People of Flowmarkt

People of Flowmarkt Nowkoelln

31.07.2013 · One comment

Summer time is flea market time. Specifically, in Kreuzberg and Neukölln, it’s Flowmarkt time. We’ve been fans of those booths and takeaways for quite a time now and it’s safe to say, that not only for us, but for many others the Flowmarkt on Maybachufer has developed to a safe bet for a summer sunday

Klunkerkranich Rooftop

26.07.2013 · 4 comments

As we have mentioned before in our “Things To Do In A Berlin Summer” posting (which, by the way, will be continued in due time), there’s nothing better than spending a fair amount of time on the rooftop of a tall building watching over the city. I’ve just returned from a great trip to the


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Win 2×2 guestlist spots for this incredible rave on the hottest day of the year! LIKE THIS POST AND LEAVE A COMMENT UNDER THIS POST TO PARTICIPATE! We will let you know by email if you’ve won! We are big fans of Todd Terje and wouldn’t miss out on this for anything else! Else mag Todd

Booklaunch + Vernissage “CAROLIN SAAGE: 25/7”


Photography was probably the only thing that was expressly forbidden at Bar25. And for good reason. Coming together here, season after season, behind the bare wall of an abandoned construction site on the banks of the Spree, was a colorful group of people whose dress and make-up were not expressions of style or coolness, but

Jeremy Shaw Finissage “Variation FQ”


After last weeks Rundgang at UDK and Weissensee, this past weekend, another summer high light and a must go for the berlin art scene took place at the lovely Schinkel Pavillon in the beautiful historic area between Bebelplatz, Staatsoper and Lustgarten. Since 2007 artist Nina Pohl is organizing great exhibitions in this octagon experimental Kleinod

Bite Club


Marrying the party vibes of a Brooklyn food fair with all the excitement of an Asian night market – thus Bite Club was born! Berlin is defined by its freewheeling nature, and we want to bring this sense of fun to Bite Club, a space to enjoy local trader’s treat foods (and drinks!) twice a
Berlin Schlauchboot Landwehrkanal Sommer

10 Things To Do In A Berlin Summer

18.07.2013 · 19 comments

As most of you have probably noticed by the nasty smell in the U8: it’s summer. For at least another two days we are spared from thunderstorms and ice blizzards. But since this (and by this I mean GODDAMNIT IT’S SO HOT AND MY T-SHIRT IS SOAKED IN SWEAT) is also a very rare occasion,



The desire to have children is basically selfish. Parthenogenesis as a next step for self-preservation is therefore the type of reproduction, which will eventually prevail. Parthenogenesis is a form of unisexual reproduction from unfertilized egg cells. So far it is mainly practiced by plants and animals. Experimental parthenogenesis is about the production of the



old rap. new rap. good rap. SPECIAL GUEST: THAT FUCKING SARA + REW KREUZBERG _________________________________ powered by: – BERLIN KREUZBERG 36

Platoon Kunsthalle – 1 Year Anniversary


after one year of pulsating events, happenings and passionate work in our containers, it’s finally time to celebrate the first anniversary of PLATOON KUNSTHALLE Berlin with a special summer barefoot party! Mother Perera // Sarah Farina // Skinnerbox LIVE // Rico Loop LIVE

DIA DE CÓMEME at Else – Win 2×2 guestlist spots

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Win 2×2 guestlist spots for this special event. Like, share or tweet this post and leave a comment with a valid e-mail adress to participate. Competition is closed on Saturday, 20th July at 6 PM. Winners will be notified by e-mail. Normal wird das nicht: Das Kollektiv um Matias Aguayo lädt zum großen Cómeme-Stelldichein. Es



Martin Buttrich LIVE tINI Robert Dietz Hector Alexkid Enzo Siragusa Der Hedonismus ist fast so gut wie der Kapitalismus aber noch lange nicht so toll wie ein gepflegter Anarchismus. Auf die Bühne gehört eine gewisse Portion Narzissmus und in die Literatur vielleicht der ein oder andere Neologismus.

The 5 Best Thai Street Foods In Berlin

16.07.2013 · 9 comments

If you have been to Thailand before and are searching for an authentic place to freshen up your tastebud’s memories, you definitely have to pay a visit to the so-called “Thaiwiese”. Situated in the heart of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf at Preußenpark, you’ll find a wide range of pan-fried, grilled and cooked Southeast Asian specialties that are far



in collaboration with eVe without adam and CAST eyewear, boychild will be giving an exclusive performance entitled “BODY SELF”. about the artist and performance: the struggles mounted in boychild’s performances thus far are ferocious and wrenching; the body is shaken, inhabited, made wild by the energies that flow through it. boychild, I dare to propose