Berlin Bridge Culture

Berlin am Meer? Sure, Berlin has no beach to brag with, but we have a lively bridge culture and that's almost as good.

by Marcus · 29.07.2010 · Kiez Life, Places · 7 comments

come on. we have to face it. ber­lin is not bar­celona, miami or rio. most of the year the weather is shit. we don’t have beaches to hang out and we have to pack all our out­door activ­it­ies into some short weeks a year.

because it is like that it turns out that the ber­lin people live out the sum­mer to the fullest. one way to do so is pre­tend­ing to live on the beach with a big prom­en­ade where you can watch people passing by, zip some cold drinks, meet good friends, listen to some cheesy music or just dream away while watch­ing the sunset.

but since ber­lini­ans can’t have warm sand under their asses they developed their own prom­en­ade cul­ture and relo­cated it onto one of the many bridges of the city (ber­lin has more than 1500). for me, this is just typ­ical about the city. people just take oppor­tun­it­ies and make the most of it.

every kiez has its own favour­ite bridge. to speak about kreuzberg it should be the admir­al­brücke where at hot sum­mer nights hun­dreds of people hang out. artists play­ing music, people are dan­cing, flirt­ing or just have their after work beer and a kick ass pizza from il casol­are next to the bridge. if you wanna feel like in south europe this is your place to be.

a com­pletly other char­ac­ter has the mod­er­sohn­brücke in friedrich­shain. this is the sit­ting in the sand and watch the sun­set romantic bridge. trans­ferred to ber­lin, this means instead of hav­ing sand hav­ing rusty steel and instead of water a train– plus sky­line (told you about the prob­lem). the city lies in front of you and you can digg deep into your thoughts while the red sun dis­ap­pears behind the tv tower. a ber­lin love affaire.

  1. Beau­ti­ful. People of all ages, cliques, creeds and col­ours com­ing together to enjoy them­selves on a very cas­ual basis. I love it.

  2. very nice pic­tures and motives! Here some other bridges worth to explore when doing bridge-hopping in Ber­lin:
     – you might wanna check out Gli­en­icker Brücke — his­tor­ical high­light and way too under­es­tim­ated by ber­liners! That’s the place where ger­man “James Bond” guys were exchanged between west and east ger­many.
     – Monu­menten­brücke in Schöne­berg: Go there when you wanna enjoy fire­works
     – Hafen­brücke in Tegel: Ber­lin does not only have more bridges than Venice — it is even known for its highest dens­ity of boats in whole Europe! Yes, thats true — so go to Tegel, check out the old har­bour from the bridge — once you’re there, you might want to take a look at the pro­ject “Ufa fab­rik”: http://​www​.ufa​fab​rik​.de
     – and about 960 other bridges…


  3. hey jus­this. thanks for adding more places to the list. instead of tegel you have to put tem­pel­hof in at the last point and than it´s per­fect. cheers

  4. yeahh mag

  5. I prefer bridges to beaches any day. and i’m from tel aviv, so this is not trivial at all. i<3 this post.

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