Alternative Berlin: Urban Art Tour Review

by Sara · 17.06.2010 · Kiez Life · 2 comments

As men­tioned in my Per­fect Ber­lin Week­end Itin­er­ary, the Urban Art Tour by Altern­at­ive Ber­lin is a ser­i­ous must do while you’re here. I never regret­ted it. After about two years of liv­ing in Ber­lin, I decided to try it out and went on a tour as a birth­day present for a good friend — he loves pho­to­graphy, so it seemed like a nice oppor­tun­ity. Even though we knew most of these places, it was abso­lutely incred­ible see­ing the city with someone else’s eyes. Someone, by the way, who knows much more about the urban art dis­played so fre­quently through­out the city. Someone who will show you things you’d have never noticed and explains to you the back­ground of the city. Like a puzzle, you’ll find your­self put­ting the pieces of Ber­lin together.

The his­tor­ical tid­bits, the urban legends, the most pop­u­lar squats and even ran­dom loc­a­tions you’ve never seen: many things are included in the tour. No, I do not get paid to recom­mend it, I just think that this is the per­fect approach to Ber­lin. Other cit­ies are best dis­covered in their clas­sical parts, archi­tec­ture and his­tory; but Ber­lin, if you ask me, is best con­sumed when old, rot­ten, dirty and illegal (besides, the clas­sical parts are all covered by the usual guides. Grab a Lonely Planet and head out to edu­cate your­self about everything his­tor­ical in Ber­lin, there’s much know­ledge to gain). If any­thing, the loc­a­tions and the stor­ies, mixed with the tra­gic and bizarre past of Ger­many, formed the free­dom of art that Ber­lin stands for today.

Do your­self a favor, take the tour if you’re new in town. It starts daily at 11 AM and 1 PM at the Star­bucks Alex­an­der­platz (right below the Fernse­hturm). The tour is free, but a tip is expec­ted (and please be gen­er­ous if you can and if you liked it). Here are some impres­sions from our little trip.

By the way, I’m abso­lutely up for another round (it was snowy and cold the last time and I have a bet­ter cam­era now) while it’s warm, so if any­one wants to join me: let’s roll.

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  1. I just dis­covered your blog, and it feels like I’m read­ing myself speak! Really great concept as well…keep those insights and reflec­tions a ‘com­ing.
    I’ve been want­ing to do this tour since I’ve moved here (I’m a berliner-baby~~~~~just moved here a few months ago), so if you want to grab a tour in the sun, give a hol­lar!

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  1. […] But hurry up, you have to be at the Star­bucks Alex­an­der­platz (it’s right in front of the entrance to the Fernse­hturm) at 11 AM. Lookout for a horde of tour­ists and a nice tour guide who’ll take you on an unfor­get­table walk­ing tour from a unique per­spect­ive: the Urban Art Tour, brought to you by Altern­at­ive Ber­lin. The name has it: it’s Urban Art all the way through Ber­lin, spiced up with his­tor­ical details and the coolest spots to see, includ­ing (usu­ally– the itin­er­ar­ies change depend­ing on the guide who takes you) the Tacheles Art House, the East Side Gal­lery and the legendary RAW Tem­pel. Check out more pic­tures and a short review of the Urban Art Tour. […]