September 2014

“Plötzlich am Meer” Festival

Plötzlich am Meer: a wonderful little festival, seaside Poland.
30 Sep ’14 by Sara Travel

Pfaueninsel: Pastoral Autumn

How to find solitude in autumn: Matthias travels beyond the inner city Ring of Berlin to wander the mild temperatures and magical sunlight of the Pfaueninsel.
24 Sep ’14 by Matthias Places

Make Love, Not War: AXE & PEACE ONE DAY Campaign Round-Up

Remember the incredibly well done AXE Peace campaign we already reported about a while ago? The time has come to round up its achievements, which are abundant. With the Motto "Make Love, Not War", which was prominently painted at the notorious street art corner of Falckensteinstraße, the campaign was also physically brought to life in Berlin. On an international scale, more than 425.000 people contributed virtually or in real life to a good cause. In Germany, people were asked to stay in bed for 24 hours on a lazy Sunday - we were among those, too - and more than 130.000 followed the call for peace and watched the accompanying five hour social event. The hashtag #liegenbleiben temporarily led the Twitter Trend rankings, and no other hashtag was used more in Germany. It was used more than 25.000 times in Tweets, pictures and posts. More than 220.000 Likes were accumulated on Instagram. In other countries, people either smooched to show their love or donated blood to the Red Cross. The social media campaigns were organized to raise awareness to the current political state of the world. Sixteen countries were part of the global AXE Peace campaign that was executed in collaboration with Peace One Day. Watch the video to see what went down all over the world to support the cause.   The attention of more than 400 million people world wide was garnered for the project, accumulating about 320.000 US-Dollar in the process. AXE invites all of you to celebrate the success of the campaign on the World Peace Day. On September 21st, the international World Peace day, R&B world star Akon will be playing an exclusive concert in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. You can watch the whole thing during the live stream on   This post was endorsed by AXE.
19 Sep ’14 by Sara Events

Table Dance & Champagne Bottles

#THETICKET with Kindness & Blood Orange - in a Stripclub!
18 Sep ’14 by Sara Events

Gordon Café & Record Store

The South of Hermannstraße gets its first hip café. Does that mean gentrification is taking over - or is there another side to the story?
14 Sep ’14 by Sara Community, Food

Lehrter 17 Project Space

Next week­end (11. 09. — 14. 09. 2014) our beloved under­dog dis­tricts Wed­ding and Moabit will trans­form into the cul­tural cen­ter of Ber­lin. At more than 300 dif­fer­ent loc­a­tions, vis­it­ors will be able to see and hear read­ings, per­form­ances, movies, exhib­i­tions, con­certs and hap­pen­ings. Lofts, gal­ler­ies and ateliers will open their doors to show off what they’ve got. To cel­eb­rate the re-discovery of Wed­ding and Moabit, we will be present­ing a couple of extraordin­ary loc­a­tions to you over the next week, from res­taur­ants to hot­spots and a list of events that you def­in­itely shouldn’t miss dur­ing the KULTURFESTIVAL WEDDINGMOABIT. The Lehrter 17 project space will soon cease to exist. Only planned for one year, the space was used as party floor, gallery and functional space for concerts, meetings and cultural gatherings. Because the whole commercial building will be torn down to make way for the new "Europa City" (a new Berlin-Dubai sort of quarter that is supposed to be constructed around the dead Hauptbahnhof area and is bound to make me & any Berlin lover cringe), the Lehrter 17 was never anything but a temporary shop, set up to deliver and known to vanish. Like most cultural efforts in Berlin. Even if you've never been there and don't feel like checking it out during the Kulturfestival, it's projects like this that really represent the volatility of urban development. And there's a cap limit: as soon as all those empty rooms are replaced by conceptional town-houses and sleek offices, there'll be no more (or nothing even remotely affordable). The project space Lehrter 17 will be open during the Kulturfestival WeddingMoabit. It's at the same address as the EXIT Game, so if you get bored at some point, move over and have yourself a real life escaping game.  
11 Sep ’14 by Sara Architecture, Places

