March 2014


Kisses from Neukölln
31 Mar ’14 by Sara #berlinkisses

Küzzen aus Liebe

At the Penny in Reichenberger Straße.
28 Mar ’14 by Sara #berlinkisses

#berlinkisses at Gerichtstraße

Two wonderful kisses, found after a long nights rave on Gerichtstraße in Wedding. I used to live in that corner of Berlin (I wear it on me like a veterans badge) and I still shudder when passing on Magendoktor, probably the worst and best Kneipe of Berlin.  Anyway. Those two are special: one buffed over tag/graffiti just to be defaced again: Wenn schon hässlig, dann richtig. Might just be a personal thing (my humor doesn't have high standards), but "hässlich" is just funnier written with a g.
25 Mar ’14 by Sara #berlinkisses

Katies Blue Cat

Katies Blue Cat has never been a secret. Ever since opening their "Kreuz-English-Bakery" with a kick-ass variety of snacks and coffee on Friedelstraße, all the local blogs and certainly the coffee aficionados have been writing about it. On a nice springtime afternoon, you can see many people strolling down the Kanal with Katies' signature all-white to-go cups. The coffee is remarkably on point.
24 Mar ’14 by Sara Food

Deutschland, Du Opfer

Deutschland, Du Opfer, Gib Handy!
21 Mar ’14 by Sara #berlinkisses

Willhelm Tell: No Schiller for the Kiez

We've been big fans of the Schiller Burger so far (especially the sweet potato fries with the garlic dip - you have to try those!), so we thought it was only right to try the cozy new restaurant that was basically built into the existing Schiller Bar.
17 Mar ’14 by Sara Food

I Really Need To …

I Really Need To Discover Sex
16 Mar ’14 by Sara #berlinkisses

Places of Art: Bohème in Berlin

For the Esprit Montmartre exhibition in Frankfurt at Schirn Kunsthalle, I was asked to contribute an idea that would connect the vivid  art scene of 1900s Montmartre to todays Berlin.
13 Mar ’14 by Sara Community, Places

Getting Over Berlin

A round-up on the current international discourse about "The Berlin Hype".
11 Mar ’14 by Sara Other

We got trapped by snow in the beautiful Schnalstal of Merano

Nico takes us along on his trip to Schnalstal in Merano.
3 Mar ’14 by Nico Travel

The best trips and most interesting places to visit outside of Berlin

Stuck in a city rut? Get out of Berlin! Only a few hours on a bike, car or train ride gets you to amazing places for a day, a weekend or for a whole vacation.
2 Mar ’14 by Sara Travel