FINDINGBERLIN is a blog about traveling through and in Berlin as well as the rest of the world. My aim is to find what makes a place special and why Berlin attracts so many people from all around the world. I want to get to the core of it.

Expressed through words and pictures, life of the city and its development is documented over time. Ruminations, snapshots and longer editorials are part of this. Sometimes in Deutsch, other times in English.

Sara Chahrrour

Responsible for most of the websites contents is me, Sara. I moved to Berlin in 2008. I’ve always loved the trope of the urban, dystopian but hopeful city life. FINDINGBERLIN was created in 2010 when I realized how much this city was going to change in the next years, and I think the blogs structure and subjects really depict that.

FINDINGBERLIN isn’t a tourguide or an expat’s guide to Berlin. Instead, it aims to give non-German speakers a little bit of an overview over the things that have become interesting over time. This blog is very personal and subjective and by no means complete.

FINDINGBERLIN is as much about Berlin as it is about travel and life in general, which is why there will be many articles about the rest of the world. The philosophy is to get excited about traveling, about culture and about all the differences and similarities that make up our world and people; ideally, so we can learn from another.

About Sara

Sara Chahrrour is a freelance writer and content strategist in Berlin with focus on digital content, content production management, SEO content strategy and transcreation German/English. My office is at the beautiful spaces of Blogfabrik, where I work together with other content creators who know what’s important on the web right now. I am always for hire for interesting projects. Please get in touch for a full CV and work portfolio.

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