Berlin — Black & White

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Merry Christ­mas to all of our read­ers! Most of us will be gone for a short while, but stay updated — I’m sure those who’re stay­ing will keep you covered with news and pic­tures. In the mean­time, here’s a simple col­lec­tion of Black and White Ber­lin pho­tos without any con­text whatsoever. Oh and: if you’re sub­let­ting your room/flat while
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Just a cool Snap­shot I took in Eis­en­bahn­strasse lately.

Finding Amsterdam

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Ber­lin can be a big load of dis­trac­tions. Even if you’re just try­ing to have fun, there’s always some­thing else that wants to catch your atten­tion. A phone call, an Ins­tagram pic­ture, a new love interest, my favor­ite band is play­ing live, that exhib­i­tion I can’t miss, a spon­tan­eous rave in an over­frozen U-Bahn station. But it’s not the size

Berlin in Snow

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There is not much to say about the cur­rent weather situ­ation. It is both fant­astic (won­der­ful white snow land­scapes and com­fort­able cozy get-togethers indoors are the per­fect pre-Christmas warm up) and ter­rible (it’s cold as a mother out there, traffic is stuck all the time and if you haven’t yet landed butt first on ice then


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Win 2×2 guest­l­ist spots for this awe­some after­show party by our friends from Mus­chi Kreuzberg! Like this post on Face­book & leave a com­ment under the post with a valid email adress so we can notify you! (press text) Der KPTN ist einer der heißesten Hunde, die wir kennen. Er zwingt uns, Dinge zu tun, vor denen
Jose Romussi

Exhibition JOSE ROMUSSI “life is beautiful” at ARTCONNECT BERLIN HQ


press info VERNISSAGE // 14 Decem­ber 2012 // 19:00 EXHIBITION // 15 — 21 Decem­ber 2012 // 12:00 — 18:00 ♦ ABOUT THE SHOW ♦ Jose Romussi is not only his gra­cious baller­inas — and he wants to make that clear in his new exhib­i­tion at Art­con­nect Ber­lin. Here you will find a big vari­ety of his art­works — fol­low­ing his del­ic­ate, pre­cise and

Retired Christmas Trees

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There is no Christ­mas without an ever­green fir tree. The tra­di­tion of put­ting a Christ­mas tree in your home dates back many moons and I won’t bore you now with his­toric details (except for point­ing out this exhib­i­tion at the “Museum of European Cul­tures”, which show­cases Christ­mas pyr­am­ids, the Christ­mas dec­or­a­tion found in Ger­man homes before

ABOUT TIME 1 Year Anniversary Party — win 2×2 guestlist spots

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It has been one year since we decided to do our own thing in Berlin’s night­life. We had great partys with beau­ti­ful people, lots of con­fetti and amaz­ing music played by awe­some djs. So now its ABOUT TIME to cel­eb­rate our anniversary with you. THANK YOU FOR DANCING! Without you this wouldn’t have been possible. On

Club Autonomica at Prince Charles — win 2×2 guestlist spots

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From Munich to Ber­lin — that sounds like a big chal­lenge for Club Auto­nom­ica, who’re bring­ing their party­ing concept from the south to the north. It’s deep house, tech­house and everything elec­tronic all over Prince Charles for the night. If you’re up for it, like this post on Face­book & leave a com­ment with a valid email adress to win
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Fika Söndag / Win 3 Books

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My Light­room lib­rary just told me that I have more than 30.000 pic­tures on my drive. I col­lect them since I star­ted tak­ing digital pic­tures back in 2002. Before a couple of months it was the first time I actu­ally prin­ted out 500 of them and had the chance to finally look at them out­side a com­puter mon­itor. It was love! Now

Crystal Castles Aftershowparty at Flamingo — win 1×2 guestlist spots!

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Win 1×2 guest­l­ist spots by lik­ing this art­icle & leav­ing a com­ment with a valid email adress. We will notify the win­ners by Sat­urday. THE OFFICIAL CRYSTAL CASTLES AFTERSHOW PARTY! CRYSTAL CASTLES — DJ SET! DADA DISCO (CRYSTALMAFIA) VAMPARELA (LOCAL SUICIDE) BRAX MOODY (LOCAL SUICIDE) YELLOW DIMENSION (YOUR MOM) INFO:

A Night Ride by Fahrtwind Berlin


If you love to ride bike you should def­in­itely know Fahrtwind Ber­lin. They are an open group of riders and organ­ize great events in and around Ber­lin. Also have a look on there Face­book Page to get the latest news, fun facts and other stuff all around the bicycle biz. Back in the sum­mer we had
A night stroll at Wriezener Bahnhof

A night stroll at Wriezener Bahnhof

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I always perceived the stretch of land between Ostbahnhof and Warschauer Straße always as a no-man's-land. The part that is located south of the S-Bahn tracks – mostly because the East Side Gallery is more a tourist spot than a place of daily life – is as alien to me as as the northern part, that is dominated by warehouses, hardware and central markets. If it wasn't for Berghain I might have never noticed the strange isolation of this small inner-city island that was built at the historical site of the former Wriezener Bahnhof and its tracks. Always wondering what might be stored in there, it takes a couple of minutes to pass these depots of innumerable miles of shelving. I still remember this late summer weekend in 2010 quite well, when we left the club at dawn, climbed up to the roof of one of the warehouses and sat there to enjoy the first warm shafts of sunlight. We stayed for quite some time and were not bothered by anyone, let alone the owners or the police, simply because there wasn't a soul in sight.