Art Season

30.08.2010 · 2 comments

It seems as if sum­mer has even­tu­ally paid its last rounds over here; the grass has become too wet to be lounged on, the BBQ ses­sions have come to a halt and people are hid­ing up their cozy liv­ing rooms and light­ing up their fires. Except: that’s not quite true. Sure, the whole open air concept

Berlin Summer Nights

26.08.2010 · 6 comments

Rarely do I ever find the right words to describe the impact that Ber­lin — and espe­cially the Ber­lin night­life — has had on my life. Just like that you feel the itch to be out­side, to spend hours people watch­ing while chilling on the curbs of the streets you’ve come to love, sip­ping on beer, Club Mate, Spezi or

Finding Munich

24.08.2010 · 4 comments

It is 2 a.m. in the night and I’m cyc­ling home through a city that I should know. I’m passing by places and corners that are slightly flash­ing my memory but blur away in the dark as fast as they appear. It took a dec­ade to get me back to a city that I used to live in. It took years

Vegetarian and Vegan Summer Fest


Although there are many niche com­munit­ies in Ber­lin that cater to many groups of people, the sub­ject of a healthy and respons­ible diet is one of the lead sub­jects among Ber­liners. From Pren­zlauer Berg to Char­lot­ten­burg you have all sorts of res­taur­ants, bars and events that pro­mote and raise awar­ness of a bio, vegan or veget­arian life­style.

Görlitzer Park

22.08.2010 · 5 comments

Volk­s­park, Mauer­park, Tem­pel­hof, Hasen­heide, Tier­garten, Hum­boldthain, if there’s one thing Ber­lin doesn’t lack, it’s parks and gar­dens. Among all of the pos­sible choices I’ve always had one favor­ite for no other reason than its people and its loc­a­tion: The Görl­itzer Park in Kreuzberg. Reg­u­lar raves, spon­tan­eous grilling activ­it­ies and the close­ness


15.08.2010 · 8 comments

One of the greatest things about liv­ing in a large city is how there’s prob­ably a com­munity for everything. Ber­lin is out­stand­ing when it comes to the under­dogs: I’m pretty sure that every pos­sible human fet­ish is some­how incor­por­ated into the city (which lives and dies by the amount of ‘freaks’ and ‘out­siders’ and ‘spe­cial people’ it

Berliner Biermeile

10.08.2010 · One comment

Being cool and on the ‘in’ side of Ber­lin does not only imply spend­ing a lot of money on the appro­pri­ate attire; more than that it’s about where you let your­self be seen. The annual Beer­meile, a good stretch of the Karl Marx Allee packed with all sorts of beer stands, is def­in­itely not one of the

Innen Stadt Außen

08.08.2010 · 2 comments

Hon­est to God I know noth­ing about art, so I won’t give you shit about that. But I do know a couple of things about Ber­lin, so I decided to do some­thing rel­ev­ant to my edu­ca­tion and visit the often men­tioned exhib­i­tion by Icelandic nat­ive Olafur Eli­asson. His work at the Martin-Gropius-Bau called “Innen Stadt Außen” is his own inter­pret­a­tion

Skalitzers Contemporary Gallery

05.08.2010 · 7 comments

i think my house in kreuzberg gets cleaned once in two weeks. clean­ing in ber­lin means over­paint­ing tags on the doors and on the house. i like that. not because of clean houses but because i’m curi­ous about who is tak­ing part on this pub­lic exhib­i­tion the next two weeks. it is like a con­tin­ued loop about

Markthalle 9 in Berlin Kreuzberg

02.08.2010 · 7 comments

if i could have one travel wish for free i would like to travel back to the ber­lin 20’s. i would love to walk through the wil­helminian streets and feel the ori­gin­al­ity of this city. the rough­ness, the noise, the smells. one place that plays with my asso­ci­ation of these times is the old markhalle in my local