100 Favorite Places – Win 1×1 E-Book Copy

by Sara · 17.12.2013 · Kiez Life, Made In Berlin · 22 comments

Probably one of the most elaborate and best Berlin blogs/magazines currently online is Slow Travel Berlin. The richness of detail and love that Paul and his colleagues put into portraying the city is amazing and if you don’t know the site yet, it’s sure worth a look.

Perfectly in time for Christmas, Slow Travel Berlin released a book that features 100 Favorite Places of Berlin – but not in a conventional way. The places they chose to portray are always interesting, some off the beaten track, some described in a new perspective. This is one of my favorite books about Berlin. Without trying to guide you around the city in a strict manner, it simply inspires you to look beyond the obvious places. And, of course, gives you a lifetime to-do list of things that are worth visiting around here. Naturally, the book is accompanied with beautiful imagery.

As long-term residents of Berlin, we are still very much in thrall to this wonderful city. Rather than dictating your itinerary or telling you what’s ‘hot’, our aim is to provide a charming and inspirational companion to Berlin for visitors and residents alike. Our favourite places have, as the title suggests, been hand-picked by core members of the Slow Travel Berlin team and reflect our overall ethos of slow, sustainable travel: taking time to explore the fringes of the city, discovering lesser-known delights, and supporting smaller, independent businesses.

If you can’t wait to get your hand on the book, please look here for a list of shops that sell it in Berlin. But our friends were nice enough to let us give away a free E-Book copy of 100 Favorite Places for our readers.

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  1. Yes please :-)

  2. Love this book and I really, really, really would like to get one. :)

  3. I want one too :)

  4. If Lara and Veronika will disagree to drink coffee with me borrow this book for a while… I would love to have one of my own ;)

  5. e-book? why not?

  6. I love Berling, I love your tweets so I might also love the book. Let’s give it a try!

  7. berlin = <3

  8. Thank you for fanning my flame:)

    Stephanie Bartelt
  9. I would love a copy!

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  11. Keeps my Wanderlust alive

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    béatrice hercberg
  13. i’m curious! count me in!

  14. I just moved to Berlin, so it would be great!

  15. After visiting Berlin many many times, there’s still so much to discover. Maybe too much, so I could use some insiders tips :)

  16. Tweeted and curious about the contents of this e-Book :)

  17. Yessa!

  18. Missing Berlin from 10,000 km away… So all I want for Christmas is this e-book of my fave city!

  19. I would love to have one, Berlin is amazing!

  20. I want one too !too late ?

  21. Sound like a great book!

  22. Berliner For Life