Ber­lin win­ters suck. The cold is freez­ing the life in the streets. People are gath­er­ing in warm coffee-places or drink tea in their cozy kit­chens. Nobody wants to stay out­side longer than necessary. But some people have to. 10 000 Ber­liners are home­less. Our friends of Mus­chi Kreuzberg are part of a cam­paign to help these people. At ONE
freezing sunshine-2501

Frozen Sunshine


We’re drown­ing in frozen sun­shine today, and I fell in love, again and again, with the blind­ing, radi­at­ing light that was shin­ing into the U-Bahn car. Every­one car­ried a little smile on their way to work. Ber­lin today: as pretty as possible.
FilmkunstBar Fitzcaralldo-9045

Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo

24.01.2012 · 6 comments

No mat­ter how much of a winter we have (or don’t have) right now: everyone’s come down with the blues. The best cure for a bored night at home is rent­ing a movie, old school, from your favor­ite video rental store. While there are enough block­buster stores around the city, I dig the intim­ate atmo­sphere of the Filmkun­st­bar Fitzcar­raldo.

Urban Secrets

23.01.2012 · 7 comments

The little urban secrets around the city are what keeps it alive in spirit. Although urban art has had it’s prime time a couple of years ago and is since being used (mostly) as com­mer­cial medium, there is noth­ing as excit­ing as find­ing a piece of work that is not put on dis­play quite as obviously. Now
Bread & Butter 2012 Winter-8980

Bread & Butter 2012


Let’s sum up Fash­ion Week in Ber­lin: “the press” and “the media” con­des­cend­ingly raise their eye­brows, yawn and utter some­thing along the lines of “Ber­lin is not even close to the big play­ers in NYC or Paris” while sim­ul­tan­eously shit­ting them­selves from joy over the expens­ive presents they were given by the brands PR man­agers

Infinity Weekends


Hon­estly, there are two sorts of week­ends a per­son can have. One: the kind of week­end where you have stuff to do, dates to arrange, people to meet, partys to attend. Two: the kind of week­end where really noth­ing is planned out and everything goes. Although the lat­ter isn’t quite as com­mon in the Winter (at
THC Graffiti on Kochstraße

THC Piece on Kochstraße

13.01.2012 · 4 comments

One of my favor­ite graf­fiti pieces in Mitte is this THC on Koch­straße / Check­point Charlie. I used to pass it every day for three months, and every day I’d ask myself: why is this piece so clean? How come nobody ever removed it from these pop­u­lar tour­ist attractions? I don’t know why and I couldn’t care

Gleisdreieck Park

12.01.2012 · One comment

Ber­lin surely might be short on many things — pub­lic parks are def­in­itely not among them. From vast Tem­pel­hof to our make­shift home in the sum­mer Görl­itzer Park, there’s enough green for every­one to get around. And: there’s another one to add to the list, the Gleis­dreieck Park. I’d never been there before as it only opened
random berlin-12

Platform Patience


Ever since I star­ted going back to Uni­ver­sity I’ve been spend­ing a lot of time on vari­ous train plat­forms around the city. While it can be annoy­ing to waste time like that, more often than not, I’ve been magic­ally drawn to the rays of sun that make their way, every now and then, through the clouds and
Fernsehturm Kopie

Fernsehturm Love

10.01.2012 · 2 comments

I don’t know how often I passed the Ber­lin Tv-Tower in the last years. Some­times I just pass by with my bike without hav­ing a look but some­times I just stand there in deep grace and watch the dif­fer­ent faces depend­ing on time, light and weather. I love the tower and even though my heart of the city is more

Tinta De La Casa


Clem­ens and me made a short trip to HBC yes­ter­day to see the panel dis­cus­sion of Tinta De La Casa. Under the theme “Magazines as life itself” rep­res­ent­at­ives from Dummy magazine, Der Wed­ding, Man­zine and DoY­ouR­eadMe? came together to ask itself ques­tions like “Why the hell are we doing this shit at all?” and “What is