“In Berlin, You Never Have To Stop”

26.11.2012 · 8 comments

The New York Times have recently pub­lished an art­icle about Ber­lin describ­ing the exper­i­ences of a tem­por­ary expat in the city. As always, whenever Ber­lin gains inter­na­tional atten­tion, Ber­liners feel some­what flattered. It’s nice that New York­ers might think our city is inter­est­ing enough to pub­lish words on it. But the art­icle in ques­tion does not

Music Still Goes Video


(press text) The loss of MTV and its format­ted struc­tures as a cent­ral dis­play was maybe after all bless­ing for the music video. It is as vivid as ever and shows great flex­ib­il­ity in devel­op­ing new forms and exper­i­ment­ing with new aes­thet­ics and top­ics. The present­a­tion will explore some of these devel­op­ments – and, of course, many video

Movember: Live Tattooing at Belushis


(press text) Can’t grow a Mous­tache? Tat­too one to your fin­ger! Tatt Mas­ter Sean Elle­man hail­ing from Mel­bourne Aus­tralia has been tat­too­ing around Ger­many for the past couple of years and for the first time will be craft­ing tailor made mous­taches with ink. A Mo Bro from way back, Sean will be set­ting up shop on stage

WEBOOGIE: Swangers Paradise at CHESTERS INN


After last months crazy party with Lit­auen prodigys Vaiper and Fin­galick, WeBoo­gie returns to Chesters Inn (former loc­a­tion of the sexy KitKat Club). We were so stunned by sounds and visu­als of the last party that we just can’t miss out on the boo­gie tomor­row: more hip hop, jacked beats, bassed rap and vroom vroom

Viktoriapark at the Kreuzberg

22.11.2012 · 4 comments

I think Marcus still hasn't been to the Kreuzberg. Not the district, but the actual hill. He's been living in Berlin for a hundred and two years and we once promised to take him there. Judging by Stefans pictures, it seems like the weather conditions are perfect for a serene view from above. The park is a 12,8 hectar area on the Kreuzberg. The Kreuzberg - translation "cross mountain" - is the highest natural peak of Berlins city center. Yes, the highest. Which means Berlin is as flat as an iron board. The Kreuzberg - the actual Kreuzberg hill - is the pimple in Berlins face. But it's a really nice pimple. The green park and slopes which you can picknick on are very inviting to spend a whole afternoon on top of the city.

Journelles Launchparty at Picknick — win 2×2 guestlist spots

21.11.2012 · 54 comments

Ber­lin is a small — wait, it’s a TINY world. So when good friends throw a party we’re there to bash with them! The JOURNELLES chef Jessie (of LesMads​.de fame) is one of the coolest people in town and we’re happy to cel­eb­rate the launch of her new online fash­ionzine. She’s host­ing a big and bad party at notori­ous Mitte club
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August 12th, 2012 was a good day. Filled with great music, amaz­ing artists, lovely people and sun­shine at Yaam. Through My Speak­ers and Pon De Pigeon will con­tinue provid­ing you with dance music selec­ted by our friends from Lon­don, Ams­ter­dam and Ber­lin cel­eb­rat­ing vari­ous music genres like Soul, Funk, Hiphop, Reg­gae, Dance­hall, Grime, UKG, House, Foot­work

Potsdamer Platz

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I’ll be hon­est: there is lit­er­ally noth­ing attract­ive about Pots­damer Platz and I’ll rarely ever pass by. It’s bor­ing and dis­con­cert­ing, pretty much the typ­ical go-to tour­ist hot spot with a mix of fancy res­taur­ants and posh office build­ings. You can expect some stuff to see, but a col­or­less lack of human inter­ac­tion. The only time you’ll

Finding Grunewald by Jan Herdlicka

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(Jan Herd­licka is a con­stant con­trib­utor to our site. We love his ana­log black and white approach and embrace this quiet but power­ful series he took in the Grune­wald. Read his thoughts about it and like his page!) Although the pho­to­graphs were taken in imme­di­ate near­ness to big cit­ies, they seem­ingly show impalp­able places. The eye seeks



We are super proud to present some of our pic­tures from our trip to Stock­holm in a fresh pic­ture book! Many other pop­u­lar Berlin-based blogs have con­trib­uted to the work with their impres­sions from the Swedish cap­ital and Göte­borg. The release of the book will be cel­eb­rated with a per­fectly cozy Sunday after­noon at Fluxbau. Register your­self

Artconnect Berlin Networking Brunch #12 // FRONT ROW SOCIETY and iheartBerlin


(PRESS RELEASE) ARTCONNECT BERLIN is present­ing FRONT ROW SOCIETY (Fash­ion start-up) & IHEARTBERLIN (C ity Guide + “Night­life bible”) For this net­work­ing brunch we would like to invite all the fash­ionis­tas and Ber­lin fash­ion enthu­si­asts to our headquar­ters. In regards to fash­ion, Florian from Front Row Soci­ety knows what he is talk­ing about. At Front Row
Karl Marx Strasse-8220

Karl Marx Straße: Neon Light by Night

19.11.2012 · 2 comments

Neon lights shine brine by night. Where Karl Marx Straße lacks in charm and aes­thet­ics by day­light, this street knows how to be flashy as soon as the sun goes down and the neon shop– and head­lights go on. The patch between Rathaus Neuk­ölln and Karl-Marx-Str. U-Bahn sta­tion seems espe­cially mag­netic to pecu­liar situ­ations. The shops,
Autumn mist

Autumn Mist

16.11.2012 · 12 comments

In case you've missed it: Yesterday's dense fog didn't leave any doubts that autumn has finally arrived. Upon coming home to Kreuzberg I was amazed about the city being densely covered with thick mist – enjoy for yourself how beautiful and eery the Oberbaumbrücke sat enthroned over the Spree yesterday.
Dong Xuan Center

Dong Xuan Center

15.11.2012 · 15 comments

The most astonishing places are often the most hidden ones. Isolated from their surrounding, one has to know about these spots, otherwise it's highly unlikely to suddenly stumble over them. That's certainly true for Dong Xuan Center – a place, that I always considered as as exotic as Berlin can be.