January 2012

Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo

The Filmkunstbar on Reichenberger Straße is still there, even in times of Netflix.
24 Jan ’12 by Sara Places

New York 1973 at Gleisdreieckpark

We discovered this shed in 2012. I revisited in 2014, it had already been gone - no surprises there.
23 Jan ’12 by Sara Street Life

THC on Kochstraße

This THC piece is still visible, albeit barely.
13 Jan ’12 by Sara Other, Street Life

Gleisdreieck Park

The Gleisdreieck Park is a beautiful new construction in a vast no-mans area of Berlin. With this new public space, the neighborhood will surely experience a rise in attention and value soon.
12 Jan ’12 by Sara Places, Street Life

Fernsehturm Love

I don´t know how often I passed the Berlin Tv-Tower in the last years. Sometimes I just pass by with my bike without having a look but sometimes I just stand there in deep grace and watch the different faces depending on time, light and weather. I love the tower and even though my heart of the city is more south the TV-Tower is the true heart of the Berlin Sky.
10 Jan ’12 by Marcus Street Life