Finding Berlin for Leica Explorers


You may noticed that I got chosen as one of the Leica explorers and cur­rently hanging out in South Amer­ica doing some­thing like Find­ing South Amer­ica for Leica. If you wanna fol­low me on my trip with every 24 hours photo updates head over to my Leica Blog. Pow­Pow!

Muschi Fashion Fatwalk 2011

27.02.2011 · 4 comments

One of my most favorite, Berlin inspired fashion labels, "Muschi Kreuzberg", ran their annual Fashion Fatwalk last Friday. With their clever wordplay they've managed to grow a large fanbase in and around Berlin. I myself had traveled with a "Kotti D'Azur" bag on my trip through South East Asia until someone stole it from a hostel room. Just to put it into perspective: the thief left my iPod, my notebook and every other valuable thing, but they took the bag. I forgive them on account of having a damn good taste; I wouldn't have done it any differently. The bag is now sold out, but I'm crossing fingers for more in the future...

Finding Melbourne

12.02.2011 · 7 comments

Had I known Mel­bourne would become my last stop — for the time being, any­way — I would‘ve chosen another song to accom­pany me on my flight from Sydney than Whit­ney Hou­s­tons „How Will I Know“. But alas, it is what it is. From now on, whenever that song plays, my mind will flash through two and a half weeks of Mel­bourne. At

How Berlin Became The Coolest City On The Planet

10.02.2011 · One comment

Interesting article at the Hollywood Reporter about Berlins rise on the popularity-meter within the "it-crowd"; the author struck a nerve summarizing what makes Berlin such an incredible place to be, not only internationally, but even amongst Germans:

Finding Sydney pt. 2 — Newtown Walkthrough

08.02.2011 · 2 comments

Find­ing Sydney wasn’t so dif­fi­cult if you ask me in ret­ro­spect­ive — in fact, Sydney is quite an easy place to dis­cover while you’re amongst friends and tour­ists like­wise. What could pos­sibly be missed in a city built on water, with people as diverse as six con­tin­ents can be, full of style, sky­scrapers and ser­i­ous­ness alike? I can tell