Berlin Burger International

by Sara · 29.06.2012 · Places · 3 comments

An inner crav­ing for bur­ger was seeded deep inside of me back when I was a child. My par­ents would never let us eat fast food except for on spe­cial occa­sions. So while every­one had a del­ish Christ­mas din­ner, we ended up stuck with all the other non-Christians at McD’s devour­ing plastic food like it was a five star meal. Don’t judge, I was eight years old then.

But ever since I became addicted to bur­gers, and not only those that were pro­duced in half a minute. Of course, Ber­lin being the most gen­er­ous of cit­ies when it comes to culin­ary exper­i­ences, I can’t get around try­ing any bur­ger place that I find. My latest little treas­ure (although not quite a secret — it’s just me being late to the party as always) is the Ber­lin Bur­ger Inter­na­tional on Pan­nier­straße in Neuk­ölln. While I still hold Bur­ger­meister up above any other place I’ve eaten at, BBI almost touches the throne with their exclus­ively super-tasty fresh and deli­cious ham-, cheese– and hallumiburgers.

I feel espe­cially oblig­ated to thank them — I mean, thank them from the bot­tom of my heart — for cre­at­ing the Num­burger. It was the bur­ger of the month in June. And it was per­fect. An orgas­mic explo­sion for your taste buds. It had STRAWBERRIES, and Pesto, and Basil, and Moz­arella, and, sorry for all the veg­gies out there, but it also had PERFECT beef pat­ties and, oh, my heart aches for it’s almost the end of June and I’ll prob­ably never taste any­thing like that, ever again.

In typ­ical Ber­lin style, the BBI is hardly more than a street-shop. Per­fect for good weather and take out. They don’t attract as many pass­ersby as Bur­ger­meister does so the wait is not nearly as long, but still long enough for a hungry per­son to go on a ram­page. Or maybe that’s just me. Any­way, go check it out and def­in­itely try ALL the bur­gers on the menu at ONCE.

  1. U have to Take me there when i come back to Berlin ;)

  2. Have you ever tried Bur­ger Amt in Box­ha­gener Platz? Cause if you haven’t…you should!!!

  3. Sure, we have been some of there most loy­al­ist cus­tom­ers when we lived in Fhain!