Berlin Bridge Culture

29 Jul ’10 by Marcus Community, Street Life
Berlin am Meer? Sure, Berlin has no beach to brag with, but we have a lively bridge culture and that's almost as good.

come on. we have to face it. berlin is not barcelona, miami or rio. most of the year the weather is shit. we don´t have beaches to hang out and we have to pack all our outdoor activities into some short weeks a year.

because it is like that it turns out that the berlin people live out the summer to the fullest. one way to do so is pretending to live on the beach with a big promenade where you can watch people passing by, zip some cold drinks, meet good friends, listen to some cheesy music or just dream away while watching the sunset.

but since berlinians can´t have warm sand under their asses they developed their own promenade culture and relocated it onto one of the many bridges of the city (berlin has more than 1500). for me, this is just typical about the city. people just take opportunities and make the most of it.

every kiez has its own favourite bridge. to speak about kreuzberg it should be the admiralbrücke where at hot summer nights hundreds of people hang out. artists playing music, people are dancing, flirting or just have their after work beer and a kick ass pizza from il casolare next to the bridge. if you wanna feel like in south europe this is your place to be.

a completly other character has the modersohnbrücke in friedrichshain. this is the sitting in the sand and watch the sunset romantic bridge. transferred to berlin, this means instead of having sand having rusty steel and instead of water a train- plus skyline (told you about the problem). the city lies in front of you and you can digg deep into your thoughts while the red sun disappears behind the tv tower. a berlin love affaire.

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  1. Beautiful. People of all ages, cliques, creeds and colours coming together to enjoy themselves on a very casual basis. I love it.

  2. very nice pictures and motives! Here some other bridges worth to explore when doing bridge-hopping in Berlin:
    – you might wanna check out Glienicker Brücke – historical highlight and way too underestimated by berliners! That’s the place where german “James Bond” guys were exchanged between west and east germany.
    – Monumentenbrücke in Schöneberg: Go there when you wanna enjoy fireworks
    – Hafenbrücke in Tegel: Berlin does not only have more bridges than Venice – it is even known for its highest density of boats in whole Europe! Yes, thats true – so go to Tegel, check out the old harbour from the bridge – once you’re there, you might want to take a look at the project “Ufa fabrik”:
    – and about 960 other bridges…


    • hey justhis. thanks for adding more places to the list. instead of tegel you have to put tempelhof in at the last point and than it´s perfect. cheers

  3. I prefer bridges to beaches any day. and i’m from tel aviv, so this is not trivial at all. i<3 this post.

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