June 2014

Columbiabad Berlin

My plea for the best swimming pool in the whole wide world: Columbiabad in Neukölln.
23 Jun ’14 by Sara Places

Cookies (Closed)

What the Cookies club looked like before it closed down and was transformed into what is today the Crackers restaurant.
20 Jun ’14 by Sara Places

Arcade Fire at Michelberger’s Tiki-Taka

Tiki Taka = Football in Spanish.
19 Jun ’14 by Sara Events

Endgegner Kisses

Here's an interesting imperative: Stock aus dem Arsch und los, loosely translated into: get that stick out of your ass and go! That should set you in the right mood for when the thunderstorm begins in a minute.
11 Jun ’14 by Sara #berlinkisses

Tommi’s Burger Joint

Definitely the best classic burger in town: Tommis Burger Joint in Mitte is worth a trip.
6 Jun ’14 by Sara Food