Dash Snow CFA-0131

Dash Snow at CFA


Every now and then, you will catch me actually visiting an exhibition for more than just the canapés at the vernissage. In fact, sometimes I’ll gladly miss out on the opening to have the space to myself a couple of days later. This was exactly the case with the currently ongoing Dash Snow exhibition at

Networking Breakfast #4 – FindingBerlin – Save the Date!


Julia and Maria from ArtConnect Berlin have been hosting a wonderful networking breakfast in the past months. They’ve been aiming to bring together interesting people who will share their ideas and what their projects are about with anyone who is interested. Add to that a tasty breakfast – I’m in! With that said, we’re kind

Finding Napoli

22.02.2012 · 3 comments

A couple of years ago I used to live in the Pankstraße area in Berlin Wedding. We had moved there after living in Prenzlauer Berg for a while and decided to go back to a more heterogenous neighborhood, one that was simple and rough and original. We spent a year in Wedding before we realized

The photography of Jan Herdlicka

21.02.2012 · 4 comments

Today we want to introduce you to the photography of our friend Jan Herdlicka. We met each other at university and one of our first conversations was about his passion for the japanese photographer Daido Moriyama and his uncompromising street-photography. Like him Jan is a sensitive and silent observer in the streets of the loud and busy

You and Me an You Mix by DT64

20.02.2012 · One comment

Stitch together the months and you will yield a year. But in Berlin, time is usually measured only in two seasons: summer and winter. Except, sometimes we let the music dictate what we feel. Right now, our circle of friends is preparing for a wonderful summer. We’re lying back and we’re shaking off all the

Finding Mumbai – Part 1 / Construction Sites


If you ask some locals about their thoughts about Mumbai they probably first tell you that they still call it Bombay. It was the government that changed the name in 1996 to detach themself from their english colonizational roots and to state a bigger indian self-consciousness. I think Bombay is one of those few citys
Stop Acta Demo Berlin Photo Solveig Maria Ebbinghaus 10


15.02.2012 · One comment

Gosh, we sure do love us some protesting action in the city. For last weeks “Stop A.C.T.A” demonstrations, which were held pretty much world wide (I can’t be bummed to look it up, but let’s just exaggerate the numbers for the cause), lovely Maria joined the masses to protest one of the most controversial laws
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Full Movie – In The Belly Of A Whale


Berlin still attracts a lot of young creative people that come to the city out of the most different reasons. What all of them find here is an inspiring city with still a lot of space and even more people to play with. “In The Belly Of A Whale” is an indie-movie (german only) by

Back in Berlin


After travelling in Naples / Italy in the last week we are glad to be back in Berlin without any car accidents, police arrests or armed robberies (watch out for Finding Napoli this week). Today I found this little conversation in Friedelstr. Berlin how we love it!


02.02.2012 · One comment

On my lunch break I discovered this sun reflection in the backyard of our office in Neukölln. Somehow it looked like arabic signs to me and I had to think about the transformation of this former muslim dominated neighborhood.

Berlins Shortest Subway Line.


Normaly the whole area around Reichstag is not our place to be. I usually go there when my parents are in town or i have to occupy something out of political reasons. Nevertheless this “not-at-all” Berlin area for many people is the first thing they see when they come the city. They arrive at Hauptbahnhof