Gallery Weekend Berlin


It’s Gallery Weekend! It’s also that dreaded 1st of May weekend, which means we might start out with good intentions (“let’s use this opportunity to enlighten ourselves about art and culture and sophisticated lifestyles”) but we’ll probably not even make it halfway through Saturday without falling over a couple of times and talking

Day and Night

28.04.2011 · 63 comments

You’re drunk and helpless, and the bright sunshine came a bit unexpected (it hurts). How long were you in there? Seven, eight hours without fresh air? The night is over, your mind is in the gutter. You look around: fuck, you were the last person to leave the club. You’re blinking, looking at the closed

Photographers Alleycat


Maybe you have already spotted them. Small groups of cyclists on colorful bikes with little cards in their wheels dashing through streets, sneaking in between car lanes and ignoring red lights. Most likely you have seen an Alleycat. It is a race around town, bicyclists playing a not completely legal game. All in all it

Die Stadt der Anderen.


We have a special Exhibition advice for you. The students of Kunsthochschule Wei├čensee are going to show their current work at Freies Museum from 15.04 to 01.05. The exhibit has the promising title “die Stadt der Anderen”. The vernissage is tomorrow and we hope to see you there!

Kreuzberg 61

13.04.2011 · 6 comments

So I found a WG in Kreuzberg, but I was quite surprised when I first visited it for a quick check. “This is Kreuzberg? Really?” In my three years of living in Berlin, I’d never once made it beyond the Kottbusser-Tor-Kreuzberg that I love. That is, Kreuzberg 36, rough, dirty, charmingly different, never welcoming. Well,

Peristal Singum

12.04.2011 · 2 comments

It is really a mystery as to how this is going by rather unnoticed these days. Then again, maybe Peristal Singum is one of these things/places/events that can only function without attention. I say let’s try to find a balance. I’m not going to spoil the surprise for you (not that I could): just go

first rave.


we desperately waited for this: sunshine, people, beats. but the first open-air of the year was more like this: sunshine, 10 000 Facebook invites, HOOLYWOOD, (too many) people, security, ID or go home, broken speakers, beats.somewhere in between we really had fun, but we are skeptical about this facebook-event-rave-shit.