April 2011

Day and Night

The first installment of our famous Club Doors series.
28 Apr ’11 by Marcus Other, Places, Street Life

Photographers Alleycat

What's an Alleycat, you ask? Please continue here!
15 Apr ’11 by Sara Community, Events

Kreuzberg 61

My first impressions of my new neighborhood (spoiler: I moved out only a few months later and to Kreuzberg 61).
13 Apr ’11 by Sara Street Life

Peristal Singum (Closed)

If you weren't there for the Peristal Signum, you REALLY missed out: this was a drug addicts dream come true! It was a real-life acid trip sort of labyrinth, located over the club premise of Wilde Renate (that club still exists though) and it was pure bliss. I'm not sure what happened to it, to be honest, I just know they don't do the tours anymore. Perhaps the thing still exists, but if it does, I wouldn't know.
12 Apr ’11 by Sara Making Berlin, Places

first rave.

Our first rave in the summer. Back when raves and open airs were still a spontaneous thing.
8 Apr ’11 by Nico Community