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Jan Herdlicka is a photo artist from Berlin exhibitions: - 2015 „Wire Arts Experiment“ Berlin - 2015 "Borders" Studio Twins Berlin  - 2014 "WE ARE BERLIN" iHeartBerlin - 2013 "RIOT" Doomed Gallery Dalston - 2012 "UNTERGRUND" Orkanen Malmö - 2012 "Käfige" ArtConnect (48h Neukölln) - 2012 "Käfige" Finding Berlin/Ignant Studio B Berlin - 2011 "Stadtmomente" Huldigung der Künste (Ritter Butzke) Berlin  - 2010 "Stadtmomente" Rosa - Luxemburg - Stiftung Berlin publications (selection): Süddeutsche Zeitung, BBC, Zitty, Berliner Zeitung, ELLE, Finding Berlin, iHeartBerlin, Fritz Radio, Marabilias


Our resident artist Jan Herdlicka is back with another impressive photo montage series.
29 May ’17 by Jan Herdlicka Other

ARKADIA by Jan Herdlicka

Our resident artist Jan Herdlicka delivers another series which translates urban vision into a photographic method - and brilliantly so.
20 Oct ’16 by Jan Herdlicka Architecture, Other


Jan Herdlicka, our very own talented photographer and artists, is back with a couple of thoughts on city life vs. perception of nature. His works are photographic collages, inspired by life in Berlin.
1 Jun ’15 by Jan Herdlicka Other

Ghost Train U8

Jan Herdlicka tells us a few wise words about his artistic profession and the necessary gear to take pictures.
31 Jul ’14 by Jan Herdlicka Community

Scandinavia: Analog

Jan Herdlicka traveled Scandinavia and shares his favorite analog impressions with us.
7 Jan ’14 by Jan Herdlicka Travel

Raumverdichtungen Berlin #2

The Raumverdichtungen continue.  Jan Herdlicka follows his concept of “the essence of memory”. If you think of places you have been to, you wont be able to imagine every characteristic. Single details get lost and others become more dominant.  Some­how a new place emerges in your memory. 
19 Aug ’13 by Jan Herdlicka Architecture