Nikolaiviertel at night

Nikolaiviertel at night

26.02.2013 · 3 comments

Like most European cities, Berlin has a historical center. And I don't mean that newish stuff around Unter den Linden, I'm talking about the medieval village of today's Nikolaiviertel. I am sure that any tourist can tell more about it than most Berliners, but how many people know about the quiet and shady atmosphere that sets after nightfall?

Creamcake at Südblock



A’MILLION at Backyard Berlin


For our 5th A’MILLION night we invite YOU to BACKYARD Ber­lin to cel­eb­rate a night of Rap and Bass Music with us. We have 2 Floors to Shake It To The Ground and we want to see you First Row!! LineItUp: Y3AHSVRV L!PL3GVCY D764 G3NY5 (weboogie) https://​sound​cloud​.com/genys <36

Tiergarten & Café am Neuen See

15.02.2013 · 2 comments

Dur­ing the winter time of the year, Tier­garten resembles a mys­ter­i­ous, enchanted forest. It’s vast and so empty. With the occa­sional run­ner passing our way, we were basic­ally alone when strolling through the snow-covered grounds. I remem­ber how packed and crowded the park is in the sum­mer­time. I don’t like it then, people leave their shit every­where

SUB:STANCE @ Berghain


In July 2008 the first SUB:STANCE party was held at Berg­hain. Every­one was nervous. It was a Dub­step party, and Dub­step parties didn’t hap­pen at Berg­hain. On the lineup were some of the most forward-thinking artists push­ing bass fre­quen­cies at that time (as well as Scuba): Mala, Shack­leton, Appleblim, Dis­tance and T++. But no-one knew if

Ceviche Bar


Pop Up Ceviche Bar // Fr. 15. & Sa. 16. Feb­ruar 2013 // 19.00 – 23:00 // Tor­strasse 66 – Ber­lin Mitte Ceviche, the per­uvian dish you fall in love with at first sight. As well as the cre­at­ors behind the Pop Up Ceviche Bar did. Fabian Johow (MadeMyDay) & Stephan Hentschel (Cook­ies Cream) will open their doors in the glossy

Der Tod Nimmt Sich Einen Tag Nach Dem Anderen Exhibition


Due to suc­cess, the exhib­i­tion Ralf Schmer­berg: Der Tod nimmt sich einen Tag nach dem anderen is exten­ded from 22 Janu­ary – 1 March, 2013. Open­ing hours:  Tues­day, Thursday and Sat­urday 13:00 – 20:00 Wed­nes­day & Fri­day, 17:00 – Midnight Mind­pir­ates Pro­jek­traum (3rd Back­yard) & Atelier Ralf Schmer­berg (5.0G) Entrances on Schles­is­che Strasse 38

Konichiwa Bitches at Cassiopeia



DVNNY SETH concert at Cassiopeia


“Intro­du­cing Dvnny Seth… the young white rap­per out of Lon­don. Dvnny isn’t your typ­ical ‘white rap­per’ though… think A$AP meets Slick Rick. Tak­ing his influ­ences from all over the US — North South East and West, Dvnny truly is a hip-hop all rounder offer­ing some­thing fresh and unique. Watch out for his exclus­ive fash­ion line Boad­icea, drop­ping next

Letters from Aleppo at Stattbad Wedding


Let­ters from Aleppo a show by Berlin-based urban art pho­to­grapher Just, is cur­ated by Open Walls Gal­lery and will open at Stattbad on the 15th of February. Open­ing hours: Thursday-Saturday, from 17:00 to 20:00 Exhib­i­tion on dis­play 15÷02÷13 — 02÷03÷13 Admis­sion: €3 The first part of the exhib­i­tion will intro­duce the viewer to Just’s images taken in Ber­lin and



Eng­lish Theatre Ber­lin puts its Miete where its mouth is with two full weeks of pro­gram­ming from our most import­ant resource — our com­munity of inter­na­tional expat­riot artists! Come check out a one-of-a-kind melt­ing pot of the­at­rical forms and tra­di­tions: the English-language Freie Szene. The Expo has three com­pon­ents: even­ing per­form­ances, day­time

KeineMusik Record Release Party at Stattbad Wedding


Adam Port David Mayer Reznik Rampa &ME Keinemusik-Release Num­mer 17 ist etwas ganz Beson­deres. &ME und Rampa haben sich mit Nomi (bekannt von Her­cules & Love Affair, Jes­sica 6 und als Jahr­gangsschön­ste der New Wave of Disco) zu NR& zusam­men gekuschelt und ver­öf­fent­lichen nun die ersten zwei Früchte dieser Berlin-NYC-Connection. Mater­ial, das bei



WEBOOGIE & JANUS cor­di­ally invite to inaug­ur­ate a new era for Chesters, in which the open minded spirit and the leg­acy of our 90s pre­de­cessors will live on, and vibes will prevail. Ⓒ SCRATCHA DVA (HYPERDUB/LDN) Ⓒ VAIPER DESPOTIN (DESPOTIN FAM/LT) Ⓒ SARAH FARINA (WEBOOGIE/BLN) Ⓒ FRONT2BLACK (WEBOOGIE/DS) Ⓒ YOUR BODY (JANUS/BLN) Ⓒ MC NU’ZIA

Haus der Kulturen der Welt

07.02.2013 · 4 comments

Haus der Kulturen der Welt. This name is not just weirdly uncomfortable to foreigners, but to German speakers too. Haus der Kulturen der Welt. You'd think that Germans, who like to put words together, would call it "Weltkulturenhaus". It's remote area is pretty exceptional, too. To me, it seems just SO out of the way of anything that you'd have to be really dedicated to go to an event or exhibition. I know I used to pass it on one of my many trips with the designated tourist bus line "100", and keep thinking: man, what the hell, why would they place such a gorgeous object right into the middle of nowhere (and yes, Tiergarten is right in the middle of nowhere to me, because IF IT'S NOT IN KREUZBERG THEN HOW CAN IT EXIST?!). All joking aside, this is an exceptionally important place in Berlin. The Haus der Kulturen der Welt (House of the Cultures of the World - seriously, can we just call it Bert or something from now on? It just feels so cold and impersonal) is an institution full of cultural insights, from concerts to exhibitions to readings to films to conferences and whatever else can be visually exhibited in the "world cultures" context. Remember how everybody went crazy about the Transmediale partys a couple of days ago? Well, if you were so inclined to actually participate rather than just get wasted, you'd have known that the Haus der Kulturen der Welt plays a central role in enabling the exchange of cultural practices, even in music and popculture. Besides, it's one of the last institutions that is still completely funded and commissioned by the state, a growing rarity in Berlin.