The Lost Lectures: Lost in Berlin


After it’s first suc­cess­ful year of sold-out events in secret loc­a­tions through­out Lon­don, The Lost Lec­tures series announces it’s one-night launch event in Ber­lin on 4th April 2013 (7pm — 11pm). The concept is simple; invite an eclectic mix of world-class speak­ers, thinkers, doers and dream­ers to give short 15 minute talks with visu­als and demos. All this, in

Berlin Film Society: Documentary Donnerstag


Doc­u­ment­ary film was once described as the ‘cre­at­ive treat­ment of actu­al­ity’ by the pion­eer­ing doc­u­ment­arian John Gri­er­son in 1926. Since then, this genre of film has become an art form in itself, often com­bin­ing innov­at­ive tech­nique with cine­matic elo­quence and style. The Ber­lin Film Soci­ety has cur­ated a unique pro­gramme of

FULL EFFECT at Chesters


THE HEIR TO THE THRONE enters the CLUB. it’s BACK to SCHOOL. F U L L E F F E C T aka D E S C H U U R M A N  W H Y B E  F E L I X L E E  D E N Z E L _ F A N + 10.000W A N D Y soundsystem



Ber­lins favor­ite party is return­ing with some fresh beats. Lov­ing it. ♥ SWING SWANG SWUNG ♥ After last months’ rave roller­coaster, we ll dig a little deeper with this one..and once more explore new grounds in the won­der­ful world of Boog­able Bass, 1,2 Step, Soul Claps and Vibesz, Vibesz, Vibesz. ♥ B-JU (Error Broad­cast, Dirty­Bird, Squelch &

3 Jahre MitVernügen at Fluxbau


There are cool people and there are cooler people — our friends from MitVergnü­gen def­in­itely belong in the lat­ter cat­egory, pretty much being the coolest of them all. They throw the nicest parties and keep on invit­ing us even though we tend to crash the place. This time though everyone’s expec­ted to freak out since Fluxbau is host­ing

Kiss the city — Graffiti messages

12.03.2013 · 6 comments

Dur­ing the last weeks I spent long nights view­ing and order­ing my messed up photo archive to pick out proper shots for my new web­site. In that pro­cess I found quite a lot of old and inter­est­ing pho­tos I almost for­got about. Like this series about graf­fiti mes­sages I star­ted to shoot in early 2007. Back then, my atten­tion got from

The Monkey Bar 3º Aniversario — Dia 1 (Berlin) — win 2×2 guestlist spots

06.03.2013 · 11 comments

Leave a com­ment to win tick­ets to the event! 3…YEARS 2…CITIES 1…WEEKEND ANDRÉS (La Vida / Slum Vil­lage — Detroit) PATRICE SCOTT (Sis­trum — Detroit) BRAWTHER (Bal­ance — Paris) HINODE LIVE (The Mon­key Bar — Ber­lin) PATRICK SPECKE (Hello?Repeat — Dus­sel­dorf) DARIO DAMERINI (The Mon­key Bar /12″ Records — Bar­celona) ALFONSO (The Mon­key Bar — Bar­celona) C.H.I.C.H.I.

ALL KELLS EVERYTHING at Chesters — win 2×2 guestlist spots

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Win 2×2 guest­l­ist spots for the party by leav­ing a com­ment under this post! The second Fri­day of March, every year we cel­eb­rate the man, the myth, the legend: Robert Sylvester Kelly. Even in Ber­lin. In col­lab­or­a­tion with WEBOOGIE, DRMtm Cloth­ing & eVe without adam!! DJs: Kells Con­nais­seur Extraordin­aire VIC CREZEE & LEE STUART from Ams­ter­dam +

FindingBerlin Foreigners — Ben

06.03.2013 · 2 comments

This week is all in the motto of the ITB, the inter­na­tional travel trade show of Ber­lin. Ben, who helped me out with a study for uni­ver­sity, has been much into the sub­ject of trav­el­ling him­self. He cre­ated the Big Blog Map that dis­plays blogs from all over the world. He’s been liv­ing in Ber­lin quite

LUZIA SIX — win 1×2 guestlist spots!

04.03.2013 · 34 comments

Tick­ets for LUZIA SIX are out of pre-sale, but if you’re not will­ing to stand in the freez­ing cold on Sat­urday night to get into the club, take your chances here: win 1×2 guest­l­ist spots for the night by leav­ing a com­ment til Fri­day after­noon under this post. Our Find­ing­Ber­lin Alter-Ego “A’Million” will be play­ing the night
Eastside Gallery demolition delayed

Eastside Gallery demolition delayed

01.03.2013 · 3 comments

After 300 demonstrators gathered at Eastside Gallery earlier today to disturb the demolition of parts of the longest remaining stretch of the Berlin Wall, the building contractor and police decided to delay further construction. One piece of wall was removed, protestors are afraid that demolition will be continued later today or at night.

Daaamn Son at Chesters

01.03.2013 · 7 comments

“Daaaamn Son.” — every Bass Junkie knows that line from any ran­dom Flosstrada­mus remix shortly before some heavy drop. Now my man GENYS wants to know what the Bounce is all about and starts some lil Bass earth­quakes tonight with the Chesters as it’s epi­cen­ter. This will be everything but smooth but we are Damn Son excited