March 2015

Local Store: Conscious Shopping

We're into concept stores that don't just sell high quality products but also celebrate an idea behind their collections. One of those stores is the LOCAL store in Bergmannkiez.
31 Mar ’15 by Luca Making Berlin

gogogi: Korean Food & Drinks

gogogi is the latest and coolest addition to the Korean food scene in Berlin. The restaurant is a masterwork of sleek design and laid back atmosphere.
30 Mar ’15 by Sara Food

Berlin Souvenirs

What to buy when you're in Berlin
26 Mar ’15 by Sara Other, Travel

Nudo: Cucina Italiana

Great Italian Food? Check. Set menu? Check. Cool service? Check. Appropriate prices? Check! A very good Italian alternative to the usual suspects.
24 Mar ’15 by Sara Food

The Zoo-Aquarium Berlin

A review to a visit to the Berliner Zoo-Aquarium, a place that could be magically romantic, but is mostly an exercise in dodging middle schoolers during their field trip.
23 Mar ’15 by Sara Places


"Because it's good for your health I decided to be happy" "But that's not covered by insurance!"
19 Mar ’15 by Sara #berlinkisses

London: Nothing Particularly Exciting

About seeing gorgeous, wonderful friends in London - and forgetting about the ideals of traveling.
11 Mar ’15 by Sara Travel