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This after­noon I found myself being caught in the well-known to-do-list-trap. Too many things on my mind, fight­ing for atten­tion, which res­ul­ted in me doing noth­ing at all. I decided to clear this mess in tak­ing a good old “spazi­er­gang” in my neigbor­hood. A ger­man word which basic­ally means to just go out­side and walk some­where. Just a couple of
voodoo flea market berlin november 2011-3

Voodoo Market #6

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A couple of days ago we pub­lished a little and yet incom­plete list of all the crazy Christ­mas shop­ping oppor­tun­it­ies for the upcom­ing Decem­ber weeks (remem­ber, if you know about a shop­ping event or spe­cial Christ­mas Mar­ket, leave it in the com­ments). Since it was the first Sunday in Advent, this last Novem­ber week­end was already dec­or­ated

Special Christmas Markets Berlin

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‘Tis the sea­son! Now some of you might have their present-issue taken care of, but most of us slack­ers don’t care about buy­ing gifts for friends and fam­ily until it’s way too late. But fear no more– there are only a hun­dred and three dif­fer­ent Christ­mas Mar­kets in the city for your late shop­ping agenda. And



Ber­lin + Music + Video = Ber​linSes​sions​.TV. The newly launched plat­form for live music ses­sions in unique Ber­lin loc­a­tions sports a great lay­out and awe­some con­tent. The Drums, Kalk­bren­ner, Wil­liam Fitz­sim­mons — there’s an amaz­ing vari­ety and genres for every­one to be found. Check it out on Ber​linSes​sions​.TV and sup­port our friends! Ber­lin
banken in die schranken protest berlin-26

“Banken In Die Schranken” Demonstration

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The Fin­an­cial Crisis has hit all around the world. Inspired by the Arabic protests of this years spring has led people to start anti-capitalist move­ments like the notori­ous Occupy Wall Street in NYC, which in effect has spread out to European cit­ies like Lon­don and Berlin. Although Europe has its very own fin­an­cial issue to
Wochenmarkt Maybachufer Kreuzberg Berlin-9

Wochenmarkt Maybachufer “BiOriental”

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The little street mar­ket on May­bachufer in Kreuzberg (Neuk­ölln? Whatever) is some­what of an insti­tu­tion around the Kiez. Every Tues­day and Fri­day, the little stands come to life to bring the vis­it­ors a vari­ety of fresh pro­duce, an assort­ment of tex­tile and some other stuff. It’s per­fect for buy­ing your weekly veget­ables! The mar­ket is always

Electronic Beats Recommends: Azari & III — Win 1×2 Tickets!


The four lovely boys from Azari & III might not be nat­ive Ber­liners, but they sure sound like they belong here rather than Toronto: their fabol­ous dance elec­tronic music reminds us of Her­cules & The Love Affair, glit­ter and disco balls and is sure to put the heat on dur­ing these cold days. They fin­ished their album
rixdorf richardplatz berlin autumn-23

Richardplatz in Autumn

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Rix­dorf used to be the name of todays north of Neuk­ölln (prob­ably the only Neuk­ölln you’ve ever been to). Its very cen­ter was the Richard­platz. Today, it’s most fam­ous for its won­der­ful Christ­mas Mar­ket. The area is now the only left rep­res­ent­ing what Rix­dorf used to look like, with its former build­ings still intact. The