Upper East Side Berlin


The office I work at is located in the heart of Berlin, Stadtmitte – right next to the Gendarmenmarkt. It’s one of the most beautiful spots in architecture and leisurely posh living in Berlin. I obviously prefer the dirty sides of the city to the expensive business attire districts. But it does have its nice


29.06.2010 · 2 comments

The Spreeufer often feels like an escape into another world – after the brutal winter we had here, it really feels like another planet entirely – and yet it is as fundamental and precious to Berlin as the Siegessäule. It’s simple: summers at the water; slapping the mozzies off your neck while you’re sipping your

Tempelhofer Freiheit

27.06.2010 · 4 comments

And then there was a whole lot of nothing. Feeling a bit down and not really in a socializing mood, I decided to go walk outside in the sun. And I walked, and walked, and I ended up only a few stations from the former Tempelhof airport away. And so I took a walk through

Bärlin City


There’s a beat to Berlin. You can hear it beneath the sirens, the laughter, the fighting, the honking, the shuffling and the rapid walking. It’s somewhere beneath the landmarks, right there between the tracks of the public transit. We breathe it. And every monotonous whistle becomes a little melody in our hearts that produces smiles


23.06.2010 · 2 comments

With the German national team winning the last game of the pre-rounds, proceeding into the final stages of the World Cup, my weekend has been saved from apathy and boredom and watching games that are irrelevant to my party emotions. But where to watch? So far we’ve been enjoying watching at home, but things are

Upcoming: The Travelettes Fleamarket


The Travelettes – a bunch of girls who love travelling around the globe – picked their brains for an idea how to easily generate some cash for their next trips and came up with a special flea market for travelling chicks.  The Travelettes Fleamarket will take place on Sunday, July 4th, from 10 AM to

Berlin Kreuzberg WM Party 2010

20.06.2010 · One comment

This video captures so intensely what I love about Berlin – yes, we sing and dance in every town of Germany as soon as the World Cup starts and our national team scores, but this, this is so, so different. This is percussions and timing and look at it, it’s perfect. Goosebumps. This is why

Alternative Berlin: Urban Art Tour Review

17.06.2010 · 2 comments

As mentioned in my Perfect Berlin Weekend Itinerary, the Urban Art Tour by Alternative Berlin is a serious must do while you’re here. I never regretted it. After about two years of living in Berlin, I decided to try it out and went on a tour as a birthday present for a good friend – he

The Slide


Aaah, commercials. We love them when we can zap away and we hate them when they intrude our homes. At least that was the case 5 to 10 years ago, nowadays, we watch commercials as if they were a product of art. We watch them on YouTube and other video sites throughout the internet because

Art Attack at Rosenthaler Platz


A couple of weeks ago someone smeared some paint on Rosenthaler Platz and had the cars spread it on the crossing. Crazy. I’m not sure if it was a stunt though or the work of an actual artist. It went viral for a while and there have been many videos and photos documenting it, but

STT TT BD Wedding

13.06.2010 · One comment

The Stattbad in Wedding is one of the big things warming up to this hipster deserted district. The saying “Wedding is the next big thing” has become something like a joke. I hope it is; I like Wedding that way. I like it because it just adds to the melting pot of styles and people

(RED) x Nike Tied Together BBQ


What a wonderful video taken on 10th of June (of course I had to miss the run as well as the BBQ – that’s office hours for you). I love these scenesters. They might be taking their issues a bit too seriously sometimes (don’t laugh, everything is ironic, I am more underground than you are),

I Need A Dollar


I love the Electronic music scene of Berlin (everyone does), and I love the Indie/Rock and Pop appreciation in clubs, gigs and generally throughout the city. But as much as I love it – sometimes it is inevitable to fall into a different pace with unexpected rhythms as you discover new places and new people.
Berlin analog-000007

One Weekend in Berlin

12.06.2010 · 8 comments

It’s not hard to spend a sweet weekend in Berlin, but most people who come to visit ask me for advice on what the most important things to do are. There’s no right answer, of course, but I wanted to create a list of things that always resonate positively with my guests. There are no secrets