October 2012

The GDR’s Ministry for Building’s demolition site

Matthias paid a visit to a very interesting construction site. The GDR's Ministry For Building. PS: That construction site is not a construction site anymore.
29 Oct ’12 by Matthias Architecture, Street Life

Bonanza Coffee Heroes

If you need a quick cup of good espresso-based coffee while in Prenzlauer Berg, you should head over to the Bonanza Coffee Heroes.
26 Oct ’12 by Sara Food

Atlas Pancakes (Closed)

Atlas Pancakes have closed - in its place, an Italian wine bar and restaurant called Facciola has opened.
26 Oct ’12 by Sara Places


Soft light, brown leaves and lovely memories of the past: one of the most underrated parks in Berlin, Südgelände, invites you to take a walk in autumn.
25 Oct ’12 by Nico Places

Autumn in Berlin

All I see is gold! One last stroll through the Indian Summer streets and colors of our vibrant city Berlin before we go back to hibernation for 3/4 of the year...
24 Oct ’12 by Marcus Street Life

Enjoy the most sensual vacation of your life at the Velassaru Maldives resort

Velassaru is a luxury resort in a secluded island of the Maldives, and the absolute perfect choice for an intimate, romantic holiday or honeymoon vacation.
15 Oct ’12 by Sara Travel

YAAM Closing

YAAM had to close down in its old location but it re-opened a while later on same side of the Spree at the former Maria am Ostbahnhof spot (Michaelkirchbrücke).
12 Oct ’12 by Marcus Community, Street Life

Jewish Cemetery Weißensee

Matthias took a walk in the beautiful Jewish Cemetery in Weißensee.
9 Oct ’12 by Matthias Places