Piano Salon Christophori

You like wine, smoking cigarettes and live classical music in ramshackle places in Wedding? Then you'll love the Piano Salon Christophori.
10 Sep ’14 by Sara Places

WD at IFA – Win a My Passport Wireless Drive

External hard drives are the foundations of our digital society. Without them, there's no big or little data to speak of. Since many of you freelance and hop from one desk to the next, we're giving one Western Digital My Passport Wireless 2 TB External Hard Drive away! Let us know what you need your hard drives for in the comments til September 19 to get the chance to win. Wheras some companies has their exclusive keynotes, most of the consumer electronic producers tend to flock to the annual IFA to present their newest innovations. The IFA, the Internationale Funkausstellung , is the world's largest exhibition of its kind. And while there are many sexy themes to hunt down - new smartphones, new TVs, new computers and such - one of the most important digital devices of our days is often forgotten in the media: the external hard drive. Without it, none of the newest and poshest sleek little laptops would exist. Nowadays, even those without digital work have at least 2 or 3 TB worth of data to backup. Without my seven hundred and two external hard drives, I wouldn't be able to store the massive amount of photography, not to mention be flexible enough to work from everywhere (since I don't need a big ass stationary computer anymore with a gigantic integrated hard drive). To find out more about what the future holds in terms of back-up solutions, Western Digital invited us to their trading booth of the IFA and showed us how hard drives have evolved over the years. Their new Western Digital "My Passport Wireless" 2 TB drive is perfect for every freelancer and data hoarder. I know that Berliners love to move their work around, from office to working space to café to DJ gig to meeting to bed - I tend to do that as well. With the My Passport Wireless, working with an external back up drive has become way easier: there's no need for a cable connection anymore. Photographers are even luckier, they will be able to unload their SD cards right onto the drive without needing to go through the laptop system anymore. Indeed, back up drives might not be the sexiest subjects, but they're the skeleton of todays digital work, and Western Digital are making sure that the paths to safe back-ups and short and sweet.  The My Passport Wireless works on Wi-Fi (no internet connection is required though) and can be used to transfer files from and to desktop computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets, for automatic back-ups and for looking up files from wherever you are. Besides, you can actually use it with all your devices (as it doesn't need any cables). Backing up my pictures from my iPhone immediately? Nice! While I've arrived at a point where a sole 2 TB hard drive won't suffice anymore, I appreciate every one that comes into my collection. Like books, they are ordered and numbered so I know which one to take along on my photo-journeys from one desk to the next. How about you? What do you back up on your hard drive, where do you go to work, how often do you back up? To win the My Passport Wireless 2 TB external hard drive, answer the questions in the comments til September 19 and like/share this post on Facebook or tweet it. We will notify the winner by e-mail on the 20th September. This post was endorsed by Western Digital.
10 Sep ’14 by Sara Events

Amtsgericht Tiergarten

The historical building of the Amtsgericht Tiergarten is absolutely worth a visit, even if you don't have an appointment in court.
9 Sep ’14 by Sara Architecture

Wiesenburg: Asylverein für Obdachlose

The intriguing history of the Wiesenburg - written when I visited in 2014. But the family Dunkow is still fighting to keep the Wiesenburg a sociopolitical chapter of Berlin, as many investors are sharpening their knives to get this magnificent property.
8 Sep ’14 by Sara Places

Berlin Festival 2014

Remember when I was hating on Berlin Festival? I really wish those guys were coming back, as they were still the lesser evil of Loolapalooza and other big intruders of Berlin who probably will add even less to the spirit of the cities vast music history.
8 Sep ’14 by Sara Events, Making Berlin

Da Baffi – Italian Restaurant (Closed)

Da Baffi have closed and the owners have relocated to Bosco on Wrangelstraße in Kreuzberg.
5 Sep ’14 by Sara Food

Atonal Festival 2014

Nicos review of the experimental Atonal festival.
4 Sep ’14 by Nico Events, Music

#berlinkisses from Wedding & Moabit

Remember: kisses are little philosophies scribbled on public walls.
3 Sep ’14 by Sara #berlinkisses