Berlin Burger International

29.06.2012 · 3 comments

An inner crav­ing for bur­ger was seeded deep inside of me back when I was a child. My par­ents would never let us eat fast food except for on spe­cial occa­sions. So while every­one had a del­ish Christ­mas din­ner, we ended up stuck with all the other non-Christians at McD’s devour­ing plastic food like it was a five star

Public Viewing in 36

28.06.2012 · 4 comments

Even though this time Ger­many seems to have a valid chance at grabbing the European Cham­pi­on­ship Cup, it seems as if the foot­ball craze has gone back a step from the heights it reached in 2010. After all, it’s “only” the European finals. Still: many people opt to watch the game with their friends at bars or


27.06.2012 · 11 comments

What I find espe­cially inter­est­ing about the devel­op­ment of a city is to see the changes for myself. I hadn’t lived long enough in Ber­lin (or long enough in gen­eral) to relate to my older and wiser friends about all the things that have been bet­ter or worse in the past. People do like to tell their anec­dotes,

Anti-GEMA Protests

26.06.2012 · 6 comments

The news struck us like lightning: GEMA, the German performing right society for music, recently announced a new accounting system to become effective by 2013 which will ruin many clubs by horrendous increase in charges. Yesterday, a crowd of music lovers gathered for a rally to stop this proposal. We paid it a visit.

The Weekend

25.06.2012 · 2 comments

Some­times, on any ran­dom week­end, it feels like we’ve been every­where and back. There­fore it can be tough to con­struct a whole art­icle around one single sub­ject. When there’s so much to do and see — espe­cially in the sum­mer, no mat­ter how rainy or windy it gets — it’s best to just shut up and let the pic­tures speak

Fête De La Musique 2012

22.06.2012 · 13 comments

Mid­sum­mer. Most chil­dren grow­ing up in Ber­lin will prob­ably never even know what that word means. They will think: “Sum­mer, oh, that’s just another word for autumn, right?”, because that’s damn straight what it feels like. But once upon a time, even Ber­lin encountered heat waves. Even I have spent days in the city with my skin

I Bagni Di Viareggio

21.06.2012 · 3 comments

When I think of Italy in the sum­mer I have this Retro-Chique pic­ture in my mind. The people wear old-school bathing suits, the cars are still edgy, and the col­ors are nat­ur­ally ins­tagrammed. I know it’s a romantic view and a res­ult of cheesy 70’s movies. The real sum­mer beach life in Italy means mostly crowded places and the nice

HAU Weltausstellung — The World Is Not A Fair

20.06.2012 · 2 comments

If you’ve recently vis­ited the Tem­pel­hofer Park you will most likely have noticed the fif­teen gazebos scattered across the fields. They are part of the “The World Is Not A Fair” exhib­i­tion of the HAU (Hebbel am Ufer), an artistic pro­ject with a twist. Their pro­gram is one of self-reflected irony, put­ting the meth­ods of the inter­na­tional
stadtbad tiergarten rave ambivalent-6406

Stadtbad Tiergarten Open Air

19.06.2012 · 5 comments

There are so many Open Airs in the city… on a good sum­mer day it can be tricky to find out the “right one” . And because of Ber­lins risky weather situ­ation — from Mauwi to Moscow in 3 seconds — one is temp­ted to stay in the neigh­bor­hood. There’s also no deny­ing that not every Open Air is of high
48 stunden neukölln-5212

48 Stunden Neukölln

18.06.2012 · 8 comments

Some­times I find it dif­fi­cult to put into exact words why Ber­lin is a good place to live. There are many reas­ons, sure, but there might be just as many neg­at­ive points as well. Not hav­ing a beach and the con­stant lousy weather ser­i­ously test my lim­its. There are only so many times that a lake can sat­isfy my

ASAP Rocky at Festsaal Kreuzberg

15.06.2012 · 3 comments

Going to a con­cert might not be the most excit­ing thing to share across the broad sub­jects that Ber­lin has to offer. In this case, I’d like to make an excep­tion. We’ve all been wait­ing impa­tiently for the A$AP Rocky gig ever since he blew up last year with his mon­ster tracks Pe$o and Was­sup. Along

Körnerpark Neukölln


Neuk­ölln is not exactly fam­ous for its broad choices in nice parks. With Tem­pel­hof dom­in­at­ing the “park scene” in terms of repu­ta­tion it always seems like such an effort to dis­cover some­thing new. Tem­pel­hof is big enough for every­one after all. But the Körner­park is some­thing spe­cial indeed, per­fectly laid in an up and com­ing

Du Bist (k)ein Berliner — Survey

13.06.2012 · 9 comments

As some of you may have already found out, a couple of us are stu­dents at the Europa Uni­versität Frank­furt Oder, study­ing Cul­tural Stud­ies & Sci­ences. Most of our classes are actu­ally very close to what interests us in our spare time. This semester, Elisa and I have been tak­ing a class on the soci­ology of the word

FindingBerlin x iGNANT at Studio B: Review

12.06.2012 · 4 comments

Last night we had our very fist print (as in — off­line!) exhib­i­tion at the tem­por­ar­ily set up foot­ball loc­a­tion Stu­dio B in Mitte. When we were asked to par­ti­cip­ate for one night we decided to use the platt­form and the big white walls to put our work on dis­play. Dur­ing the past two weeks we have pro­duced