Backjumps Junior Issue — Workshop & Exhibition


Back­jumps, the magazine and exhib­i­tion pro­ject around urban com­mu­nic­a­tion and aes­thet­ics, is back with their “Junior Issue” format. This is the second time that the pro­ject halls of the Kun­straum Kreuzberg/Bethanien will present an exhib­i­tion spe­cific­ally tar­get­ing chil­dren. All of the exhib­ited pro­jects, works and install­a­tions are dis­played in

VAGE presents: Wheres that too then? Exhibition at The WYE.


“All three of our upcom­ing artists are from Bris­tol UK. The name of the exhib­i­tion is a Bris­to­lian phrase that people use to pose the ques­tion “Where is it?” This clas­sic mis-use of the Eng­lish lan­guage reflects the humour of the artists’ while relat­ing to their short ven­ture from Bris­tol to Berlin. Deams, 3Dom & Sepr are
fly bermuda festival


31.10.2012 · 22 comments

Only three days left — the Fly Ber­MuDa Fest­ival is com­ing around again to bust your brains with the finest in Elec­tronic Music. This is Ber­lin entangled in all its core val­ues: techno, party­ing and re-invented locations. “We will take you on a jour­ney to the world of all vari­et­ies of “techno”. That’s what Ber­lin and the FLY
The GDR's Ministry for Building's demolition site

The GDR’s Ministry for Building’s demolition site

29.10.2012 · 3 comments

What's so compelling about abandoned places? It's their history in an ever-changing urban environment, the beauty of decay and the oppressive notion of a place filled with stories untold, now forgotten. The former GDR's Ministry of Building's demolition site is certainly no exception.

Pieces of Berlin Exhibition at Artconnect Berlin HQ for Nacht&Nebel 2012


Join Art­con­nect Ber­lin for another exhib­i­tion at ARTCONNECT BERLIN HQ! OPENING // Thursday, 1 Novem­ber 2012 @ 20:00 NACHT&NEBEL FESTIVAL // Sat­urday 3 Novem­ber 2012 till open end FINISSAGE // Sunday, 4 Novem­ber 2012 @ 17:00 [][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] ▲ DETAILS ▲
Bonanza Coffee Heroes Prenzlauer Berg-6253

Favorite Places: Bonanza Coffee Heroes

26.10.2012 · One comment

Cof­fee is such a touchy sub­ject in Ber­lin. Basic­ally, there are two types of cof­fee drink­ers in the city: those who believe that a good cof­fee is of the highest pos­sible qual­ity, with fresh beans, and an ana­log pro­duc­tion style. And then there are those who will punch you in the face, not only for mak­ing such

Favorite Places: Atlas Pancakes

26.10.2012 · 4 comments

I believe that Ger­man break­fast choices in Ber­lin are very well spread through­out the city. From lush dec­or­ated plat­ters of meat and cheese vari­et­ies to any spe­cial diet option — vegan, glu­ten free, whatever — there’s usu­ally a good café or res­taur­ant that has already covered the niche. Well, except for pan­cakes. And I don’t mean the stand­ard crépes with

Finding Autumn: Südgelände

25.10.2012 · 3 comments

When we told our friends that we decided to go to “Südgelände” nobody knew what we were talk­ing about. It doesnt mat­ter how long you live in this city, your know­ledge and your interest will likely go as far as the Ring and rarely bey­ond. And as a mat­ter of fact Südgelände is loc­ated a few meters

A MILLION at Luzia Darkroom


The monthly party series brought to you by the Find​ing​Ber​lin​.com founders is enter­ing Level 2: worse music, more fun. The little shed in the back of the pop­u­lar expat-hipster-hangout Luzia, also known as “the smokers bunker”, will be filled again with people who have no respect for other peoples com­fort zones. Sweat drips from the

Echos — Exhibition by Ostkreuzschule fuer Fotografie


The “echos” exhib­i­tion that takes place within the pro­gram of the European Month of Pho­to­graphy is the present­a­tion of the Ostkreuz­schule gradu­ates final works’. The themes of the exhib­i­tion are rich in vari­ety — ways of the male search for mean­ing, Poverty and Exclu­sion, unique inter­per­sonal rela­tion­ships or the self-conflict with ones ori­gins. The

Finding Autumn

24.10.2012 · One comment

I’m not look­ing for­ward to the next couple of months with it’s short, cold and grey days. I love to wear only a sweater at night and have the sun in my face dur­ing the day. But this is not hap­pen­ing in Ber­lin. It’s going to be half a year of fucked up weather and in-house activ­it­ies. I could

I EAT YOU II at Chalet

23.10.2012 · 3 comments

The last time I went to the I EAT YOU din­ner I returned arm in arm with a stranger, cheer­ing and holler­ing the whole way back home. I still don’t quite remem­ber who that was, why it happened and how I sur­vived. Need­less to say I was excited to hear that the I EAT YOU din­ner series was to be revived at newly

Retune Conference


On Octo­ber 26 – 28, 2012, more than 200 artists, hack­ers, design­ers, archi­tects and engin­eers from around the world will meet in Ber­lin for the second time to exchange and explore cre­at­ive ideas. Fol­low­ing last year’s very suc­cess­ful „Cre­ate. Art and Tech­no­logy“ con­fer­ence, Germany’s first forum for artists and invent­ors is tak­ing place for the second

ATLAS COMEDY SESSION hosted by Jilet Ayse


Com­edy seems to be rare in this city, so we try to high­light everything that has the poten­tial of mak­ing us laugh. This one is sure to blow up real nice: Jilet Ayse, our favor­ite Turkish-German comedian, and her ter­rific dog “Masser­faker Fatma” are host­ing the first Com­edy Ses­sion at Atlas in Kreuzberg. The funny