Berlin High Rise

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What if Ber­lin was like New York? What if all we did was breed high rising monu­ments, cov­er­ing the sky with amaz­ing archi­tec­ture, giv­ing Ber­lin the look and feel of a met­ro­polis? A con­ven­tional met­ro­polis, that is. Most people tend to appre­ci­ate that Ber­lin is not like New York, and yet it seems like an inter­est­ing exper­i­ment: what

WEBOOGIE at Chester’s


If you’ve been mourn­ing the cre­at­ive dynam­ics of Ber­lin, you can go back to being happy now. Find­ing­Ber­lin strongly endorses the next-gen bass and breaks party by the very tal­en­ted WEBOOGIE crew. New sounds, breaky and shaky beats, dance music to the max without resort­ing to the lame druggy Techno beats of the city. Our friends

exit through the gift shop at Berlin Weekly


On the occa­sion of the 55th win­dow with the install­a­tion ‘exit through the gift shop’ by Helen Hart, Anna­belle Schuster and Melanie Wal­ter I am pleased to invite You to the gal­lery for some drinks. a pro­ject of the Mas­ters pro­gram Bühnen­bild– Szen­is­cher Raum TU Ber­lin, dir­ec­ted by Prof. Ker­stin Laube, in cooper­a­tion with Gonza­lez Haase AAS “exit through

ALL YOURS at Prince Charles / win 2×2 guestlist spots!

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Prince Charles has a new boom­ing sound­sys­tem and we’re eager to see what it does when the chaotic ALL YOURS func­tion is blow­ing it up! We’re giv­ing away 2×2 guest­l­ist spots for the occa­sion. Share or retweet this post and leave a com­ment with a valid email adress under the post! MASKENRAVE. BIRTHDAY. BOOOOOM. PENG. ZISCH. KNALL. ENGTANZ. HIP

transmediale 2013 BWPWAP


On Janu­ary 29th, at 17:30, trans­me­diale 2013, fest­ival for art and digital cul­ture gone BWPWAP, offi­cially opens its doors at the House of World Cul­tures (HKW). Per yearly tra­di­tion, Jan 25th to Jan 27th will serve as the offi­cial pre-festival week­end and teaser called reSource 003: P2P Vor­spiel presen­ted together with trans­me­diale part­ner: CTM

CTM.13 at Stattbad Wedding


It’s been quite impossible to get a clean over­view of the vast CTM.13 fest­ival, but the triple line up at Stattbad Wed­ding over­shad­ows everything else any­way. It’s quite pricey to get in — 25 Euro — and expect the queues to be ridicu­lous, but it should be worth it. The Stattbad Wed­ding loc­a­tion is abso­lutely unique and worth a trip like this. STATTBAD

Robert Montgomery at C/O Berlin


Neue Ber­liner Räume, C/O Ber­lin and AJLart are pleased to present the install­a­tion of Robert Montgomery’s light sculp­ture All Palaces Are Tem­por­ary Palaces at the Post­fuhramt in Berlin. The Post­fuhramt is a palace – in terms of size, archi­tec­ture and opu­lence. For fif­teen years it has also been a won­der­ful loc­a­tion for art and cuture. Des­pite all the

Sicko Cell at Luzia


The FindingBerlin-Team is on it again for instant laughs and no skills attached. Come early to see them before they faint from the stress. Not the usual bomb­ing hip hop shit, this time around, they’re focused on the aut­istic side of cos­mo­logy and bass. If you need a place to com­plain about the ruins of Ber­lins leg­acy,

The Sammelkarten #3

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After spend­ing half a year in Malmö, sweden our friend Jan Herd­licka is back in town. He starts the year with the third edi­tion of his Sam­melkarten. If you dont know about them, here is the deal. Jan prints a selec­tion of his pho­to­graphs in 6×4 cm and glues them on paper­board. He does it with really simple

Exhibition — Early Days — Between Past and Decay

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You may remem­ber the Ber­lin Club Door Series I shot back in 2011. Since this time a lot of things already changed in Ber­lin club cul­ture and some of these places are closed down or moved to dif­fer­ent loc­a­tions. So from todays point of view it shows a ret­ro­spect of status quo we will never find again in

The Gym & Tartelet: Brandt, Brauer & Frick at Farbfernseher


Line up: Daniel Brandt Jan Brauer Paul Frick Muff Deep - Also fea­tur­ing Rene Ortiz per­form­ing a SPECIAL O.G. SET LETS WORK IT OUT!



Our man REW KREUZBERG is turn­ing the tables again, now in his prime­time spot at Saül, the almost invis­ible bar on Spree­wald­platz. If you’re in it for big, small, old and new rap tunes, come by and enjoy a night of pure musical bliss.

Joy Orb & Ben UFO at Finest Friday / Panorama Bar


We’re big fans of the con­tem­por­ary UK sounds and JOY ORB is one of the lead­ing DJs when it comes to bass­line. Don’t miss out on this gig with also excep­tion­ally tal­en­ted Ben UFO at Pan­or­ama Bar. (press text) Geballte Soul-Power bei unserer heut­i­gen Freitag-Session. Hauke Free und Mat­thias Reil­ing (Das Gespenst aus Altona, Giegling) brin­gen

Peres Projects shows James Franco — Gay Town

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Peres Pro­jects is pleased to present Gay Town, a solo pro­ject with James Franco. Gay Town explores a vari­ety of themes that are cent­ral to Franco’s artistic prac­tice, mainly issues related to adoles­cence, pub­lic and private per­sona, ste­reo­types and other soci­etal con­cerns such as society’s pre­oc­cu­pa­tion with celebrity. Franco cre­ated most of the works for