ASAP Rocky at Festsaal Kreuzberg

by Marcus · 15.06.2012 · Events, Kiez Life · 3 comments

Going to a con­cert might not be the most excit­ing thing to share across the broad sub­jects that Ber­lin has to offer. In this case, I’d like to make an excep­tion. We’ve all been wait­ing impa­tiently for the A$AP Rocky gig ever since he blew up last year with his mon­ster tracks Pe$o and Was­sup. Along with all the techno in Ber­lin most of us from Find­ing­Ber­lin are true Hip Hop fans, so whenever we get the chance to exper­i­ence a banger con­cert in our hood we grab the mother­fucker by the neck and make the room bounce! After all, it IS quite a dif­fer­ent exper­i­ence to the usual raves.

But before bor­ing you with shaky con­cert pic­tures I would rather point out the inter­est­ing street styles of the audi­ence. In con­trast to the “vin­tage hip­ster”, the rap fan in Ber­lin likes to dress in a like­wise fancy, yet def­in­itely dif­fer­ent man­ner. While hanging out in front of the line to the venue (Fest­saal Kreuzberg) I tried to cap­ture some of these looks.

By the way, the con­cert was — albeit short — a blast. Here’s to hop­ing that the A$AP Mob can ride the hype wave for another couple of years on that level of quality.

  1. Wer so angestrengt ver­sucht immer und überall super cool zu sein, kann echt keinen Spaß am Leben haben. lol

  2. Gen­iales Pub­likum ^^ Fettes video Bomben Sound. Whish i could have been there…

  3. Oj, mieser Neid!