Upper East Side Berlin


The office I work at is loc­ated in the heart of Ber­lin, Stadtmitte — right next to the Gen­dar­men­markt. It’s one of the most beau­ti­ful spots in archi­tec­ture and leis­urely posh liv­ing in Berlin. I obvi­ously prefer the dirty sides of the city to the expens­ive busi­ness attire dis­tricts. But it does have its nice sides: always happy


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The Spreeufer often feels like an escape into another world — after the bru­tal winter we had here, it really feels like another planet entirely — and yet it is as fun­da­mental and pre­cious to Ber­lin as the Sie­gessäule. It’s simple: sum­mers at the water; slap­ping the moz­zies off your neck while you’re sip­ping your whatever fancy drink of

Tempelhofer Freiheit

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And then there was a whole lot of nothing. Feel­ing a bit down and not really in a social­iz­ing mood, I decided to go walk out­side in the sun. And I walked, and walked, and I ended up only a few sta­tions from the former Tem­pel­hof air­port away. And so I took a walk through Tempelhof. It doesn’t look that big when you’re there.

Bärlin City


There’s a beat to Ber­lin. You can hear it beneath the sirens, the laughter, the fight­ing, the honk­ing, the shuff­ling and the rapid walk­ing. It’s some­where beneath the land­marks, right there between the tracks of the pub­lic transit. We breathe it. And every mono­ton­ous whistle becomes a little melody in our hearts that pro­duces smiles onto our faces.


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With the Ger­man national team win­ning the last game of the pre-rounds, pro­ceed­ing into the final stages of the World Cup, my week­end has been saved from apathy and bore­dom and watch­ing games that are irrel­ev­ant to my party emotions. But where to watch? So far we’ve been enjoy­ing watch­ing at home, but things are

Upcoming: The Travelettes Fleamarket


The Trave­lettes — a bunch of girls who love trav­el­ling around the globe — picked their brains for an idea how to eas­ily gen­er­ate some cash for their next trips and came up with a spe­cial flea mar­ket for trav­el­ling chicks. The Trave­lettes Fleamar­ket will take place on Sunday, July 4th, from 10 AM to 6 PM at Dr. Pong at Eber­swalder Straße

Berlin Kreuzberg WM Party 2010

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This video cap­tures so intensely what I love about Ber­lin — yes, we sing and dance in every town of Ger­many as soon as the World Cup starts and our national team scores, but this, this is so, so dif­fer­ent. This is per­cus­sions and tim­ing and look at it, it’s per­fect. Goose­bumps. This is why I love Berlin. (Notice

Alternative Berlin: Urban Art Tour Review

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As men­tioned in my Per­fect Ber­lin Week­end Itin­er­ary, the Urban Art Tour by Altern­at­ive Ber­lin is a ser­i­ous must do while you’re here. I never regret­ted it. After about two years of liv­ing in Ber­lin, I decided to try it out and went on a tour as a birth­day present for a good friend — he loves pho­to­graphy, so it seemed like a nice oppor­tun­ity.

The Slide


Aaah, com­mer­cials. We love them when we can zap away and we hate them when they intrude our homes. At least that was the case 5 to 10 years ago, nowadays, we watch com­mer­cials as if they were a product of art. We watch them on You­Tube and other video sites through­out the inter­net because those video

Art Attack at Rosenthaler Platz


A couple of weeks ago someone smeared some paint on Rosenthaler Platz and had the cars spread it on the cross­ing. Crazy. I’m not sure if it was a stunt though or the work of an actual artist. It went viral for a while and there have been many videos and pho­tos doc­u­ment­ing it, but nev­er­the­less, I love the

STT TT BD Wedding

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The Stattbad in Wed­ding is one of the big things warm­ing up to this hip­ster deser­ted dis­trict. The say­ing “Wed­ding is the next big thing” has become some­thing like a joke. I hope it is; I like Wed­ding that way. I like it because it just adds to the melt­ing pot of styles and people (of course, much of

(RED) x Nike Tied Together BBQ


What a won­der­ful video taken on 10th of June (of course I had to miss the run as well as the BBQ — that’s office hours for you). I love these scenesters. They might be tak­ing their issues a bit too ser­i­ously some­times (don’t laugh, everything is ironic, I am more under­ground than you are), but they cer­tainly know how to dress

I Need A Dollar


I love the Elec­tronic music scene of Ber­lin (every­one does), and I love the Indie/Rock and Pop appre­ci­ation in clubs, gigs and gen­er­ally through­out the city. But as much as I love it — some­times it is inev­it­able to fall into a dif­fer­ent pace with unex­pec­ted rhythms as you dis­cover new places and new people. Not hav­ing a routine makes the
Berlin analog-000007

One Weekend in Berlin

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It’s not hard to spend a sweet week­end in Ber­lin, but most people who come to visit ask me for advice on what the most import­ant things to do are. There’s no right answer, of course, but I wanted to cre­ate a list of things that always res­on­ate pos­it­ively with my guests. There are no secrets here, just a handy