Finding Los Angeles

30.04.2012 · 7 comments

Los Angeles is propably one of the most influential citys on kids all around the world. Through endless hours of movies and TV series I kinda grew up in Malibu with the Hoff, cruised down Pacific Coast Highway with Hank Moody, had chilled Fridays out in Compton with Ice Cube or relaxed on the Pool

Brace yourself for Gallery Weekend 2012

26.04.2012 · 4 comments

With May Day around the corner it's time again for Berlin's annual art festival, the Gallery Weekend. If you don't want to get lost in the overwhelming abundance of 51 participating galleries, better read on.

Win 1×1 Hood Pack from OVERKILL

25.04.2012 · 37 comments

Sneakers. Graffiti. Style. Kreuzberg. If all of these things mean something to you, then you sure as hell know that Overkill is the place of all places when it comes to keeping it really fresh. And it’s an authentic story no less: from a graffiti magazine in the 90s to one of the most famous

Don’t Panic Berlin

25.04.2012 · One comment

There are so many possible things to do in Berlin, I don’t know how to keep track sometimes. A wide range of cultural activities in almost every corner of the city: concerts, club nights, exhibitions, performances, dinners, freak shows, illegal races, you name it and we’re game. Even though Facebook and all the other virtual


25.04.2012 · 3 comments

We all know how I have a certain inkling for train stations and travel hubs. Südkreuz was no exception when I first saw it a couple of weeks ago. So unlike any other major train platforms in Berlin, Südkreuz is like a bunch of modern architecture features and glass panels thrown together. Somewhat alienated by

Win 5×1 tote bags & 2×1 laptop cases from Muschi Kreuzberg

25.04.2012 · 67 comments

If anyone could ever bring realness back to the catwalk, it’s probably the sexy demons from Muschi Kreuzberg. Our friends have been providing the city with provocative stickers and tote bags since before Christ and they’re not going to stop until they’ve plastered your ass with the most creative word plays known to man. That,

FindingBerlin Relaunch Hangout at Artconnect HQ

24.04.2012 · 4 comments

Guys, what can I say? I am absolutely overwhelmed after last nights little happening down in Neukölln. So many people came to say hi and support us. Although some might have found me a bit wired (I get nervous around good looking people like all of you are), I was positively struck and absolutely happy

Win 1×2 Bike Tour Vouchers from FindingBerlin-Tours

24.04.2012 · 16 comments

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who book a full vacation, where everything is planned out to the maximum, and those who want to discover the foreign and new on their own. In case you belong to the latter category of people, then our FindingBerlin-Tours might be just right for you:

FindingBerlin Relaunch 2012

22.04.2012 · 4 comments

Welcome to the freshly renovated headquarters! We've been talking about this for months and finally it's happened: a new, cleaner and more structured layout. We're very happy to join the club of sleek and organized websites - it was definitely needed.

data.anatomy [civic] installation


It’s not what it is – it’s what you make of it. That is pretty much the motto when it comes to Berlins extraordinary uses of urban space. Old warehouses or deserted land are often re-interpreted for cultural happenings. Whether it’s a club like the famous Berghain or an industrial space like the Kraftwerk on

Save the date: Relaunch Hangout


We’re taking a little hiatus in preparation of our website remodeling project. We plan on being ready soon, so please join us in our modest celebrations on the 23rd of April 2012. There’ll be drinks and snacks and naked women and lions and Fisker Karmas for everyone, but mainly we’ll try to mix some music

Voodoo Market 2012

16.04.2012 · One comment

You know we love it vintage. Half of our clothes comes out of Mama’s closet or some random Second Hand Shops. So it was obvious for us to give Voodoo Market a second visit after Sara already went to Chez Jackie for christmas shopping. Next to the shopping experience we were excited to give the
Flughafen Tegel Berlin-1268

Airport Berlin Tegel

12.04.2012 · 3 comments

The airport Berlin Tegel “Otto Lilienthal” will soon be history – the airport is closing down in favor of a new, bigger and fancier airport where Berlin-Schönefeld used to be. In fact, Berlin Schönefeld will simply be extended and soon be called “Berlin Brandenburg International”. Cosmopolitan feeling, much? The first time I went around Tegel

The Boule Tournament

11.04.2012 · One comment

Of course the Landwehrkanal is a very popular area to hang out at when the sun is shining. One of it’s most beautiful marks is the Bouling Ground right at Forster Straße. Watching the water on one side and the relaxed players going after their game on the other side has a very hypnotizing effect