October 2011

Occupy Weekday Vintage Sale

So, while the youth of the world is protesting the careless waste of our economy and the inhuman dictatorships of their respective countries, it seems as if the kids of London and Berlin have mainly settled on "looting" as a viable form of demonstrating their needs. Well, at least that's what it looks like if you watch what we documented in pictures and video.
23 Oct ’11 by Sara Street Life, Videos

Markthalle Neun Berlin Kreuzberg

A little introduction to the Markthalle 9 food market in Kreuzberg 36.
12 Oct ’11 by Sara Places


Lukas Fischer shares his works on Gropiusstadt with us.
9 Oct ’11 by Nico Architecture, Community

Pretty Easy To Explain – KJOSK & Balestra Berlin

Obviously, this place is gone now (2016). Good news though: the empty lot is still there! Yay!
4 Oct ’11 by Sara Places

Aufbauhaus & Prinzessinnengärten

The opening of Aufbauhaus and Prinzessinnengärten.
4 Oct ’11 by Marcus Places

Klaus Poporeit

We met Klaus Poporeit on Oranienstrasse / Kreuzberg last weekend.
3 Oct ’11 by Marcus #berlinkisses