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Detroit: Phoenix Rising

Detroit: Notes on a Comeback City.
10 Dec ’14 by Nico Travel, Videos

Atonal Festival 2014

Nicos review of the experimental Atonal festival.
4 Sep ’14 by Nico Events, Music

We got trapped by snow in the beautiful Schnalstal of Merano

Nico takes us along on his trip to Schnalstal in Merano.
3 Mar ’14 by Nico Travel

Berlin Christmas Market at Alexa

The Las Vegas of Christmas markets.
23 Dec ’13 by Nico Places, Street Life

Raumverdichtungen #3

In continuation of the Raumverdichtungen seriesJan Herdlicka visited places you come across everyday. In his technical process the obvious dimensional characteristics blur out and only a fraction is left. With this he is questioning the process of memory and the character of the structures surrounding us.
20 Nov ’13 by Nico Architecture

Finding Grunewald

Jan shares his vision of Grunewald with us.
20 Nov ’12 by Nico Street Life


Soft light, brown leaves and lovely memories of the past: one of the most underrated parks in Berlin, Südgelände, invites you to take a walk in autumn.
25 Oct ’12 by Nico Places


Jan Herdlicka captured the feel of the Underground on black and white film in this beautiful series.
19 Jul ’12 by Nico Architecture, Other

Berlin Fashion Week S/S 2013 – Newcomer Special for HUSK

Nico created an intense making-of for a young and upcoming fashion label.
4 Jul ’12 by Nico Making Berlin, Videos


Nico and his host Niels roam the streets and art galleries of Copenhagen.
4 May ’12 by Nico Travel

We need the ocean sometimes, so we travel to Hiddensee

Nico escapes to the Ostsee for a short, relaxing trip to the beach.
30 Mar ’12 by Nico Travel

The photography of Jan Herdlicka

Introducing our new author Jan Herdlicka.
21 Feb ’12 by Nico Community


Nico shares his impression of his favorite neighborhood - Neukölln.
28 Nov ’11 by Nico Street Life


Lukas Fischer shares his works on Gropiusstadt with us.
9 Oct ’11 by Nico Architecture, Community