Weihnachtsmarkt Alexanderplatz Wilde Maus Berlin-8693

Berlin Christmas Market at Alexa


Glittering lights between Jannowitzbrücke and Alexanderplatz. If you like Christmas, you love Weihnachtsmärkte. But not one of them is as impressive as the neon colored fair that we pass every evening on our way with the S-Bahn: we call it the Alexa Christmas Market, although it does have another, official name: Wintertraum am Alexa. But

AfterParty: Berlin Neukölln.

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The DJ leaves the last song play off, the daylight crawls through the windows of the basement. The air is filled with smoke and heat, the disco ball is still running for an empty dancefloor. Kids chilling in the corner, trippy, talking about life or the next line or both. It’s 9am, the bar crew

Future/Memory Exhibition in Hellerau


This summer I was invited to keep records of the Future/Memory exhibition in Dresden Hellerau together with Manuel from Draw a Line.The exhibition brought some of my favorite contemporary artists with a background in street culture, like Horfee, Boogie, Martha Cooper, Cleon Peterson, Stefan Marx, Jay “One” Ramier, Skki and Superblast to Dresden. As all artists



Our very own A’MILLION label is celebrating one last party this year with all of our friends. Of course, our readers are cordially invited to this occasion. We love you! Come and bring your friends! ✫WINTER✫WEIHNACHT✫WONDER✫WELT✫ We’ve been dancing and loving very hard at eachothers parties in 2013, and we thought Christmas is the right

100 Favorite Places – Win 1×1 E-Book Copy

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Probably one of the most elaborate and best Berlin blogs/magazines currently online is Slow Travel Berlin. The richness of detail and love that Paul and his colleagues put into portraying the city is amazing and if you don’t know the site yet, it’s sure worth a look. Perfectly in time for Christmas, Slow Travel Berlin
Berlin by Jenni Sparkswide

Berlin: Mapped by Jenni Sparks

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Maps are a travelers most treasured home decoration. Although the generic ones are far from pretty, they’re still worth another look, time and time again. Even more so when the maps have been obviously used and scribbled on. I love seeing where people went on vacation, which sights they marked and what kind of stuff

WeBoogie & liveDemo present: Jessie Boykins III


WEBOOGIE & liveDEMO proudly present  a very special happening with: ♥ JESSE BOYKINS III + Live Band ♥ + Good Music All Night by: ♥ San Gabriel (liveDEMO)♥ Jay Synflood (WEBOOGIE)♥ Front2Blaq (WEBOOGIE) hosted by STIMULUS (Real Live Show, NYC) ♥ WEBOOGIE takes a step back from bass heavy club nights, and teams up with Berlin institution liveDEMO

Druck Berlin Print Festival


Druck Berlin is set to become the world’s largest ever art festival for silk screen printing. Bringing together a selection of the very best printers from all over Europe and a host of internationally renowned artists for three weekends of live printing, exhibitions, solo shows and workshops. Here is our Agenda for the first weekend!
Banyan Tree-2-15

Escape to Thailand: Banyan Tree & Angsana Resort


I am continuing my trip around the world even though I’ve been back for two years. The mission is to avoid as many winter-y days in Berlin as possible. Thankfully, every now and then, it’s actually made possible. A couple of weeks ago I left on the first really cold day of the year to
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Weihnachten mit Vergnügen at Fluxbau


If we had to recommend any other Berlin blog, it would probably be Mit Vernügen. Our friends over there make sure to cover every little characteristic detail of our favorite city, with love and passion. Now they’re hosting yet another Christmas party for all their readers and friends, and it’s going to be as lovely



Rooms have a particular effect on us. They guide our eyes and ears, thus leading our movement through built space. I am obsessed with spatial impacts and have a soft spot for the discovery of spatial pecularities and oddities. It occurred to me a while ago that a particularly peculiar spatial impact emanates from predator compounds.

GOODBYHOOD / Team Titanic


GOOD BY HOOD ℽℽℽ BLOCK BIENNALE29.-30.11.2013 Flughafenstraße is a rough terrazzo. It’s been some time.We’ve learned our lessons.But before we move, we move.  †† is proud to announce the opening of a new TEAM TITANIC dependance. For this special occasion we are throwing a 2-day festival. Come celebrate with our old neighbors, your new friends, their

Colombian Food Festival


The Colombian Embassy is hosting the Colombian Food Festival in Neukölln this year. The idea of the event is to present a cooking book from Colombia (“Colombia, Cooking by Regions” – Maria Lía Neira Restrepo) and to show how to do the recipes with ingredients one can find here in Germany. The Colombians are fortunate

Barely Legal – Muschi Kreuzberg Release Party


KRASS: ZUCKERBERG & PEITSCHE, BRUTOZ BRUTALOZ & OPFERTANZ LINE UP: Brutos Brutaloz (LIVE)Palina Power (Pro7 / Viva)Soulmind (Joint Breaks / Muschi Kreuzberg)Oliver Rath (Al Kaporn / Royal Bunker)Visa Vie (Fritz / 16 Bars)Mack Buschfeld (Muschi Kreuzberg / Opfer Allstarz)Jason “Whut!” Riviera (MVSCHI CPH / Viktorias Sekret) $$$: Abendkasse 10 Euro SMELLS