August 2011

Balaclava on Wrangelstraße

Translation: "only for motorcycle, not for robbery"
20 Aug ’11 by Sara #berlinkisses

Finding Reykjavík

Matthias went to Iceland and shares his impressions and experiences here with us.
17 Aug ’11 by Matthias Travel

Burgermeister Schlesisches Tor

Before Burgermeister opened up a second sit-down franchise on Kottbusser Tor, the one at Schlesi was the go-to joint. This was way before everybody in this city decided Burger was the new Döner. But even in 2016 this burger is still among the best - can't go wrong.
16 Aug ’11 by Sara Food

Winter Sunday Apple Pies

Friends & family, please gather together on this rainy July afternoon and let's not talk of the weather again.
2 Aug ’11 by Sara Community