Teufelsberg — canceled artbase2012 Festival

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Teufels­berg has long been a very pop­u­lar “urban explor­a­tion” spot for tour­ists and wan­der­ers alike. I’ll spare you the elab­or­ate story on the arti­fi­cial hill with the listen­ing sta­tion on top of it by simply point­ing you to the rel­ev­ant Wiki­pe­dia art­icle. But there it is now, a former US-listening sta­tion, nowadays lying in ruis but remain­ing

Finding documenta – but I’ll spare you the art

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When recently Elisa and I went to Kassel, we took this opportunity obviously only because of documenta – but I'll spare with you any remarks, pictures or even critique. However, after I was quickly bored and tired by the masses, I gained interest in other details that documenta and Kassel yielded.

Backyards Berlin: 3 & 4

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Ber­lin Back­yards are some­thing spe­cial. In our new series, we want to show you the diversity of these par­al­lel worlds that are unseen from the street side. For our first edit­or­ial, we showed you two very dif­fer­ent back­yards (or, as I’ve learned later, court­yards might be the bet­ter word) and told you a little bit about

DÖGA — Serious Döner Business

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Ber­lin is the worlds most import­ant Döner cap­ital. Need­less to say any major decisions and busi­ness deals will take place right here. To under­line the fact, every year since 2009 a so-called “Dön­er­messe”, a Döner Fair — the DÖGA — intro­duces the new­est tech­no­lo­gies of Döner cut­ting tools, new taste innov­a­tions and gen­er­ally unites fans of the culin­ary

FindingBerlin Foreigners — Chris


My name is Chris, I'm 28 and originate from New York City, but moved to Berlin in September 2011. Most of my energy goes into becoming a proper disco producer and learning how to make better curry dishes.

Surprise Sundays

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All sum­mer long we’ve been sort of mourn­ing our lack­ing party fever. No con­vin­cing Open Airs except for one or two scattered between the sunny days, no twelve hour dancing-shifts til the sun rises, no spon­tan­eous house parties that were filled to the rim with glor­i­ous moments of fun and youth. We were pretty sure that

Finding Karl-Marx-Allee

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Ber­lin in the early hours is divine. Exper­i­en­cing this serenity when the city wakes up can be the best chill-out effect after dan­cing the night away. Recently, I took a walk home along Karl-Marx-Allee, in my eyes Berlin’s most impress­ive and most scenic grand boulevard. After the end of WW2, the major­ity of Ber­lin was in ruins.
Budapest Electronic Beats Festival-1282

Berlin vs. Budapest: Electronic Beats Festival

18.09.2012 · 3 comments

Many people have been com­par­ing Bud­apest to Ber­lin recently. Gen­er­ally, the East of Europe seems to be in the rise when it comes to under­dog parties, cre­at­ive move­ments and — as always — afford­able life­styles. All aside polit­ical and eco­nom­ical issues, Bud­apest is always men­tioned when people talk about how the “scene” is mov­ing away from Ber­lin as soon
Sowjetdenkmal Treptower Park Berlin-1042

Soviet War Memorial at Treptower Park

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It took me about four years of liv­ing in Ber­lin to finally see the stun­ning Soviet War Memorial at Treptower Park. Many people have been telling me about it — most of them being abso­lutely aston­ished by the massive impres­sion of the memorial and by the fact that I hadn’t been there yet — and still it took another friend

Berlin Prenzlauer Berg 1990 by Petra Tschörtner

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I did not grew up in this city. My history with Berlin just started a couple of years ago but of course I feel the cultural heritage of all the places I hang out now in 2012. I wanna know how it felt to live here back in days. I wanna know what my Berlin friends talk about when they talk about growing up in 80s & 90s Prenzlauer Berg. How did it feel when my dad hung

Art exhibition at an abandoned women’s prison

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It's Berlin Art Week: the big fairs abc and Preview, the multitude of institutional partners and the heaps of exhibitions open all over the city. But I was particularly happy to spare some time to pay a pop-up exhibition a visit, that found an unusual spot: a former women's prison, that is abandoned for some thirty years now.
℅ Berlin-0956

c/o Berlin — a tour through the Postfuhramt

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I’m sure many of you have been to c/o Ber­lin before. The art gal­lery focuses mainly on pho­to­graphy — a visual approach, any­way — and sup­ports young and com­ing artists as well as estab­lished names in the busi­ness. From Map­pleth­orpe to Larry Clark — every exhib­i­tion at c/o is a must-see. Along­side that, the gal­lery offers plenty of work­shops, lec­tures and

Berlin Backyards Series — B1 & B2

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The little south Ger­man city I come from con­sists mostly of suburb-style row homes. Every fam­ily has that two-story, three bed­room house to live in and a patch of green in the back of it, safely secured by bushes and trees from the peek-a-boos of the neigh­bors. That, in its very essence, is the Ger­man way of life.

Fabelhafte Höfe Open Air


Find­ing an Open Air dance­floor in Ber­lin ain’t a rocket sci­ence. Find­ing a good Open Air in Ber­lin — well, that’s an entirely dif­fer­ent thing alright. Now, not all tastes are the same, so please beware: the meas­ures of qual­ity are all sub­ject to my per­sonal opin­ion. I like col­or­ful dec­or­a­tion, boo­gie house music, nicely dressed up people and