Berlin’s abandoned train stations

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There are some S-Bahn stations that haven't seen a train for more than thirty years now. Ghost stations. Some of them still exist and are easy to spot, others are decayed to such an extent that one hardly recognizes the platform. All of them tell stories from prosperous times long ago.
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Finding The Western Cape

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Was erwar­tet man eigent­lich, wenn man für eine Woche in das West­ern Cape Süda­fri­kas ein­ge­laden wird? Zumind­est anhand der Geschichten über Johan­nes­burg und Kapstadt, die es ab und an von Urlaubern zu hören gibt, kön­nte man das für eine eher düstere Form des Urlaubs hal­ten: nicht nachts raus gehen, niemals alleine sein, bloß nicht an roten Ampeln
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FindingBerlin-Tours: New Season!


I wouldn’t exactly say that the RAW Tem­pel Loc­a­tion makes a good place for a BBQ, but it’s not too far off from grime-y places like Görl­itzer Park either so we might just as well get the grill fired up. In any case, you may or may not remem­ber that that’s where our Headquar­ters for FindingBerlin-Tours are,

Carnival of Cultures

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How in Gods name could we NOT have covered the Car­ni­val of Cul­tures, bet­ter known as Karneval der Kul­turen in Ger­man, so far on Find­ing­Ber­lin? One of the greatest and most vis­ited events in our city, a massive spec­tacle for fam­il­ies and hedon­ists alike, the Car­ni­val of Cul­tures offers everything for every­one and is the second

The 9 Best Sunset Spots in Berlin

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A lovely sum­mer even­ing does not require a lush ocean or even a clean river to swim in, although it would be nice indeed. We beat the sticky heat by devour­ing it. Besides, we only get to have sum­mer for two weeks every eight years or so, we might as well appre­ci­ate it. Same goes for the

Finding Athens — Just Like Berlin

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Put me on a plane any­where and I’ll prob­ably tell you how it totally met my expect­a­tions. Call it glob­al­iz­a­tion, or media over­load. Blame it on the inter­net or on movie aes­thet­ics, but when I went to New York — just to drop an example here of what I mean — it felt like I’d been here many times before. In fact,

Construction Site

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The city hides its secrets pretty well. To the unschooled eye, Ber­lin might be explored in a very quick fash­ion with noth­ing much that lies beneath the sur­face. But there are so many per­spect­ives to chal­lenge and even more fences to climb, we’re just get­ting lazier, think­ing this and that is all there is. It’s not.

Recap: I Eat You Dinner

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As we’ve announced a couple of days ago, the I Eat You Din­ner is now ready for you to enjoy: for the next couple of days, you’ll be able to book your seats at an invit­ing table full of inter­est­ing people. Last night, I was offered the chance to par­ti­cip­ate in the first round of the pop up

Finding Rio de Janeiro

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Do you know these ste­reo­type pic­tures of beau­ti­ful lon­ley beaches with some palms and tur­qoise water. I never really liked them. Not because of the beauty in it, but because they always seemed to be at the end of the world. Since I’m a city kid I need people around me and some­how an urban envir­on­ment to feel well.

WeSC x Smart: The Superlative Journey in Mitte

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Inter­est­ing col­lab­or­a­tions aren’t exactly rare, but only with THE SUPERLATIVE JOURNEY by WeSC x Smart do they come look­ing so good. It’s all about explor­ing the world: it’s all about the jour­ney. That motto in mind, the makers of the col­lab have sent their people around the hot­test met­ro­poles of the world to return with masses

I EAT YOU Pop-Up Restaurant

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Let’s get real for a second: it’s not the build­ings or the his­tory of a city exclus­ively that make it a good place to be. In Ber­lin, it’s first and fore­most the people who unite to cre­ate. Who meet each other and don’t judge where they’re from. Who get talk­ing and find that some­thing is miss­ing in the

So you’ve already heard about Marzahn…

07.05.2012 · 11 comments

… that it's a socially deprived district, where the skyline of grey industrialized buildings blurs with an equally grey sky – well, that's just a petty, petty atrocity story. I want to tell you another story about this East Berlin district, a story of a Marzahn childhood.

Finding Kopenhagen

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I have been to Copen­ha­gen twice before this trip but its always some­thing else if you explore a city with the per­spect­ive of someone who is actu­ally liv­ing there. My dear firend Niels moved there after he had lived in ber­lin for quite a while. He found a small beau­ti­ful room in Nør­rebro which is the multi-cultural, streetart-clustered, well-designed espresso-bar

Rave At Modersohn

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The Mod­er­sohn­brücke in Friedrich­shain is fam­ous for it’s one of a kind sun­down view­ing loc­a­tion. It’s the cheapest over­view of the city includ­ing a won­der­ful light­ning situ­ation, so if you’ve ever wondered where to take your next date to, this is the right spot (although you prob­ably won’t be alone. Mod­er­sohn­brücke usu­ally is crowded, and you do