FindingBerlin is a blog about Berlin’s endless possibilities of life. Expressed through words and pictures, life of the city and its development is documented over time. Ruminations, snapshots and longer editorials are part of this.

Sometimes in Deutsch, other times in Englisch.

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Responsible for most of the websites contents is Sara “I’m hilarious on the internet” Shakur , who moved to Berlin from Hessen in 2008 and has always been interested in urban life. She’s not a photographer and doesn’t aspire to be, which is why the photography is, err, rather subjective. She loves it when her friends and other interested people share their experiences of Berlin on the blog, too, which makes it a bit of a confusing pool of opinions and perspectives.

FindingBerlin was founded in 2010 and relaunched and re-designed and conceptually re-structured at least 3 times ever since. There will be sponsored posts sometimes, but mostly to finance this hobby. FindingBerlin isn’t a tourguide or an expat’s guide to Berlin. Instead, it aims to give non-German speakers a little bit of an overview over what interests us while living here. There’ll be some advice on new things to eat and to buy, but only if it’s relevant to what we like. There will also be articles in German when I can’t express myself sufficiently in English or when I’m angry at Germans (which is my normal state of mind). When I say “we”, I usually mean only “me”, but it sounds better that way. I hang out with the people at Blogfabrik to steal their creativity, come visit me on Oranienstraße. Actually, don’t.

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This is a very professional picture of Sara.

FindingBerlin is as much about Berlin as it is about travel and life in general, which is why there will be many articles about the rest of the world. The philosophy is to get excited about traveling, about culture and about all the differences and similarities that make up our world and people; ideally, so we can learn from another

This website has brought a group of friends together and became the center of an interesting community of filmmakers, producers, artists and writers. That’s pretty cool. We arranged parties for our friends, we got in touch with people from all over the world, and we are always interested in what others have to say, so don’t hesitate if you want to contribute or have ideas. Please don’t be mad if I don’t reply to you immediately or at all – some people have just the craziest visions, and I can’t reply to all of them. Also, please don’t spam me with your shitty products, I rarely ever do press-tours, and I’m not interested in testing free stuff unless you know what my blog is about and know that it would actually be cool for my readers to know about your agenda.

Thanks to Matthias Planitzer for the layout, and thank you Jessica Mester for the logo of the website.

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