Art Season

30.08.2010 · 2 comments

It seems as if summer has eventually paid its last rounds over here; the grass has become too wet to be lounged on, the BBQ sessions have come to a halt and people are hiding up their cozy living rooms and lighting up their fires. Except: that’s not quite true. Sure, the whole open air

Berlin Summer Nights

26.08.2010 · 6 comments

Rarely do I ever find the right words to describe the impact that Berlin – and especially the Berlin nightlife – has had on my life. Just like that you feel the itch to be outside, to spend hours people watching while chilling on the curbs of the streets you’ve come to love, sipping on

Finding Munich

24.08.2010 · 4 comments

It is 2 a.m. in the night and I’m cycling home through a city that I should know. I’m passing by places and corners that are slightly flashing my memory but blur away in the dark as fast as they appear. It took a decade to get me back to a city that I used

Vegetarian and Vegan Summer Fest


Although there are many niche communities in Berlin that cater to many groups of people, the subject of a healthy and responsible diet is one of the lead subjects among Berliners. From Prenzlauer Berg to Charlottenburg you have all sorts of restaurants, bars and events that promote and raise awarness of a bio, vegan or

Görlitzer Park

22.08.2010 · 5 comments

Volkspark, Mauerpark, Tempelhof, Hasenheide, Tiergarten, Humboldthain, if there’s one thing Berlin doesn’t lack, it’s parks and gardens. Among all of the possible choices I’ve always had one favorite for no other reason than its people and its location: The Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg. Regular raves, spontaneous grilling activities and the closeness


15.08.2010 · 8 comments

One of the greatest things about living in a large city is how there’s probably a community for everything. Berlin is outstanding when it comes to the underdogs: I’m pretty sure that every possible human fetish is somehow incorporated into the city (which lives and dies by the amount of ‘freaks’ and ‘outsiders’ and ‘special

Berliner Biermeile

10.08.2010 · One comment

Being cool and on the ‘in’ side of Berlin does not only imply spending a lot of money on the appropriate attire; more than that it’s about where you let yourself be seen. The annual Beermeile, a good stretch of the Karl Marx Allee packed with all sorts of beer stands, is definitely not one

Innen Stadt Außen

08.08.2010 · 2 comments

Honest to God I know nothing about art, so I won’t give you shit about that. But I do know a couple of things about Berlin, so I decided to do something relevant to my education and visit the often mentioned exhibition by Icelandic native Olafur Eliasson. His work at the Martin-Gropius-Bau called “Innen Stadt

Skalitzers Contemporary Gallery

05.08.2010 · 7 comments

i think my house in kreuzberg gets cleaned once in two weeks. cleaning in berlin means overpainting tags on the doors and on the house. i like that. not because of clean houses but because i’m curious about who is taking part on this public exhibition the next two weeks. it is like a continued

Markthalle 9 in Berlin Kreuzberg

02.08.2010 · 7 comments

if i could have one travel wish for free i would like to travel back to the berlin 20’s. i would love to walk through the wilhelminian streets and feel the originality of this city. the roughness, the noise, the smells. one place that plays with my association of these times is the old markhalle