Teufelsberg – canceled artbase2012 Festival

27.09.2012 · 6 comments

Teufelsberg has long been a very popular “urban exploration” spot for tourists and wanderers alike. I’ll spare you the elaborate story on the artificial hill with the listening station on top of it by simply pointing you to the relevant Wikipedia article. But there it is now, a former US-listening station, nowadays lying in ruis

Finding documenta – but I’ll spare you the art

26.09.2012 · 2 comments

When recently Elisa and I went to Kassel, we took this opportunity obviously only because of documenta – but I'll spare with you any remarks, pictures or even critique. However, after I was quickly bored and tired by the masses, I gained interest in other details that documenta and Kassel yielded.

Backyards Berlin: 3 & 4

25.09.2012 · One comment

Berlin Backyards are something special. In our new series, we want to show you the diversity of these parallel worlds that are unseen from the street side. For our first editorial, we showed you two very different backyards (or, as I’ve learned later, courtyards might be the better word) and told you a little bit

DÖGA – Serious Döner Business

24.09.2012 · 5 comments

Berlin is the worlds most important Döner capital. Needless to say any major decisions and business deals will take place right here. To underline the fact, every year since 2009 a so-called “Dönermesse”, a Döner Fair – the DÖGA – introduces the newest technologies of Döner cutting tools, new taste innovations and generally unites fans

FindingBerlin Foreigners – Chris


My name is Chris, I'm 28 and originate from New York City, but moved to Berlin in September 2011. Most of my energy goes into becoming a proper disco producer and learning how to make better curry dishes.

Surprise Sundays

20.09.2012 · One comment

All summer long we’ve been sort of mourning our lacking party fever. No convincing Open Airs except for one or two scattered between the sunny days, no twelve hour dancing-shifts til the sun rises, no spontaneous house parties that were filled to the rim with glorious moments of fun and youth. We were pretty sure

Finding Karl-Marx-Allee

19.09.2012 · 4 comments

  Berlin in the early hours is divine. Experiencing this serenity when the city wakes up can be the best chill-out effect after dancing the night away. Recently, I took a walk home along Karl-Marx-Allee, in my eyes Berlin’s most impressive and most scenic grand boulevard. After the end of WW2, the majority of Berlin
Budapest Electronic Beats Festival-1282

Berlin vs. Budapest: Electronic Beats Festival

18.09.2012 · 3 comments

Many people have been comparing Budapest to Berlin recently. Generally, the East of Europe seems to be in the rise when it comes to underdog parties, creative movements and – as always – affordable lifestyles. All aside political and economical issues, Budapest is always mentioned when people talk about how the “scene” is moving away
Sowjetdenkmal Treptower Park Berlin-1042

Soviet War Memorial at Treptower Park

18.09.2012 · 9 comments

It took me about four years of living in Berlin to finally see the stunning Soviet War Memorial at Treptower Park. Many people have been telling me about it – most of them being absolutely astonished by the massive impression of the memorial and by the fact that I hadn’t been there yet – and

Berlin Prenzlauer Berg 1990 by Petra Tschörtner

17.09.2012 · 10 comments

I did not grew up in this city. My history with Berlin just started a couple of years ago but of course I feel the cultural heritage of all the places I hang out now in 2012. I wanna know how it felt to live here back in days. I wanna know what my Berlin friends talk about when they talk about growing up in 80s & 90s Prenzlauer Berg. How did it feel when my dad hung

Art exhibition at an abandoned women’s prison

13.09.2012 · One comment

It's Berlin Art Week: the big fairs abc and Preview, the multitude of institutional partners and the heaps of exhibitions open all over the city. But I was particularly happy to spare some time to pay a pop-up exhibition a visit, that found an unusual spot: a former women's prison, that is abandoned for some thirty years now.
℅ Berlin-0956

c/o Berlin – a tour through the Postfuhramt

13.09.2012 · 4 comments

I’m sure many of you have been to c/o Berlin before. The art gallery focuses mainly on photography – a visual approach, anyway – and supports young and coming artists as well as established names in the business. From Mapplethorpe to Larry Clark – every exhibition at c/o is a must-see. Alongside that, the gallery

Berlin Backyards Series – B1 & B2

12.09.2012 · One comment

The little south German city I come from consists mostly of suburb-style row homes. Every family has that two-story, three bedroom house to live in and a patch of green in the back of it, safely secured by bushes and trees from the peek-a-boos of the neighbors. That, in its very essence, is the German

Fabelhafte Höfe Open Air


Finding an Open Air dancefloor in Berlin ain’t a rocket science. Finding a good Open Air in Berlin – well, that’s an entirely different thing alright. Now, not all tastes are the same, so please beware: the measures of quality are all subject to my personal opinion. I like colorful decoration, boogie house music, nicely