July 2014

Ghost Train U8

Jan Herdlicka tells us a few wise words about his artistic profession and the necessary gear to take pictures.
31 Jul ’14 by Jan Herdlicka Community

Berlin bleibt unsere Stadt

While the success of the 100% Tempelhofer Feld initiative has left a warm glow in people's hearts, the future development of the city remains a concern for many.
25 Jul ’14 by Patrick Community

Hundekopf: Exploring Berlin by Camera

Patrick, of berlin-based photography blog Radiant Flux, has thought of a way to explore the city that would both expand his horizon and make for interesting photography. You can see all of his Hundekopf pictures on his blog. I invited Patrick to tell his approach to the project here and to share his perspective on Berlin in the future with us.
24 Jul ’14 by Patrick Street Life

Fernsehturm from Kreuzberg

Our dedication to the Fernsehturm never stops.
23 Jul ’14 by Sara #berlinkisses

UdK Rundgang 2014

The UdK Rundgang: a staple dish among the cultural events of the city.
18 Jul ’14 by Sara Events

CSD Kreuzberg 2014

Snapshots from the CSD 2014 in Kreuzberg, a queer and left protest & parade that has more to do with politics than party.
17 Jul ’14 by Sara Community, Events

Mmaah: Korean BBQ in Neukölln

A quick Korean snack for when you're on Tempelhof or around Hasenheide.
16 Jul ’14 by Sara Food
British Streetwear brand BOXFRESH are coming to Berlin for Fashion Week to launch their SS15 and capsule collection at the SEEK trade show for their 25th anniversary in 2014 - and we're looking forward to the AFTER PARTY at Humboldthain Club on Wednesday, 9th. The party will feature London DJs T.Williams and Mosca playing back to back, as well as a DJ set by Berlin newcomer Elisabeth. The last party and first installment of the BOXFRESH Fashion Week celebrations in January was already a blast, with the DJs Wookie and MJ Cole on the Berghain Kantine stage. If you're into urban, fast paced, bumping music and rolling beats from the UK, this is where you should be! T.Williams is a London artist who emerged in 2010 with a unique and revivalist house music production. His exploration of grime, dubstep, UK Bass and house sounds are a revelation to dance music lovers. Fellow Londoner Mosca is a producer first and DJ second, another of BBC Radio 1’s In New DJs We Trust roster, whose influences span dub, reggae and dancehall as well as hip hop, jungle, rock and indie, and has a flair for bringing world sounds to the underground. The two have collaborated before and will do it again for the 25th anniversary of Boxfresh. Moscas remix of T. William's "Heartbeat" will give you an idea of what to expect. To celebrate the launch of the capsule collection "EightyNine", Boxfresh invites our readers to the Humboldthain Club. Send an email to RSVP@boxfresh.com to be put down on the exclusive list. The event is for free, there is going to be a beautiful BBQ and complimentary (i.e. free) drinks by BOXFRESH; oh and, of course, the public viewing of the World Cup semifinals for all of you who're all about that football life. Besides, if you haven't been to the Humboldthain Club yet, let me assure you that it's a perfect location for hard bass loving UK house heads, conveniently  walled by a sweet garden/outdoor area. Whether rain or 'shine, it's going to be an incredible party. Here's everything in a list: What: Boxfresh x SEEK aftershow party DJs: T.Williams & Mosca Perks: Drinks & BBQ & World Cup Semifinals Viewing Date: Wednesday 9th July 2014 Time: 8pm-3am Price: Free RSVP: RSVP@boxfresh.com Address: Humboldthain Club, Hochstrasse. 46, 13357 Berlin Facebook Check out the pictures of the last party to see how it's going to go down!

#berlinkisses: With Concept

"I am not an artist, I hustle".  Of course, most people who write on walls wouldn't consider themselves artists. And yet there are some - by accident or by choice - who would pass through as conceptual thinkers at the least. Some of them have been very self-conscious about their writings on the wall, as we have found out in the past couple of days while roaming the streets.
7 Jul ’14 by Sara #berlinkisses

Roamers, the hippest of all the hip cafés in Neukölln

Great food and coffee, but always overcrowded and definitely overpriced: Roamers.
3 Jul ’14 by Sara Food