August 2013

IXTHYS Korean Food

For a snack or a proper meal, IXTHYS is worth a stop in Schöneberg. The Kiez around Pallasstraße is worth a stroll either way if you're heading there.
29 Aug ’13 by Sara Food

Cocolo Ramen Kreuzberg

If you like Ramen soup, you'll love Cocolo. Although there are many more Ramen soup shops now around Berlin, this restaurant is known as the best in town.
28 Aug ’13 by Sara Food

Beelitz Heilstätten, Berlins creepy haunted hospital

On our mission to forage mushrooms in the Brandenburg wilderness, we decided to make a detour to the Beelitz Heilstätten to discover the abandoned hospital.
27 Aug ’13 by Sara Places

Fatteh, Foul and Msabaha: Arabic Specialities on Sonnenallee

Arabic food is more than just Falafel and Shawarma. It's also Hummus, in many more variations than you can imagine. One of the Levantine favorites is Fatteh, which you can find plentiful on Sonnenallee.
26 Aug ’13 by Sara Food

Riding The M29

Sara and I jumped on and off on the route to discover what else was on the way, especially beyond Neukölln and Kreuzberg. Riding the bus and taking a stroll in the neighborhood, in turns, was our way to get in touch with some of the places underway, advancing into the Western city one bus stop at a time.
20 Aug ’13 by Matthias Street Life

Raumverdichtungen Berlin #2

The Raumverdichtungen continue.  Jan Herdlicka follows his concept of “the essence of memory”. If you think of places you have been to, you wont be able to imagine every characteristic. Single details get lost and others become more dominant.  Some­how a new place emerges in your memory. 
19 Aug ’13 by Jan Herdlicka Architecture

There’s a first time for everything, so I finally visited the mountains of South Tyrol

Our first trip to South Tyrol - and as we later would discover, only the first of many trips we would take.
16 Aug ’13 by Sara Travel

“Lost In A Moment” Open Air 2013

A photographic recap of the Innervisions Lost in a Moment Open Air.
14 Aug ’13 by Sara Events

Urban Beekeeping with Heinz Risse

A short excursion into the world of bees at Prinzessinnengärten.
13 Aug ’13 by Sara Community, Making Berlin

Mercosy x Matürlich: Korean Pop-Up

Nice and light Korean food at the Mercosy x Matürlich pop-up restaurant on Dresdner Straße.
12 Aug ’13 by Sara Food

Bite Club Berlin

A visit to Berlins "Bite Club", one of the first food markets to dominate the scene in Kreuzberg. Ever since, many more food markets - complete with trucks and entertainment shows - have been added to the cities menu, but they all share pretty much the same characteristics and mostly also the same food trucks. Some of the food stalls have moved on from their mobile pop-ups to become real restaurants, while most of the food and drinks are definitely rather "standard choices" by 2016.
7 Aug ’13 by Sara Events

Weboogie Openair 2013

Open Airs are becoming a scarcity in the city, which is why we're all the more enthusiastic about our friends spontaneous parties in the wild.
5 Aug ’13 by Sara Community