Finding Luang Prabang

26.10.2010 · 3 comments

Luang Pra­bang was so far the most beau­ti­ful spot we’ve found here in South East Asia. Simple and sedu­cing — the old French colo­nial style archi­tec­ture, the laid back atti­tude of the Lao people and finally some baguette and tasty crepes for our European tastes. Accom­pan­ied by a stun­ning land­scape and a whole lot of sun­shine, Luang Pra­bang was

Finding Chiang Mai


The Thais have a very spir­itual say­ing which they use at every pos­sible occa­sion. I‘m pretty sure it goes back to the first monks try­ing to decipher the mean­ing of life. It‘s become a con­ta­gious man­tra through­out the times and you won‘t spend a day in Thai­l­and without hear­ing it at least once: Same same, but different. It

Finding Bangkok

10.10.2010 · 3 comments

Bangkok. Back­pack­ers haven, door to Asia, the first touch of adven­ture you’ll have once you decide to leave your reg­u­lar cit­izen life. It’s loud, it’s packed, it’s noisy. I remem­ber watch­ing The Beach for the first time in my life (yes, I watched it before I read the book and I do regret it), and I was drawn in by

Stroke 03 Urban Art Fair

09.10.2010 · 4 comments

You know we love those things that are going on in the streets of the city. Call it Graf­fiti, Streetart, Urban Art, whatever! We just love people that act­ively cre­ate their envir­on­ment and tear us out of the reg­u­lar pas­tell bore­dom. But of course we ask our­self — what does it mean when Streetart is enter­ing the

a sunday kind of love

06.10.2010 · 7 comments

Ber­lin Pren­zlauer Berg is not my reg­u­lar place to be. Not that I don’t like it over there but my life­style is more Kotti D’Azurright now. There is just this one day of the week I some­how feel very con­nec­ted to this per­fect little world. It’s the Sunday. When I’m not in a club, I love to sneak arround

A Berlin Summer

02.10.2010 · 21 comments

Last winter sucked. We all remem­ber the thick lay­ers of snow that las­ted until April and the freez­ing tem­per­at­ures that set onto our city. Most of us can vividly live through a moment where we thought we’d die from the cold. Many times did I prom­ise myself I would never leave the house again. When spring even­tu­ally came around — way