February 2015


Arirang Two is that affair that you had in your twenties and still cringe about. It was a cheap, spontaneous thrill, probably due to being extremely intoxicated OR for lack of better options, a convenient thing without commitment and always on-hand in desperate times.
25 Feb ’15 by Sara Food

Oman: Detox For The Mind

Fousieh went on a detox trip to Oman, a destination which hasn't yet made it to fame among world travelers.
24 Feb ’15 by Fousieh Travel

Neukölln: Vintage Shopping

Vintage shopping in is pretty much the only quality shopping you can do in Neukölln. Indulge in Lucas list of favorites.
18 Feb ’15 by Luca Places

Crackers Bar & Restaurant

Some restaurants that freshly open their doors in Berlin come with an extra special serving of hype. With some, it is justified, and with others.. not so much. In the case of Crackers, we were overly excited to see what the former (and legendary) club Cookies had turned into after we said goodbye at the last meal.
5 Feb ’15 by Sara Food

Dubai: The architectural embodiment of science fiction

Dubai: sci-fi city of superlatives and worth a short-trip if you're heading East (or West, depending). About being fascinated with urban alienation.
3 Feb ’15 by Sara Travel