July 2011

Warschauer Brücke

Right now Warschauer Brücke is one of my most hated places in berlin. But thats a different story. Nico shares his Warschauer Brücke vibe.
17 Jul ’11 by Nico Street Life

Our Big City Balcony

The good old Berliner Baugerüst: when it's right in front of your flat, you can easily transform it into a working balcony.
15 Jul ’11 by Sara Community, Street Life

Cuvrybrache Kreuzberg

Like many good things, the Cuvrybrache is a place of the past. As far as I know (2016), there's nothing yet on the former empty lot, but there have been attempts at re-building, at squatting, at planning. But Kreuzberg is still staying tough. Although you can't enter the premises anymore, it's still empty. And Blu recently painted over his famous mural that was visible there. Soo I guess everything is going the way it goes.
14 Jul ’11 by Sara Street Life

Bread & Butter 2011

The Bread & Butter was sold to Zalando in 2015 and still takes place in Berlin, although it's not as exciting as it used to be anymore.
7 Jul ’11 by Sara Events