Rag & Bone Jumble Sale

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If you love a bar­gain, then pop along to Rag And Bone Man for a good old fash­ioned Jumble sale. Everything in the front room will be from 1 – 5 euros. Cheap Cheap!! On Sat­urday we will serve food & also have fab­ulous Hou­s­ton Texas nat­ive Lotic com­ing in to play some tunes and keep you shop­pers happy. What

Cage Kids

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Last month, we were asked by sport­ing brand Nike to play some music for a foot­ball tour­na­ment in vari­ous places around Ber­lin. The tour­na­ments were strictly street style and the boys play­ing were all local Kiez kids defend­ing “their” respect­ive cages. The tour­na­ments were crazy: street tricks, rough bat­tling and lots of sports­man­ship were to be

From Turkey With Love

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Usu­ally it would make a lot more sense to put Aris pic­tures up on our real travel blog, 80days. But Ari has been spend­ing quite some time in Tur­key lately and every­one knows how import­ant the cul­tural con­nec­tions between Ber­lin and Istan­bul are. Her impres­sions, whether digital or ana­log, are com­pel­ling and excit­ing. Ari, who is


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♥ SWING SWANG SWUNG ♥ After last month’s crazy B-day Bash we’re back for another BLISSFUL BASS EXTRAVAGANZA that prom­ises to be just as bana­nas. We’re once more excited to bring over three amaz­ing artists roam­ing around the won­der­ful world of BPM’s. We’ll bring the VIBES, you’ll bring the ENERGY, and the BOOGIE will do the rest. LINED

Odd Fantastic at Shake! — Win 1×2 guestlist spots!

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Spe­cial partys deserve spe­cial loc­a­tions — the Shake! at Ost­bahnhof should be one of the more excit­ing and rarely vis­ited spots of the city. Line-Up: Auntie Flo (Hunt­leys & Palmers, Kom­pakt) Young Marco (Rush Hour, ESP Insti­tute) Moomin (Smallville, Closer) Fabian Bruhn (Aniara) Jamaican BBQ from Cris’ Road­side Cuisine from 10pm onwards… To win 1×2

Innervisons & Watergate pres. ‘Lost In A Moment’ Open Air

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There are Open Airs and there are REAL BIG KILLER Open Airs in this city. The fam­ous Water­gate club is host­ing four dif­fer­ent raves this sum­mer at the Rum­mels­burg, of which this one is by far our favor­ite. A line up like you’ve always dreamed of will make you dance til sun­down. We are giv­ing away
Feliu Pflügerstraße-1130

Restaurant Feliu

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I love my hood for its abund­ance of del­ic­acies. Whether it’s an exotic Arabic break­fast I’m crav­ing or a Medi­ter­ranean gour­met exper­i­ence for a low-budget, everything is avail­able around Kreuzberg and Neuk­ölln. Feliu, a Cata­lonian res­taur­ant that has been open for a while now, belongs to the mid-range but afford­able type of cozy res­taur­ants with a menu á
Spacehall Berlin Bergmannkiez-1013

Spacehall — Vinyl Love

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Admit­tedly, I’m quite vir­gin to the game of Vinyl records. It’s not that I have now joined the club of audi­o­philes who need the best sound out of their sys­tem, but lately I’ve come to appre­ci­ate the idea of hold­ing music “in your hands”, so to say. I’ve bought vinyl records before when I wanted to sup­port
Talisker Storm-1257

A Storm Is Brewing…

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We’ve been see­ing some hor­rible weather lately, but that really comes to no sur­prise — or does it? It’s not like Ber­lin is usu­ally blessed by awe­some tem­per­at­ures and too much sun­shine to cope. That doesn’t mean we’re not ready to spend our sum­mers out­side. In fact, most Ber­liners don’t fear the storm, they embrace a rave in

Ars Electronica 2013: Wie eine zweite Natur

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We have been cov­er­ing the Ars Elec­tron­ica exhib­i­tions in the past year and we’re happy to do so again. The always very impress­ive exhib­i­tion in the Auto­mobil Forum Unter den Linden is on to its 4th round this year with the sub­ject of “Nature vs Tech­no­logy”. Four­teen artists have been invited to show their works

BERLIN.STATUS [2] Exhibition

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“If the drinks ain’t free I’m not com­ing!” should be tat­tooed across my fore­head. So many ver­n­is­sages and open­ings in this city — I guess at some point you just have to go by cer­tain cri­teria. There are good exhib­i­tions and bad, but usu­ally I don’t see a lot of the works because the crowds are in my way. So

MILK Party at st. GEORG

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Line-up / Reznik (keinemusik) Wonkers Triptease Papa Lin­guini (MILK res­id­ents) Nik Patrick (BROT) Mat­thias Puhlmann Pro­moter / MILK The real MILK party returns for another house night edi­tion at our favour­ite base­ment dive, st.GEORG on Ritter­straße, right by Moritzplatz. This time around, we are pleased to announce the instal­ment of two rooms, the second of which