Cookie Island

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I like post­cards, espe­cially when they are mys­ter­i­ous and vague. When Cook­ies Club and No 74 sent out their post­cards they knew very well that every­one would be puzzled about the invit­a­tion: meet us on an island upcom­ing Sat­urday, bring your bathing suits and friends, but we’re not going to let you know just yet

Finding Stockholm — The Aesthetically Pleasing City

30.07.2012 · 4 comments

When we travel, we don’t usu­ally travel big. Instead, we try to focus on what’s “real” about a city, mean­ing we try to do the things that are of interest to us and want to avoid the con­ven­tional tour­ist traps. Not an easy task, to be hon­est, espe­cially when you’re not off the beaten track. That’s

car2go Pop Up Store with The Dirty Honkers — Review


As announced last week, the car2go pop up store pro­ject opened a new tem­por­ary fran­chise on Bergmannstraße. For their open­ing they invited the Dirty Honkers, an electro-swing band, to play a free con­cert. I had the oppor­tun­ity to check out the loc­a­tion and yep, it’s a per­fect spot if you’re plan­ning some­thing big for you and your friends! Many

Smart Urban Stage Voting


Car­oline Kurze of iGNANT and me were asked by Smart Urban Stage to par­ti­cip­ate in their Change of View pro­ject before a couple of weeks. If you haven’t seen our pic­tures yet you can do it here. And now comes the DEAL. You can vote for us and if we win we get 2000 Euro!!! But we

The Dirty Honkers Live at the car2go Pop-Up Store


Ima­gine you had an event loc­a­tion where you could plan and execute any event you’re plan­ning — for free. The good people of car2go have now real­ized the concept in dif­fer­ent areas of Ber­lin. Their pop-up store used to be in Pren­zlauer Berg, now it’s mov­ing over to the “other” Kreuzberg at Bergmannstraße. Whatever you’re plan­ning to

Total Sellout

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Since more than 10 years the Total Sel­lout provides young Graphic Design­ers and Artists the pos­sib­il­ity to exhibit and sell there works. The idea star­ted 2000 in Dresden, nowadays this tem­por­ary plat­form opens also in other cit­ies like Leipzig or Ber­lin. We have been at Glogauer Straße to see a mix of fresh illus­tra­tions, hand­made screen-print

Real Street Berlin Jam 2012

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Some­how Ber­lin is in no case related to one of the main activ­it­ies of my child­hood — Rollerblad­ing (Yeah — I was a Rollerblader not a Skate­boarder). Prob­ably because I got a little to old to jump on every hand­rail it got less and less that I grabbed my Skates and roll out on the streets of Berlin. On the other side the city brought
muschi kreuzberg summer jam 2012

When Thugs Cry — Muschi Kreuzberg Summer Jam

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There are parties and then there are parties from which you wake up in the morn­ing think­ing “what happened, where am I and why do I have stick­ers plastered all over my face?” In the lat­ter case, it’s prob­ably the best if you resort to not ask­ing any more of these ques­tions and just get on with


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The U-Bahn-System shapes a lot of places in our city. It has its own archi­tec­tural rules and often it doesnt care about beauty. Most U-Bahn sta­tions are cold and prag­matic. People rush through them. But nobody can doubt that they cre­ate a very unique atmo­sphere. You go down, into the Untergrund. Jan Herd­licka, whom you may know

Neukölln’s cleared and abandoned allotment gardens

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To make room for the planned city highway A100, a vast allotment garden area was cleared two years ago. Construction didn't start yet so that the abandoned gardens and cottages still wait for demolition. We were curious what we'd find there and which stories the place would tell – so we paid it a visit.

When Thugs Cry — Muschi Kreuzberg Summer Jam

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Get your guns loaded, kings and queens of the dis­trict! Mus­chi Kreuzberg are hold­ing up every­one you love for ransom: one mil­lion and a few dope bitches, just get your ass to the meet­ing point on Thursday at Prince Charles. If you don’t have the neces­sary cash — too bad. But if you’re nice to us, you can

“Ausgerechnet Freitag der Dreizehnte” — Weißensee Gallery


This week is all in the name of art. After Mar­cus’ rather elab­or­ate and spe­cific art­icle about the UdK Rundgang — and of course, his magg-nificent pic­tures as always — I decided to actu­ally share my opin­ion on the Weißensee exhibition. First of all, I had no expect­a­tions. After the lib­er­at­ing chaos and vast pos­sib­il­it­ies at the Uni­versität der Kün­ste

Ars Electronica — Impetus and Movement

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And when the rain begins to fall, I’ll be that girl going from one exhib­i­tion to the next. Finally: more time to spend our days and even­ings inside enorm­ous cul­tural hubs, con­tem­plat­ing our lives and the mean­ing of art in the con­text of their makers inten­tions. I’m try­ing to see the pos­it­ive in this demonic

UDK Rundgang 2012

16.07.2012 · 12 comments

UDK — I hate You! For everything you have done to me! Was it worth it? I can’t judge. Are you happy? I don’t know. You steal, you give, you loose. You’re my worst enemy. I’ll always have an eye on you and I judge you in the most sub­jectiv way. This time you failed and you bored me to death. I will