Bärlin City

by Sara · 24.06.2010 · Kiez Life · Comments Off on Bärlin City

There’s a beat to Berlin. You can hear it beneath the sirens, the laughter, the fighting, the honking, the shuffling and the rapid walking. It’s somewhere beneath the landmarks, right there between the tracks of the public transit. We breathe it. And every monotonous whistle becomes a little melody in our hearts that produces smiles onto our faces.

Every city has its own beat when you let it sink in for a while, but Berlin has that one distinct and yet so very flexible sound. You want to grasp it, but you can’t, and it feels familiar as well as it feels foreign. Seems as if Ronny, of the
popular music (and stuff) blog Kraftfuttermischwerk, has apparently the same idea of the Berlin Beat as I do. His track Bärlin City hits the nail right on the head, and his explanation simply makes sense to everyone who has spent some time in BLN.

“Die Nummer ist schon etwas älter, gehört aber definitiv zu einem meiner Live-Lieblinge. Entstanden ist “Bärlin City” ursprünglich mal in einem Burger-Restaurant auf der Schlossstraße in Berlin. Da saß ich ganz alleine in der oberen Etage und da ich jede Menge Zeit hatte, hatte ich einfach mal was angefangen. Die Vocals, wenn man das so nennen kann, hatte ich über einen Kopfhörer, aufgenommen, den ich einfach zweckentfremdet in den Mikro-Eingang steckte.”

Go over to the Kraftfuttermischwerk, download Bärlin City and keep it on repeat while strolling the city for the real summer feeling.

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