Warschauer Brücke

17.07.2011 · 2 comments

I found these photos while browsing through my archive. I remember that day very clearly. It was back in janurary, it was cold as fuck and i couldnt sleep. So i took my camera and walked to Warschauer Brücke. I listened to jamie and watched the people passing by. It was one of the most

Our Big City Balcony

15.07.2011 · One comment

Wanting to be outside in the summer (on a note: I stepped outside today and I wanted to let you know that summer is over and we can finally go back to eight more months of darkness and bitter cold!) and wanting the convenience of cold drinks and a kitchen and a toilet at the

Favorite Places – “That Spot” – Cuvrybrache

14.07.2011 · 3 comments

In the summertime you can put me almost anywhere in Kreuzberg and I’ll just sit and watch and listen to whatever’s going on. On a park bench on Oranienstraße, anywhere near the Landwehrkanal, in Görlitzer Park – as long as the sun is out I’m not picky as to where I am. One of my

Bread & Butter 2011

07.07.2011 · 4 comments

Fashion? Me? I wear sneakers, hoodies and skinny jeans, I’m not exactly your poster-girl for style and fashion (though, scratch that, I’ve got mighty style, people just don’t pay enough attention to understatement). No, I’m certainly not part of the Mitte circle that runs from show to show to witness the newest pieces from the