Finding Berlin for Leica Explorers


You may noticed that I got chosen as one of the Leica explorers and currently hanging out in South America doing something like Finding South America for Leica. If you wanna follow me on my trip with every 24 hours photo updates head over to my Leica Blog. PowPow!

Muschi Fashion Fatwalk 2011

27.02.2011 · 4 comments

One of my most favorite, Berlin inspired fashion labels, "Muschi Kreuzberg", ran their annual Fashion Fatwalk last Friday. With their clever wordplay they've managed to grow a large fanbase in and around Berlin. I myself had traveled with a "Kotti D'Azur" bag on my trip through South East Asia until someone stole it from a hostel room. Just to put it into perspective: the thief left my iPod, my notebook and every other valuable thing, but they took the bag. I forgive them on account of having a damn good taste; I wouldn't have done it any differently. The bag is now sold out, but I'm crossing fingers for more in the future...

Finding Melbourne

12.02.2011 · 7 comments

Had I known Melbourne would become my last stop – for the time being, anyway – I would‘ve chosen another song to accompany me on my flight from Sydney than Whitney Houstons „How Will I Know“. But alas, it is what it is. From now on, whenever that song plays, my mind will flash through

How Berlin Became The Coolest City On The Planet

10.02.2011 · One comment

Interesting article at the Hollywood Reporter about Berlins rise on the popularity-meter within the "it-crowd"; the author struck a nerve summarizing what makes Berlin such an incredible place to be, not only internationally, but even amongst Germans:

Finding Sydney pt. 2 – Newtown Walkthrough

08.02.2011 · 2 comments

Finding Sydney wasn’t so difficult if you ask me in retrospective – in fact, Sydney is quite an easy place to discover while you’re amongst friends and tourists likewise. What could possibly be missed in a city built on water, with people as diverse as six continents can be, full of style, skyscrapers and seriousness