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Muschi Kreuzberg Fatwalk


Fashion Shows. Boring, mondane, full of pretentious people, blonde chicks in high heels, yawning journalists, and nobody seems to know what all the fuss is about. Good thing is: we’re in Berlin, so this shit does not fly with the locals. We don’t want to detach ourselves from our consumerist needs, so there has to

Berlin Festival: Round Up The Line-Up & Win 1×2 Tickets!

23.08.2011 · 2 comments

Only a month to go til the Berlin Festival opens its doors at the Tempelhofer Airport, and I’m ever so excited. I count most of the acts announced to my favorites of the past years, so I want to take a moment to dedicate this post to them. James Blake – I’ve seen James Blake
sturmhaube wrangelstraße

Balaclava on Wrangelstraße


Translation: “only for motorcycle, not for robbery”
Camping in Reykjavík

Finding Reykjavík

17.08.2011 · One comment

Being on a hiking trip in the midst of nowhere in Iceland’s highlands, on a path that is flanked by glaciers, volcanoes, mountains, clouds of sulphur steam and as many water falls as it needs to quickly lose one’s excitement, it’s not the best moment to injure one’s knee. A day’s journey back to civilization

Favorite Places: Burgermeister

16.08.2011 · 7 comments

There’s something about that U1 subway line that makes me very happy to dine beneath it. Or near it. Nearly all of my favorite restaurants have a great view and noisy setting somewhere around it. Yeah, that’s not very high class, but then not many things in Berlin are and that’s alright in my book.

Finding Berlin Tours


This blog was once a personal testament to my own life in Berlin. It used to contain merely anecdotes and somewhat interesting pictures of my surroundings. You could witness how narrow my view was (and still is), and how slowly, this site developed to become more to me than a blog. It became my entrance


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Every newly arrived Berliner knows: fuck yeah it’s hard to find your place here! Especially when you’re in fields dominated by creativity and art. Berlin lives off its clichée of being free flowing and wild, so of course the city attracts all sorts of people who try to make their money with papmaché collages and

Winter Sunday Apple Pies

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Someone recently tweeted that they were mad at Berlin – if they’d wanted bad weather they would’ve moved to London instead! I jokingly replied “Dude, if the weather is what made you chose Berlin you deserve it”. But I’m not joking anymore. I really can’t deal with the downpour of the past few days. Yes,