Tape.Tv Wahnsinn Party

16.12.2010 · 2 comments

you know, we still don’t get the whole concept of tape.tv. but hey, we love to party with them. Especially when you get an invitation for an event called “wahnsinn” which raised our desire for an uncontrolled crash after a hard day of work. with an everything you want self service i don’t need to

berlin street musicians nr.1 – puto productions

07.12.2010 · 3 comments

i love street musicians. and i’m not talking about shitty unpassionated accordion players in the s-bahn. i’m talking about those artists who play the soundtrack of the city. From the saxophone player at warschauer straße to the jazz and blues bands at maybachufer. you make me feel it. this new series is about those street

The First Snow

03.12.2010 · 3 comments

the first snow of the year is always exciting. and i’m not talking about some rainy shit dropping out of the clouds. i mean real snow that stays on the ground. i will never miss that and all my friends hanging out in australia or sara sweating in the south east asia jungle can’t tell

Finding Paris

03.12.2010 · 8 comments

Paris, where are you? entering a metropolis always means that in most times you have heard about this place before. the french capitol is the perfect example for that. it is loaded with a massive visual hype which kinda lets you know what you get before you come there. finding paris is both- easy and

The Killing Fields

10.11.2010 · One comment

Travelling through a city and living in a city can mean different things. While travelling I’ve become more sensitive to the matters concerning the history and the development of a country. That said, it’s not easy to avoid these things in South East Asia and everyone touches on that ground at some point. Surviving both


09.11.2010 · 3 comments

A few weeks ago I waited at the subway-station Jannowitzbrücke for the U8 to take me to Kotti. Preferring the bike, I dont take the subway that often. So it was the first time I recognized that Jannowitzbrücke is being generally renovated, despite the fact that the work started in January 2009! I walked around

vector lounge berlin

08.11.2010 · 2 comments

last time i went by cab from kreuzberg all the way over to charlottenburg i had a chat with the cab driver about berlin’s economy. it was obvious for us that berlin has different rules for something like that. if there is one at all you can’t compare it to other german cities and their

Finding Luang Prabang

26.10.2010 · 3 comments

Luang Prabang was so far the most beautiful spot we’ve found here in South East Asia. Simple and seducing – the old French colonial style architecture, the laid back attitude of the Lao people and finally some baguette and tasty crepes for our European tastes. Accompanied by a stunning landscape and a whole lot of

Finding Chiang Mai


The Thais have a very spiritual saying which they use at every possible occasion. I‘m pretty sure it goes back to the first monks trying to decipher the meaning of life. It‘s become a contagious mantra throughout the times and you won‘t spend a day in Thailand without hearing it at least once: Same same,

Finding Bangkok

10.10.2010 · 3 comments

Bangkok. Backpackers haven, door to Asia, the first touch of adventure you’ll have once you decide to leave your regular citizen life. It’s loud, it’s packed, it’s noisy. I remember watching The Beach for the first time in my life (yes, I watched it before I read the book and I do regret it), and

Stroke 03 Urban Art Fair

09.10.2010 · 4 comments

You know we love those things that are going on in the streets of the city. Call it Graffiti, Streetart, Urban Art, whatever! We just love people that actively create their environment and tear us out of the regular pastell boredom. But of course we ask ourself – what does it mean when Streetart is

a sunday kind of love

06.10.2010 · 7 comments

Berlin Prenzlauer Berg is not my regular place to be. Not that I don’t like it over there but my lifestyle is more Kotti D’Azurright now. There is just this one day of the week I somehow feel very connected to this perfect little world. It’s the Sunday. When I’m not in a club, I

A Berlin Summer

02.10.2010 · 21 comments

Last winter sucked. We all remember the thick layers of snow that lasted until April and the freezing temperatures that set onto our city. Most of us can  vividly live through a moment where we thought we’d die from the cold. Many times did I promise myself I would never leave the house again. When

Atomkraft Wegbassen!


Berlin, throughout its vast loaded chapters of history, has always been a magnet for politically inclined people. But it’s not just the nerds who care the most here: with all of its charm and the dark side of the past, even our German Wasted Youth likes to get drawn into politics and discusses current events