Gallery Weekend Berlin


It’s Gal­lery Week­end! It’s also that dreaded 1st of May week­end, which means we might start out with good inten­tions (“let’s use this oppor­tun­ity to enlighten ourselves about art and cul­ture and soph­ist­ic­ated life­styles”) but we’ll prob­ably not even make it halfway through Sat­urday without fall­ing over a couple of times and talk­ing non­sense (“whaaa,

Day and Night

28.04.2011 · 63 comments

You’re drunk and help­less, and the bright sun­shine came a bit unex­pec­ted (it hurts). How long were you in there? Seven, eight hours without fresh air? The night is over, your mind is in the gut­ter. You look around: fuck, you were the last per­son to leave the club. You’re blink­ing, look­ing at the closed entrance

Photographers Alleycat


Maybe you have already spot­ted them. Small groups of cyc­lists on col­or­ful bikes with little cards in their wheels dash­ing through streets, sneak­ing in between car lanes and ignor­ing red lights. Most likely you have seen an Alleycat. It is a race around town, bicyc­lists play­ing a not com­pletely legal game. All in all it is a new

Die Stadt der Anderen.


We have a spe­cial Exhib­i­tion advice for you. The stu­dents of Kun­sthoch­schule Weißensee are going to show their cur­rent work at Freies Museum from 15.04 to 01.05. The exhibit has the prom­ising title “die Stadt der Anderen”. The ver­n­is­sage is tomor­row and we hope to see you there!

Kreuzberg 61

13.04.2011 · 6 comments

So I found a WG in Kreuzberg, but I was quite sur­prised when I first vis­ited it for a quick check. “This is Kreuzberg? Really?” In my three years of liv­ing in Ber­lin, I’d never once made it bey­ond the Kottbusser-Tor-Kreuzberg that I love. That is, Kreuzberg 36, rough, dirty, charm­ingly dif­fer­ent, never wel­com­ing. Well, and here I am in Kreuzberg 61:

Peristal Singum

12.04.2011 · 2 comments

It is really a mys­tery as to how this is going by rather unnoticed these days. Then again, maybe Peri­stal Singum is one of these things/places/events that can only func­tion without atten­tion. I say let’s try to find a bal­ance. I’m not going to spoil the sur­prise for you (not that I could): just go if you have the

first rave.


we des­per­ately waited for this: sun­shine, people, beats. but the first open-air of the year was more like this: sun­shine, 10 000 Face­book invites, HOOLYWOOD, (too many) people, secur­ity, ID or go home, broken speak­ers, beats.some­where in between we really had fun, but we are skep­tical about this facebook-event-rave-shit.