February 2012

Finding Napoli

Marcus visited one of the grimiest places of Italy: Napoli.
22 Feb ’12 by Marcus Travel

The photography of Jan Herdlicka

Introducing our new author Jan Herdlicka.
21 Feb ’12 by Nico Community

Mumbai: Construction Sites

Marcus depicts the uprising of Mumbay through its construction sites.
17 Feb ’12 by Marcus Architecture, Travel

Meine Güte

Today I found this little conversation in Friedelstr. Berlin how we love it!
13 Feb ’12 by Marcus #berlinkisses


On my lunch break I discovered this sun reflection in the backyard of our office in Neukölln. Somehow it looked like arabic signs to me and I had to think about the transformation of this former muslim dominated neighborhood.
2 Feb ’12 by Marcus Street Life

Berlins Shortest Subway Line.

Thanks to Caro Kurze for shooting this nice series about Bundestag Subway station.
2 Feb ’12 by Marcus Places