Berlin Bridge Culture

29.07.2010 · 7 comments

come on. we have to face it. ber­lin is not bar­celona, miami or rio. most of the year the weather is shit. we don’t have beaches to hang out and we have to pack all our out­door activ­it­ies into some short weeks a year. because it is like that it turns out that the ber­lin people

everywhere but here

28.07.2010 · 3 comments

I was at the end of my breath late last year. I was ready to pack it all in, give up, and just hide in a cave for the rest of my life. I was emo­tion­ally withered, socially shut down and men­tally broken. Yeeeah, I’m over­re­act­ing. It wasn’t as big a drama– though it was bad enough. I blamed it
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rooftop concerts

25.07.2010 · 4 comments

I think I’m start­ing to like the idea of chilling on rooftops instead of parks or bars. Cer­tainly ain’t the only one feel­ing it though: tape​.tv recently decided they’d record their after­noon ses­sions not within the secure realms of their stu­dios but on top of the city and invited the hea­thens of the inter­net to

today&tomorrow Speed Show


You’d think a “speed show” is a crazy idea that would work in the­ory but wouldn’t find someone to dare execute it. I didn’t expect any­one to make a premiere, but hey, count on Ber­lin to make it hap­pen. More spe­cific­ally, the dude behind today&tomorrow. It was pretty cool, although I am still not sure what the .gifs had

Kunsthaus Tacheles


Oh God, what’s not to say about Tacheles? His­tor­ical mean­ing, present con­tro­ver­sies and a sig­ni­fic­ant part in Ber­lins urban and cul­tural evol­u­tion. You could prob­ably write nov­els on the sub­ject of art houses and punk squats and poor piss clubs in Ber­lin, but the Tacheles does kind of stand out. It was one of my first

Nowkoelln Flowmarkt

19.07.2010 · 5 comments

Wow, yes­ter­day sucked. First a long ass drive back to Ber­lin, find­ing out the door to my bal­cony gave in and was taped back to the doorframe by my room­mates and then almost des­troy­ing my 1.8 lense because I’m too stu­pid to carry a cam­era (yes, I’ve owned that cam­era for about what, four weeks?, and I’m

Finding Frankfurt

17.07.2010 · 7 comments

I grew up in the sub­urbs near Frank­furt, but I know it was the city rather than my homet­own that shaped me. I was to Frank­furt what a moth is to a flame — it attrac­ted me, it drew me in, it coughed me out a dif­fer­ent per­son. The sub­urbs made me long for some­thing big­ger, some­thing with a broader hori­zon and more.

Wedding Dress


To wrap up th e remains of last weeks fash­ion week, we headed to the annual Wed­ding Dress fash­ion show exhib­i­tion in Brunnen­straße. What looks like a rather white-bread event — I mean, it’s fash­ion week, every­one and everything is on dis­play right now, why bother with a dinky little flea mar­ket — is actu­ally a con­tinu­ing effort in the pro­cess of mak­ing

The Visitor

14.07.2010 · 3 comments

Per­spect­ive is everything. Hav­ing my broth­ers around for a couple of days in Ber­lin made me real­ize that there are so many ways to view the city, and so many things to do that I would have recently just dis­missed as lame or ‘too touristy’. Whenever someone comes to visit, I try to fix up the per­fect plan,

Torstraße / Mitte

12.07.2010 · 10 comments

Ber­lin seems like a galaxy to me some­times. A galaxy con­sist­ing of many little stars and plan­ets, try­ing to shine the bright­est– neg­lect­ing the fact that they’ve burnt out, a very, very long time ago… Fash­ion Week brings them all back to the vis­ible sur­face, for the pub­lic to watch what is usu­ally hid­den from their eye­sight. Look­ing

Tony Hawk & NERD


One of the bonuses of liv­ing in the coolest cap­ital of the world is not being shunned by the enter­tain­ment industry. Wait, I mean the US enter­tain­ment industry, which — Bol­ly­wood aside — is pretty much the only men­tion­worthy. So while the rest of Ger­many is deser­ted of any cool events, Ber­lin gets the best there’s to have. Like Tony Hawk.



Every now and then — usu­ally when my brain has taken on a good fry­ing — I’ll let people con­vince me that it’s a good idea to get out of the city. To swim in a lake, or to go on a hike, or to see the beau­ti­ful land­scapes of Brandenburg. I’m always hesist­ant: I’m a true city girl. I grew up in the sub­urbs

Secret Societies 2

02.07.2010 · 2 comments

When a stranger invites you on a little adven­ture to hid­den places that are poten­tially illegal to tres­pass, you should prob­ably make the cau­tious and respons­ible decision: decline the offer. Me? I was like, “BRING IT ON MOTHERFUCKER!!”, and what happened next is very, very hard to put into words (or crappy pic­tures for what it’s worth). Urban Art,