Berlin winters suck. The cold is freezing the life in the streets. People are gathering in warm coffee-places or drink tea in their cozy kitchens. Nobody wants to stay outside longer than necessary. But some people have to. 10 000 Berliners are homeless. Our friends of Muschi Kreuzberg are part of a campaign to help these people.
freezing sunshine-2501

Frozen Sunshine


We’re drowning in frozen sunshine today, and I fell in love, again and again, with the blinding, radiating light that was shining into the U-Bahn car. Everyone carried a little smile on their way to work. Berlin today: as pretty as possible.
FilmkunstBar Fitzcaralldo-9045

Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo

24.01.2012 · 6 comments

No matter how much of a winter we have (or don’t have) right now: everyone’s come down with the blues. The best cure for a bored night at home is renting a movie, old school, from your favorite video rental store. While there are enough blockbuster stores around the city, I dig the intimate atmosphere

Urban Secrets

23.01.2012 · 7 comments

The little urban secrets around the city are what keeps it alive in spirit. Although urban art has had it’s prime time a couple of years ago and is since being used (mostly) as commercial medium, there is nothing as exciting as finding a piece of work that is not put on display quite as
Bread & Butter 2012 Winter-8980

Bread & Butter 2012


Let’s sum up Fashion Week in Berlin: “the press” and “the media” condescendingly raise their eyebrows, yawn and utter something along the lines of “Berlin is not even close to the big players in NYC or Paris” while simultaneously shitting themselves from joy over the expensive presents they were given by the brands PR managers

Infinity Weekends


Honestly, there are two sorts of weekends a person can have. One: the kind of weekend where you have stuff to do, dates to arrange, people to meet, partys to attend. Two: the kind of weekend where really nothing is planned out and everything goes. Although the latter isn’t quite as common in the Winter
THC Graffiti on Kochstraße

THC Piece on Kochstraße

13.01.2012 · 4 comments

One of my favorite graffiti pieces in Mitte is this THC on Kochstraße / Checkpoint Charlie. I used to pass it every day for three months, and every day I’d ask myself: why is this piece so clean? How come nobody ever removed it from these popular tourist attractions? I don’t know why and I

Gleisdreieck Park

12.01.2012 · One comment

Berlin surely might be short on many things – public parks are definitely not among them. From vast Tempelhof to our makeshift home in the summer Görlitzer Park, there’s enough green for everyone to get around. And: there’s another one to add to the list, the Gleisdreieck Park. I’d never been there before as it
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Platform Patience


Ever since I started going back to University I’ve been spending a lot of time on various train platforms around the city. While it can be annoying to waste time like that, more often than not, I’ve been magically drawn to the rays of sun that make their way, every now and then, through the
Fernsehturm Kopie

Fernsehturm Love

10.01.2012 · 2 comments

I don’t know how often I passed the Berlin Tv-Tower in the last years. Sometimes I just pass by with my bike without having a look but sometimes I just stand there in deep grace and watch the different faces depending on time, light and weather. I love the tower and even though my heart

Tinta De La Casa


Clemens and me made a short trip to HBC yesterday to see the panel discussion of Tinta De La Casa. Under the theme “Magazines as life itself” representatives from Dummy magazine, Der Wedding, Manzine and DoYouReadMe? came together to ask itself questions like “Why the hell are we doing this shit at all?” and “What