The Killing Fields

10.11.2010 · One comment

Trav­el­ling through a city and liv­ing in a city can mean dif­fer­ent things. While trav­el­ling I’ve become more sens­it­ive to the mat­ters con­cern­ing the his­tory and the devel­op­ment of a coun­try. That said, it’s not easy to avoid these things in South East Asia and every­one touches on that ground at some point. Sur­viv­ing both Laos and Viet­nam with


09.11.2010 · 3 comments

A few weeks ago I waited at the subway-station Jan­now­itzbrücke for the U8 to take me to Kotti. Pre­fer­ring the bike, I dont take the sub­way that often. So it was the first time I recog­nized that Jan­now­itzbrücke is being gen­er­ally ren­ov­ated, des­pite the fact that the work star­ted in Janu­ary 2009! I walked around the sta­tion, a nice tune

vector lounge berlin

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last time i went by cab from kreuzberg all the way over to char­lot­ten­burg i had a chat with the cab driver about berlin’s eco­nomy. it was obvi­ous for us that ber­lin has dif­fer­ent rules for some­thing like that. if there is one at all you can’t com­pare it to other ger­man cit­ies and their tra­di­tional pro­du­cing indus­tries.