48 Stunden Neukölln

by Sara · 18.06.2012 · Events, Kiez Life · 8 comments

Some­times I find it dif­fi­cult to put into exact words why Ber­lin is a good place to live. There are many reas­ons, sure, but there might be just as many neg­at­ive points as well. Not hav­ing a beach and the con­stant lousy weather ser­i­ously test my lim­its. There are only so many times that a lake can sat­isfy my wish for a Copacabana (not to worry, though: I am cur­rently learn­ing Por­tuguese so I can leave Ber­lin for Brazil, at least tem­por­ar­ily. It will take at least six months of non-stop sun­shine for me to get over the past two years here).

But I won’t hes­it­ate to men­tion one of the qual­it­ies of life in Ber­lin any­way. I find that Ber­lin, unlike most other big cit­ies on an inter­na­tional scale, offers a vast land­scape of vari­ous cul­tural activ­it­ies — for every­one. That means most of it is free. From the rave to the spon­tan­eous theater to the open gal­ler­ies to the big events such as the Karneval der Kul­turen. These events tend to shake up cer­tain parts of the city. Last week­end, 48 Stun­den Neuk­ölln was a per­fect example for how it should work: every gal­lery, res­taur­ant, bar, or even private place, was invited to take part in an open Fest­ival of Arts. The point with these things is not just to attract those who know about art, but also those who pass by ran­domly and can pos­sibly find some interest in the things that are dis­played. Since the whole dis­trict takes part it’s almost impossible not to be drawn into this or that shop or gal­lery. Teen­agers, tour­ists and chil­dren alike were fas­cin­ated by the trans­ition of Neukölln.

Even though I hadn’t ori­gin­ally planned to check out the fest­ival I ended up just as mes­mer­ized by the masses of people on the streets. As our friends from Art­Con­nect decided to give our little Cages exhib­i­tion (which we had dis­played at Stu­dio B before) another chance to be seen, I changed my mind and ended up check­ing out vari­ous spaces from Bod­din– to Weser­straße. The Fest­ival is — as always — a good excuse to drink and be out­side, wan­der­ing new and dif­fer­ent streets to dis­cover this or that excit­ing exhib­i­tion. I even bought some art (!) at the idrawalot gal­lery (ser­i­ously though, that is a major accom­plish­ment for someone who thinks Bat­man is the only work of art this world will ever need. That said, it’s still a some­what altered pic­ture of 2Pac by a very tal­en­ted artist called Ben, whose e-mail adress unfor­tu­nately I lost. But he does some great work, even I can see that, so you should def­in­itely go by the gal­lery and check it out!).

All in all, 48 Stun­den Neuk­ölln feels like a massive sub­cul­tural hap­pen­ing with many adven­tures to expect. I took out my cam­era for some snap­shots, but really it’s more an exper­i­ence of mind and soul — so don’t miss out on it next year! Besides, I think most of you have seen what kind of spon­tan­eous love can hap­pen once you set your­self free on the Neuk­ölln streets…

My per­sonal bonus fea­ture: I ended up snack­ing the best Arabic Pizza with cheese at the shabby look­ing but top-quality “Bod­din Snack”. It’s not fancy food, sure, but it’s the most deli­cious thing you can get for one Euro. It makes little rain­bow colored pug pup­pies cuddle up and kiss each other in my heart.

  1. You should announce events like this. I mean, what good is it read­ing how awe­some some­thing some­where was after it happened? It’s more like Ber­lin Found than Find­ing Berlin.

  2. Dear Anon, I under­stand what you’re get­ting at, but we do announce these events on our face­book site (www​.face​book​.com/​f​i​n​d​i​n​g​b​e​r​lin). Unfor­tu­nately we’d be work­ing day and night if we put up announce­ments for everything on the site too.

    To keep in touch with what’s hap­pen­ing in the city, you can also sign up for news­let­ters like Sug­ar­high (www.sugarhigh.com) — they’re always on time with the new­est upcom­ing stuff. But I’ll con­sider your cri­ti­cism, maybe we can find a way to col­lect upcom­ing events once a week or some­thing like that.

  3. Great post. I couldn’t make it down there so I appre­ci­ate being able to do so vicari­ously through your blog.

  4. This year I did not dis­cover a lot of inter­est­ing places/art/stuff like in pre­vi­ous years… maybe I was on the wrong track only check­ing the hip kreuzkölln area. But bur­gers at BBI were again damm phantastic!

  5. Mac: I didn’t go last year, so I can’t com­pare. But yep. BBI is AWESOME. Did you try the bur­ger of the month? It’s so good it makes me want to die inside.

  6. Feine Fotos, Danke

  7. U do Great work Sara. But sure about Bat­man? Had u more on the Joker style ;) Hope 2 see Ber­lin soon

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