Dash Snow CFA-0131

Dash Snow at CFA


Every now and then, you will catch me actu­ally vis­it­ing an exhib­i­tion for more than just the canapés at the ver­n­is­sage. In fact, some­times I’ll gladly miss out on the open­ing to have the space to myself a couple of days later. This was exactly the case with the cur­rently ongo­ing Dash Snow exhib­i­tion at Con­tem­por­ary

Networking Breakfast #4 — FindingBerlin — Save the Date!


Julia and Maria from Art­Con­nect Ber­lin have been host­ing a won­der­ful net­work­ing break­fast in the past months. They’ve been aim­ing to bring together inter­est­ing people who will share their ideas and what their pro­jects are about with any­one who is inter­ested. Add to that a tasty break­fast — I’m in! With that said, we’re kind of proud to announce

Finding Napoli

22.02.2012 · 3 comments

A couple of years ago I used to live in the Pank­straße area in Ber­lin Wed­ding. We had moved there after liv­ing in Pren­zlauer Berg for a while and decided to go back to a more het­ero­gen­ous neigh­bor­hood, one that was simple and rough and ori­ginal. We spent a year in Wed­ding before we real­ized that this wasn’t the

The photography of Jan Herdlicka

21.02.2012 · 4 comments

Today we want to intro­duce you to the pho­to­graphy of our friend Jan Herd­licka. We met each other at uni­ver­sity and one of our first con­ver­sa­tions was about his pas­sion for the japan­ese pho­to­grapher Daido Mor­iyama and his uncom­prom­ising street-photography. Like him Jan is a sens­it­ive and silent observer in the streets of the loud and busy city.

You and Me an You Mix by DT64

20.02.2012 · One comment

Stitch together the months and you will yield a year. But in Ber­lin, time is usu­ally meas­ured only in two sea­sons: sum­mer and winter. Except, some­times we let the music dic­tate what we feel. Right now, our circle of friends is pre­par­ing for a won­der­ful sum­mer. We’re lying back and we’re shak­ing off all the leftover weight

Finding Mumbai — Part 1 / Construction Sites


If you ask some loc­als about their thoughts about Mum­bai they prob­ably first tell you that they still call it Bom­bay. It was the gov­ern­ment that changed the name in 1996 to detach them­self from their eng­lish col­on­iz­a­tional roots and to state a big­ger indian self-consciousness. I think Bom­bay is one of those few citys in
Stop Acta Demo Berlin Photo Solveig Maria Ebbinghaus 10


15.02.2012 · One comment

Gosh, we sure do love us some protest­ing action in the city. For last weeks “Stop A.C.T.A” demon­stra­tions, which were held pretty much world wide (I can’t be bummed to look it up, but let’s just exag­ger­ate the num­bers for the cause), lovely Maria joined the masses to protest one of the most con­tro­ver­sial laws
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Full Movie — In The Belly Of A Whale


Ber­lin still attracts a lot of young cre­at­ive people that come to the city out of the most dif­fer­ent reas­ons. What all of them find here is an inspir­ing city with still a lot of space and even more people to play with. “In The Belly Of A Whale” is an indie-movie (ger­man only) by the guys of

Back in Berlin


After trav­el­ling in Naples / Italy in the last week we are glad to be back in Ber­lin without any car acci­dents, police arrests or armed rob­ber­ies (watch out for Find­ing Napoli this week). Today I found this little con­ver­sa­tion in Friedel­str. Ber­lin how we love it!


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On my lunch break I dis­covered this sun reflec­tion in the back­yard of our office in Neuk­ölln. Some­how it looked like arabic signs to me and I had to think about the trans­form­a­tion of this former muslim dom­in­ated neighborhood.

Berlins Shortest Subway Line.


Nor­maly the whole area around Reich­stag is not our place to be. I usu­ally go there when my par­ents are in town or i have to occupy some­thing out of polit­ical reas­ons. Nev­er­the­less this “not-at-all” Ber­lin area for many people is the first thing they see when they come the city. They arrive at Haupt­bahnhof and travel