Berlin Bridge Culture

29.07.2010 · 7 comments

come on. we have to face it. berlin is not barcelona, miami or rio. most of the year the weather is shit. we don’t have beaches to hang out and we have to pack all our outdoor activities into some short weeks a year. because it is like that it turns out that the berlin

everywhere but here

28.07.2010 · 3 comments

I was at the end of my breath late last year. I was ready to pack it all in, give up, and just hide in a cave for the rest of my life. I was emotionally withered, socially shut down and mentally broken. Yeeeah, I’m overreacting. It wasn’t as big a drama- though it was
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rooftop concerts

25.07.2010 · 4 comments

I think I’m starting to like the idea of chilling on rooftops instead of parks or bars. Certainly ain’t the only one feeling it though: tape.tv recently decided they’d record their afternoon sessions not within the secure realms of their studios but on top of the city and invited the heathens of the internet to

today&tomorrow Speed Show


You’d think a “speed show” is a crazy idea that would work in theory but wouldn’t find someone to dare execute it. I didn’t expect anyone to make a premiere, but hey, count on Berlin to make it happen. More specifically, the dude behind today&tomorrow. It was pretty cool, although I am still not sure

Kunsthaus Tacheles


Oh God, what’s not to say about Tacheles? Historical meaning, present controversies and a significant part in Berlins urban and cultural evolution. You could probably write novels on the subject of art houses and punk squats and poor piss clubs in Berlin, but the Tacheles does kind of stand out. It was one of my

Nowkoelln Flowmarkt

19.07.2010 · 5 comments

Wow, yesterday sucked. First a long ass drive back to Berlin, finding out the door to my balcony gave in and was taped back to the doorframe by my roommates and then almost destroying my 1.8 lense because I’m too stupid to carry a camera (yes, I’ve owned that camera for about what, four weeks?,

Finding Frankfurt

17.07.2010 · 7 comments

I grew up in the suburbs near Frankfurt, but I know it was the city rather than my hometown that shaped me. I was to Frankfurt what a moth is to a flame – it attracted me, it drew me in, it coughed me out a different person. The suburbs made me long for something

Wedding Dress


To wrap up th e remains of last weeks fashion week, we headed to the annual Wedding Dress fashion show exhibition in Brunnenstraße. What looks like a rather white-bread event – I mean, it’s fashion week, everyone and everything is on display right now, why bother with a dinky little flea market – is actually

The Visitor

14.07.2010 · 3 comments

Perspective is everything. Having my brothers around for a couple of days in Berlin made me realize that there are so many ways to view the city, and so many things to do that I would have recently just dismissed as lame or ‘too touristy’. Whenever someone comes to visit, I try to fix up

Torstraße / Mitte

12.07.2010 · 10 comments

Berlin seems like a galaxy to me sometimes. A galaxy consisting of many little stars and planets, trying to shine the brightest– neglecting the fact that they’ve burnt out, a very, very long time ago… Fashion Week brings them all back to the visible surface, for the public to watch what is usually hidden from

Tony Hawk & NERD


One of the bonuses of living in the coolest capital of the world is not being shunned by the entertainment industry. Wait, I mean the US entertainment industry, which – Bollywood aside – is pretty much the only mentionworthy. So while the rest of Germany  is deserted of any cool events, Berlin gets the best



Every now and then – usually when my brain has taken on a good frying – I’ll let people convince me that it’s a good idea to get out of the city. To swim in a lake, or to go on a hike, or to see the beautiful landscapes of Brandenburg. I’m always hesistant: I’m

Secret Societies 2

02.07.2010 · 2 comments

When a stranger invites you on a little adventure to hidden places that are potentially illegal to trespass, you should probably make the cautious and responsible decision: decline the offer. Me? I was like, “BRING IT ON MOTHERFUCKER!!”, and what happened next is very, very hard to put into words (or crappy pictures for what