May 2012

Berlin’s abandoned train stations

There are some S-Bahn stations that haven't seen a train for more than thirty years now. Ghost stations. Some of them still exist and are easy to spot, others are decayed to such an extent that one hardly recognizes the platform. All of them tell stories from prosperous times long ago.
31 May ’12 by Matthias Places

The extraordinary MINI Road Trip of South Africa’s Western Cape

The full itinerary and report of our Western Cape road trip with MINI through South Africa.
30 May ’12 by Sara Travel

The Best Luxury Hotels of South Africa’s Western Cape

If you're traveling the Western Cape, you might be interested in the most luxurious hotels that the region has to offer. Read where I stayed and what I experienced!
30 May ’12 by Sara Street Life, Travel

Berlins Karneval der Kulturen 2012

Visiting the Karneval der Kulturen 2012.
29 May ’12 by Sara Events

The 9 Best Sunset Spots in Berlin

There's hardly anything as beautiful as seeing the sun go down in Berlin. The sky turns into a million shades of pink, and you can lie back and enjoy the iconic Berlin cityscape turn into a romantic movie scene - if you know where you can see it best!
25 May ’12 by Sara Places

Athens: A travel story about history and hope

Athen is in turmoil. As visitors from Berlin, we drew many parallels to our city (and its history) while we spent some days under the sun of this fantastic, multicultural and somehow future-telling melting pot that is Greece's capital.
21 May ’12 by Sara Travel

Construction Site: Hope.

Why we are fascinated by abandoned places.
14 May ’12 by Sara Street Life

I Eat You Dinner

Back when pop-up dinners were still rare, I EAT YOU brought us amazing food and connected the community over a wonderful night of drinking and laughing.
11 May ’12 by Sara Community, Events, Food

Rio de Janeiro

Marcus visits Rio de Janeiro.
10 May ’12 by Marcus Travel

What do you know about Marzahn?

… that it's a socially deprived district, where the skyline of grey industrialized buildings blurs with an equally grey sky – well, that's just a petty, petty atrocity story. I want to tell you another story about this East Berlin district, a story of a Marzahn childhood.
7 May ’12 by Matthias Street Life


Nico and his host Niels roam the streets and art galleries of Copenhagen.
4 May ’12 by Nico Travel

Voll Schön Open Air at Modersohnbrücke

Once upon a time, it was still possible to set up a sound system spontaneously on Modersohnbrücke to dance with your friends. Alas, that doesn't work quite so easily anymore (especially if you try and create an FB event for that, too - police is up your ass in 3 minutes, tops!)
3 May ’12 by Sara Community, Street Life

1st of May: The People

Our summer balcony: the perfect spot to see the crowds of the 1st of May 2012.
2 May ’12 by Marcus Community, Street Life


Sometimes, Berlin can be a bit too frantic for me. Whenever I feel that I need to retire for a while, I book a flight to a calmer place such as Stockholm. But after I got invited to visit a friend's art performance abroad and finally returned to Berlin, I knew there was a strong and beautiful competitor: Vienna.
1 May ’12 by Matthias Travel