Berlin Christmas Lights


Glit­ter­ing lights between Jan­now­itzbrücke and Alex­an­der­platz. If you like Christ­mas, you love Weih­nachts­märkte. But not one of them is as impress­ive as the neon colored fair that we pass every even­ing on our way with the S-Bahn. It puts a nice little twist on the usual freeze-off com­pet­i­tions of the Glüh­wein / wooden Jesus mar­kets that


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The DJ leaves the last song play off, the day­light crawls through the win­dows of the base­ment. The air is filled with smoke and heat, the disco ball is still run­ning for an empty dance­floor. Kids chilling in the corner, trippy talk­ing about life or the next line or both. It’s 9am, the bar crew

Future/Memory Exhibition in Hellerau


This sum­mer I was invited to keep records of the Future/Memory exhib­i­tion in Dresden Hellerau together with Manuel from Draw a Line.The exhib­i­tion brought some of my favor­ite con­tem­por­ary artists with a back­ground in street cul­ture, like Hor­fee, Boo­gie, Martha Cooper, Cleon Peterson, Stefan Marx, Jay “One” Ram­ier, Skki and Super­blast to Dresden. As all



Our very own A’MILLION label is cel­eb­rat­ing one last party this year with all of our friends. Of course, our read­ers are cor­di­ally invited to this occa­sion. We love you! Come and bring your friends! ✫WINTER✫WEIHNACHT✫WONDER✫WELT✫ We’ve been dan­cing and lov­ing very hard at eachoth­ers parties in 2013, and we thought Christ­mas is the right

100 Favorite Places — Win 1×1 E-Book Copy

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Prob­ably one of the most elab­or­ate and best Ber­lin blogs/magazines cur­rently online is Slow Travel Ber­lin. The rich­ness of detail and love that Paul and his col­leagues put into por­tray­ing the city is amaz­ing and if you don’t know the site yet, it’s sure worth a look. Per­fectly in time for Christ­mas, Slow Travel Ber­lin released
Berlin by Jenni Sparkswide

Berlin: Mapped by Jenni Sparks

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Maps are a trav­el­ers most treas­ured home dec­or­a­tion. Although the gen­eric ones are far from pretty, they’re still worth another look, time and time again. Even more so when the maps have been obvi­ously used and scribbled on. I love see­ing where people went on vaca­tion, which sights they marked and what kind of stuff they drew

WeBoogie & liveDemo present: Jessie Boykins III


WEBOOGIE & live­DEMO proudly present  a very spe­cial hap­pen­ing with: ♥ JESSE BOYKINS III + Live Band ♥ + Good Music All Night by: ♥ San Gab­riel (live­DEMO)♥ Jay Syn­flood (WEBOOGIE)♥ Front2Blaq (WEBOOGIE) hos­ted by STIMULUS (Real Live Show, NYC) ♥ WEBOOGIE takes a step back from bass heavy club nights, and teams up with Ber­lin insti­tu­tion live­DEMO for the

Druck Berlin Print Festival


Druck Ber­lin is set to become the world’s largest ever art fest­ival for silk screen print­ing. Bring­ing together a selec­tion of the very best print­ers from all over Europe and a host of inter­na­tion­ally renowned artists for three week­ends of live print­ing, exhib­i­tions, solo shows and workshops. Here is our Agenda for the first weekend!
Banyan Tree-2-15

Escape to Thailand: Banyan Tree & Angsana Resort


I am con­tinu­ing my trip around the world even though I’ve been back for two years. The mis­sion is to avoid as many winter-y days in Ber­lin as pos­sible. Thank­fully, every now and then, it’s actu­ally made pos­sible. A couple of weeks ago I left on the first really cold day of the year to exper­i­ence Phuket,
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Weihnachten mit Vergnügen at Fluxbau


If we had to recom­mend any other Ber­lin blog, it would prob­ably be Mit Ver­nü­gen. Our friends over there make sure to cover every little char­ac­ter­istic detail of our favor­ite city, with love and pas­sion. Now they’re host­ing yet another Christ­mas party for all their read­ers and friends, and it’s going to be as lovely



Rooms have a particular effect on us. They guide our eyes and ears, thus leading our movement through built space. I am obsessed with spatial impacts and have a soft spot for the discovery of spatial pecularities and oddities. It occurred to me a while ago that a particularly peculiar spatial impact emanates from predator compounds.

GOODBYHOOD / Team Titanic


GOOD BY HOOD ℽℽℽ BLOCK BIENNALE29.-30.11.2013 Flughafen­straße is a rough ter­razzo. It’s been some time.We’ve learned our les­sons.But before we move, we move.  †† is proud to announce the open­ing of a new TEAM TITANIC depend­ance. For this spe­cial occa­sion we are throw­ing a 2-day fest­ival. Come cel­eb­rate with our old neigh­bors, your new friends, their spe­cial

Colombian Food Festival


The Colom­bian Embassy is host­ing the Colom­bian Food Fest­ival in Neuk­ölln this year. The idea of the event is to present a cook­ing book from Colom­bia (“Colom­bia, Cook­ing by Regions” – Maria Lía Neira Restrepo) and to show how to do the recipes with ingredi­ents one can find here in Germany. The Colom­bi­ans are for­tu­nate in hav­ing decan­ted

Barely Legal — Muschi Kreuzberg Release Party


KRASS: ZUCKERBERG & PEITSCHE, BRUTOZ BRUTALOZ & OPFERTANZ LINE UP: Brutos Bru­taloz (LIVE)Pal­ina Power (Pro7 / Viva)Soul­mind (Joint Breaks / Mus­chi Kreuzberg)Oliver Rath (Al Kaporn / Royal Bunker)Visa Vie (Fritz / 16 Bars)Mack Buschfeld (Mus­chi Kreuzberg / Opfer All­starz)Jason “Whut!” Rivi­era (MVSCHI CPH / Vikt­orias Sekret) $$$: Abendkasse 10 Euro SMELLS