Bärlin City

by Sara · 24.06.2010 · Kiez Life · Comments Off on Bärlin City

There’s a beat to Ber­lin. You can hear it beneath the sirens, the laughter, the fight­ing, the honk­ing, the shuff­ling and the rapid walk­ing. It’s some­where beneath the land­marks, right there between the tracks of the pub­lic transit. We breathe it. And every mono­ton­ous whistle becomes a little melody in our hearts that pro­duces smiles onto our faces.

Every city has its own beat when you let it sink in for a while, but Ber­lin has that one dis­tinct and yet so very flex­ible sound. You want to grasp it, but you can’t, and it feels famil­iar as well as it feels for­eign. Seems as if Ronny, of the
pop­u­lar music (and stuff) blog Kraft­fut­ter­mis­chwerk, has appar­ently the same idea of the Ber­lin Beat as I do. His track Bärlin City hits the nail right on the head, and his explan­a­tion simply makes sense to every­one who has spent some time in BLN.

“Die Num­mer ist schon etwas älter, gehört aber defin­itiv zu einem meiner Live-Lieblinge. Entstanden ist “Bärlin City” ursprüng­lich mal in einem Burger-Restaurant auf der Schlossstraße in Ber­lin. Da saß ich ganz alleine in der oberen Etage und da ich jede Menge Zeit hatte, hatte ich ein­fach mal was ange­fan­gen. Die Vocals, wenn man das so nennen kann, hatte ich über einen Kopf­hörer, auf­gen­om­men, den ich ein­fach zweck­ent­frem­det in den Mikro-Eingang steckte.”

Go over to the Kraft­fut­ter­mis­chwerk, down­load Bärlin City and keep it on repeat while strolling the city for the real sum­mer feeling.

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