June 2010

Upper East Side Berlin

A walk through Berlins Friedrichsstraße / Under den Linden "Axis of Tourists"
29 Jun ’10 by Sara Street Life

Spreeufer Berlin 2010

What the Spreeufer looked like before the townhouses were built and the Holzmarkt was born out of the Bar25-ashes and Kiki Blofeld opened somewhere in Treptow or something.
29 Jun ’10 by Sara Community, Places

Tempelhofer Freiheit

And then there was a whole lot of nothing.
27 Jun ’10 by Sara Places

Berlin Kreuzberg WM Party 2010

DT64 shares his impressions of an impromptu football celebration at Kreuzberg's station Schlesisches Tor.
20 Jun ’10 by Sara Street Life

Stattbad Wedding 2010

The Stattbad Wedding closed early 2015 because they apparently didn't have permission to run clubnights. A sad day for Berlins nightlife scene indeed.
13 Jun ’10 by Sara Places


Planning a short trip to Berlin? Here are a few things you can easily fit into an itinerary of 72 hours.
12 Jun ’10 by Sara Travel