Colorful Fire Walls in Berlin

19.12.2011 · 4 comments

Walk­ing through the streets of Ber­lin is always an intense exper­i­ence. If you open your eyes you can read the whole city and see its cit­izens com­mu­nic­ate with each other. You will recog­nize the hip scenic neigh­bor­hoods from the dense of graf­fiti and streetart and you can dive into an uni­verse of col­or­full sur­prises around

Fickt Eusch Allee

15.12.2011 · 3 comments

Rough Ber­lin Street Com­mu­nic­a­tion: Fickt Eusch Allee.

OneBeat Berlin Experimental Sessions #2


Some ideas are plain good. Like cre­at­ing a fil­ter for the over­whelm­ing stream of inform­a­tion in our time and age. Espe­cially with art and more so music, it’s become dif­fi­cult to make a liv­ing out of it, or at least gain some (local) atten­tion. The cre­at­ors of One­Beat are a non-profit organ­isa­tion look­ing to sup­port Ber­lins under­ground music

Parking Lot Decks

14.12.2011 · 7 comments

Kids, we all love us some adven­tures every now and then. Unfor­tu­nately, we rarely find them in Berlin-Mitte. Not because it’s gone stale and bor­ing (some parts have, but every city needs them), but because space is becom­ing more and more of a lux­ury. Not many people nowadays can actu­ally afford an apart­ment or a busi­ness in
shoe tossing berlin-2991

Shoe Tossing in Berlin

12.12.2011 · 2 comments

This city is attrac­ted by many people of all kinds. The spirit and the diversity of our urban hab­itat is like a mag­net to many tour­ists, expats and young rebels who’ve found a place to develop their per­son­al­it­ies. But with all the dif­fer­ences to the rest of the world, Ber­lin shares at least one urban phe­nom­ena with
Agora Blogger Creative Media-8028

Creative New Media — Meet & Eat


Cre­at­ive New Media - Meet & Eat is the name of a new net­work­ing and social­iz­ing event here in Ber­lin. Maria and Julia of fant­astic Art­con­nect Ber­lin have decided to bring together all those blog­gers in the city to spend an even­ing together. In the warm atmo­sphere of the cozy Agora café down in Neuk­ölln we

Pro Chillers

08.12.2011 · One comment

Whenever I’m passing the corner of Hohen­staufen­platz in Kreuzkölln I am always very amused about these Pro Chillers that are hanging out there all year long. Do you know any other spots in Ber­lin that look this professional?

Sociality In The City / Poetry Eve


One of the things I don’t like about win­ter­time is that it gets dark so early. This com­bined with the freez­ing cold makes me dream of the sum­mer when we were hanging out on the streets and in the parks until late. But I don’t wanna hate cause I also like the win­ter­time with all it’s cosy­n­ess, espe­cially when

Freunde von Freunden Booklaunch


You may have recog­nized that Nico and me are also part of the Fre­unde von Fre­un­den video crew where we did films with Frank Hoehne, Nor­man Palm, Kel­sey Brokes or Nathan and Jakob of Haw-Lin. Now the online magazine col­lec­ted it’s best parts in their first book and held the book­launch yes­ter­day at DoY­ouR­eadMe? in

Michelberger Christmas Forest

01.12.2011 · One comment

We love the cozy atmo­sphere of the Michel­ber­ger Hotel in the Winter. On Advent Sundays, the Michel­ber­ger trans­forms into a cozy make­shift Christ­mas Forest exper­i­ence. They pull out the good Whis­key from the base­ment and spend a merry time with their cus­tom­ers and other happy after­noon­ers like us. While the Michel­ber­ger is already quite notori­ous for