One Year of WEBOOGIE: Collective Memories

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Memor­ies of parties are always a bit of a blur. But I do tend to get a bit cheesy remem­ber­ing all those moments full of love. Like when you’re super exhausted after dan­cing and laugh­ing all night, but you still don’t want to go home because THIS song, I love this song, and I need to stay. After a couple of years of

Through My Speakers Presents: Riddim Commission


It’s time for another musical explo­sion in Ber­lin and one of those unique Through My Speak­ers nights we highly recom­mend you not to miss. For the first time we are tak­ing over Kantine am Berg­hain to present you a very spe­cial line up of a bassive experience. We are happy to announce that we are get­ting addi­tional

Artconnect Berlin Networking Brunch with Berlin Artparasites x Ikono TV


Art­con­nect Ber­lin is hav­ing their second Net­work­ing Brunch of 2013, in col­lab­or­a­tion with Patri­cia Restrepo from Ber​lin​-Art​para​sites​.com and Jack Pam, Artist Scout at ikonoTV. DATE // Sat­urday, 20.04.2013 // 12-4pm ->Reserve your spot: http://​bit​.ly/​1​5​b​y​Tnd Ber​lin​-Art​para​sites​.com is a daily online magazine that cov­ers the art scene in



Back­yard cor­di­ally invites you to join the open­ing of the exhib­i­tion Almost Legal: Ver­n­is­sage 20.04.2013 / 20.00 / Back­yard / Gitschiner Str 22 / U-Prinzenstr Artists: THC Crew, Dan Rowe, Adam Tylicki Video Premier: 22.30 DJs: DT64, Ghetto Para­dise, Suz It is impossible to take the S-Bahn or the bus in Ber­lin without noti­cing the graf­fitis of Kreuzberg



♥ SWING SWANG SWUNG ♥ After our first party at Mind­pir­ates last April and find­ing our monthly home in the former KitkatClub aka Chesters last Octo­ber, it s hard to believe we ve been Swanging & Banging for a year now! We’ll cel­eb­rate with Birth­day Spe­cials, exclus­ives, fresh Pizza: another extra­vag­anza of LUSH CLUB, BLISSFUL BASS & FUTURE

Pop Up Ceviche Bar: Gallery Weekend Special


The next ONBOOZE Ceviche Bar will pop up to feed you through the arti­ness of the Gal­lery Week­end Ber­lin. For two nights at two dif­fer­ent loc­a­tions ONBOOZE will share their tempt­ing Ceviche and vicious Pisco drinks with you. Night N°1 will be hos­ted by no one else than the unique magazine store do you read me?!

iGNANT x Haw-lin x No74 — Collaboration Launch


Our friends from Haw-lin, iGNANT and No74 are releas­ing their new­est col­lab­or­a­tion t-shirt. Sun­shine, drinks and music are in the mix on Tor­strasse. Our man from Find­ing­Ber­lin, Mar­cus aka DT64 of A’MILLION fame, will be play­ing some fine tunes for you.

Exhibition — Almost Legal


On the 20th of April Back­yard cor­di­ally invites you to join the open­ing of the exhib­i­tion Almost Legal with works of the fol­low­ing artists: THC Crew Two Graf­fiti artists, born and raised in Berlin/Kreuzberg and inspired by the Hip-Hop Scene of the 90s, present­ing the pure shape of the let­ter itself in every facet. By

We Are Neukölln

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Gentri­fic­a­tion is like cli­mate change. Its so obvi­ous that every­body talks about it all the time but noth­ing hap­pens. That leads to people get­ting annoyed by the topic, so they even­tu­ally start to ignore it. Gentri­fic­a­tion is in the media, in polit­ics, in rap-songs and on house-walls but most of the time the debates exclude

Chester’s: Invader x Berlin

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You might’ve already figured it out: We’re mad in love with Chester’s. This small club, secluded from the busy Kreuzberg sur­round­ing, is a shel­ter for everything we love: an eclectic mix of hip-hop and elec­tronic vibes and a no less eclectic mix of people who really know how to cher­ish some fine bass dance music. If the reg­u­lar
A German model village

A German model village

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In order to take a weekend off from bustling Berlin, we decided to allow ourselves a calm holiday at the Baltic Sea. We hoped to find some rest in a small hamlet on the island of Usedom, but little did I know that I would also find the staid and sedate model of a typical German village: our lovely retreat turned out to be the stage of a peculiar play.

Der Kiez Eats

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As if the Kit­chen­surf­ing concept wasn’t excit­ing enough, the makers of the culin­ary net­work­ing web­site have thought about a new idea on how to con­nect food­ies with their local cre­at­ive chefs. The Kiez Eats is a weekly pro­gram hos­ted by dif­fer­ent cooks that invites inter­ested people into a night of superb food. With a bit of a workshop-feeling going on



We’re really into artists who don’t mind giv­ing out their phone num­bers. Let’s have some fun with it, shall we? LIVE Name: 18+ Sur­name: Date of birth: March, 2011 Place of birth: Los Angeles, CA Cur­rently liv­ing: Los Angeles, CA Occu­pa­tion: Artist Web­site: http://18plus18plus18plus.tumblr.com/ Face­book: http://​www​.face​book​.com/18plus18plus
Sophia's Daily Happa #7 – Kindergeburtstag reloaded

Sophia’s Daily Happa #7 – Kindergeburtstag reloaded


Sophia Hoff­mann is a journ­al­ist, DJ (Tigeress DJs) and pas­sion­ate self trained chef liv­ing in Ber­lin. On her blog www​.oh​-sophia​.net she star­ted mak­ing food posts 2 years ago which read­ers seemed to like quite a lot so nowadays she is writ­ing food columns for both Berlin-based Mitteschön Magazin and Aus­trian Faux Fox Magazine and once a month she does