July 2010

Berlin Bridge Culture

Berlin am Meer? Sure, Berlin has no beach to brag with, but we have a lively bridge culture and that's almost as good.
29 Jul ’10 by Marcus Community, Street Life

today&tomorrow Speed Show

The Oranienspäti hosted a little computer-based exhibition.
24 Jul ’10 by Sara Events, Street Life

Kunsthaus Tacheles

The Kunsthaus Tacheles closed down a couple of years after this post was published. RIP!
22 Jul ’10 by Sara Places

Nowkoelln Flowmarkt

A stroll over the Nowkoelln Flowmarkt on a Sunday in Kreuzberg.
19 Jul ’10 by Sara Street Life

The Visitor: Perspectives from Outside

Having visitors over in Berlin is always a chance to see the city from an outsider's perspective.
14 Jul ’10 by Sara Other, Street Life

Torstraße / Mitte

Pictures taken during Fashion Week in Mitte / Torstraße
12 Jul ’10 by Sara Places, Street Life


Surprise: Flakensee isn't the best lake in Berlin! We're still on the look out for a satisfying alternative.
4 Jul ’10 by Sara Places

Secret Societies 2

What is graffiti? How is it supposed to look like? How do you decide what is good artwork and what is only the work of an amateur? Does it even matter at all? A little underground trip through Berlins tunnels and graffiti scene.
2 Jul ’10 by Sara Street Life