August 2010

Berlin Summer Nights

Our Berlin nights - about discovering the city and hanging around randomly on rooftops.
26 Aug ’10 by Sara Community, Street Life

Finding Munich

Marcus makes a stop in Munich, where he spent three years living - and tells us how it feels to be back.
24 Aug ’10 by Marcus Travel

Vegetarian and Vegan Summer Fest

Before the food markets took over Berlin, there was this little celebration of alternative culinary lifestyles.
23 Aug ’10 by Sara Events

Görlitzer Park

Volkspark, Mauerpark, Tempelhof, Hasenheide, Tiergarten, Humboldthain, if there's one thing Berlin doesn't lack, it's parks and gardens. Among all of the possible choices I've always had one favorite for no other reason than its people and its location: The Görlitzer Park in Kreuzberg. Regular raves, spontaneous grilling activities and the closeness to all the important (ie the liveliest) Kiezes make it easy and fun to visit when the sun is out (pro-tip: go when you're hungover, it's better than wasting the day in your bed and has the same curing effect).
22 Aug ’10 by Sara Places, Street Life

Berliner Biermeile

I honestly don't know why I decided to go and why I thought my expectations would be exceeded. Spoiler: they weren't.
10 Aug ’10 by Sara Events

Olafur Eliasson: Innen Stadt Außen exhibition at Martin Gropius

A quick review of Olafur Eliassons exhibition at Martin Gropius Bau.
8 Aug ’10 by Sara Events

Skalitzers Contemporary Gallery

Marcus made a video about his new neighborhood gallery.
5 Aug ’10 by Marcus Places, Videos

Markthalle 9 in Berlin Kreuzberg

Before the famous Markthalle 9 Street Food Thursday existed, the Markthalle was just a place for locals to hang out and eat a Brötchen. Marcus documented this gem before it was rebuilt into an actual market.
2 Aug ’10 by Marcus Community, Food, Places, Videos