put into por­tray­ing the city is amaz­ing and if you don’t know the site yet, it’s sure worth a look.

Per­fectly in time for Christ­mas, Slow Travel Ber­lin released a book that fea­tures 100 Favor­ite Places of Ber­lin — but not in a con­ven­tional way. The places they chose to por­tray are always inter­est­ing, some off the beaten track, some described in a new per­spect­ive. This is one of my favor­ite books about Ber­lin. Without try­ing to guide you around the city in a strict man­ner, it simply inspires you to look bey­ond the obvi­ous places. And, of course, gives you a life­time to-do list of things that are worth vis­it­ing around here. Nat­ur­ally, the book is accom­pan­ied with beau­ti­ful imagery.

As long-term res­id­ents of Ber­lin, we are still very much in thrall to this won­der­ful city. Rather than dic­tat­ing your itin­er­ary or telling you what’s ‘hot’, our aim is to provide a charm­ing and inspir­a­tional com­pan­ion to Ber­lin for vis­it­ors and res­id­ents alike. Our favour­ite places have, as the title sug­gests, been hand-picked by core mem­bers of the Slow Travel Ber­lin team and reflect our over­all ethos of slow, sus­tain­able travel: tak­ing time to explore the fringes of the city, dis­cov­er­ing lesser-known delights, and sup­port­ing smal­ler, inde­pend­ent businesses.

If you can’t wait to get your hand on the book, please look here for a list of shops that sell it in Ber­lin. But our friends were nice enough to let us give away a free E-Book copy of 100 Favor­ite Places for our readers.

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  2. Love this book and I really, really, really would like to get one. :)

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  14. I just moved to Ber­lin, so it would be great!

  15. After vis­it­ing Ber­lin many many times, there’s still so much to dis­cover. Maybe too much, so I could use some insiders tips :)

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  18. Miss­ing Ber­lin from 10,000 km away… So all I want for Christ­mas is this e-book of my fave city!

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