Find​ing​Ber​lin​.com is a visual magazine ded­ic­ated to Ber­lin and its cul­tural diversity. By pho­to­graphy and video­graphy the authors of the site try to cap­ture all parts of the cit­ies devel­op­ment and the unique fea­tures of Ber­lin: urban art, techno hedon­ism, authen­tic places and some intim­ate Ber­lin anec­dotes will find a one of a kind platt­form. We hope to por­tray an image of Ber­lin that will freshen up the per­spect­ive of vis­it­ors and res­id­ents alike.

This is an approach that is not only used loc­ally but inter­na­tion­ally as well. Along­side the authors, read­ers can dis­cover sim­il­ar­it­ies and dif­fer­ences between met­ro­poles world­wide. With this uncon­ven­tional and very per­sonal cov­er­age we try to inspire people to find their way through the cul­tural rich­ness of urban spaces.