April 2014

Mean Kisses

Berliners aren't exactly known for being extra charming to each other. In true Prussian efficiency, no more words than necessary are wasted on formalities and politeness. Some kisses have reflected not only the lack of manners but also the downright aggressive tone of the city.
24 Apr ’14 by Sara #berlinkisses

Leipzig: Not Berlin

Only an hour drive from Berlin and even in Saxony an underdog, Leipzig was - until now - a long overseen treasure. Yet just like Berlin in its heyday, being forgotten was the necessary hotbed for that innovative spark. A long standing tradition in classical music and fine arts is the ground on which Leipzig is being re-invented on, but having felt no restrictions for so long, young, cosmopolitan tastemakers are going entirely new directions with the city.
17 Apr ’14 by Sara Travel

#berlinkisses from Reichenberger Kiez

16 Apr ’14 by Sara #berlinkisses


Our party series "A MILLION" was conceived at famous Luzia bar in Kreuzberg and was laid to rest around 3-4 years later. Nobody really knows.
15 Apr ’14 by Sara Community, Street Life

The super weird Kirschblütenfest in Marzahn

Our expectations about the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Gärten der Welt in Marzahn weren't particularly high. But man, we were WRONG about everything!
14 Apr ’14 by Sara Events

Voll Schön vs. Shine Bright

The conspicuous facade of the Spreewaldplatz swimming pool (with JUST having left his mark all over it) is always victim of whitewash graffiti. My favorites are rather positive kisses (referencing Ri Ri at least once) and thankfully shadowing a big ass ugly THC piece.
10 Apr ’14 by Sara #berlinkisses

New Berlin: Refugee Camp Oranienplatz

At the beginning of the refugee crisis, Kreuzberg was already fighting for its new citizens to stay.
9 Apr ’14 by Sara Community, Street Life

Springtime Blues II

Snapshots from springtime Berlin.
7 Apr ’14 by Sara Street Life


Matthias shares his impressions about Rotterdam.
4 Apr ’14 by Matthias Travel