Days of Our Lives

28.03.2011 · 3 comments

You know what I love the most about photography? Especially in our digital day and age (stop being nostalgic for a moment, hippies), we have every opportunity to document, visually, who we are and what we're doing and who we're doing it with. We get to keep every memory, freeze framed, our young (well, some of us are still young), fresh faces packed neatly into little pixels. One day we will unpack the boxes (or hard drives) we've collected and remember those days.

Berlin, Chapter 2

05.03.2011 · 2 comments

When people ask me if there’s anything I dislike about Berlin, I can only come up with one straight answer: the cold. Winters here seem harsher than anywhere else, and the contrast to Berlin city life in the summer is just too sharp for me to handle. If I could, I’d move away every winter