Berlin Burger International

by Sara · 29.06.2012 · Places · 3 comments

An inner craving for burger was seeded deep inside of me back when I was a child. My parents would never let us eat fast food except for on special occasions. So while everyone had a delish Christmas dinner, we ended up stuck with all the other non-Christians at McD’s devouring plastic food like it was a five star meal. Don’t judge, I was eight years old then.

But ever since I became addicted to burgers, and not only those that were produced in half a minute. Of course, Berlin being the most generous of cities when it comes to culinary experiences, I can’t get around trying any burger place that I find. My latest little treasure (although not quite a secret – it’s just me being late to the party as always) is the Berlin Burger International on Pannierstraße in Neukölln. While I still hold Burgermeister up above any other place I’ve eaten at, BBI  almost touches the throne with their exclusively super-tasty fresh and delicious ham-, cheese- and hallumiburgers.

I feel especially obligated to thank them – I mean, thank them from the bottom of my heart – for creating the Numburger. It was the burger of the month in June. And it was perfect. An orgasmic explosion for your taste buds. It had STRAWBERRIES, and Pesto, and Basil, and Mozarella, and, sorry for all the veggies out there, but it also had PERFECT beef patties and, oh, my heart aches for it’s almost the end of June and I’ll probably never taste anything like that, ever again.

In typical Berlin style, the BBI is hardly more than a street-shop. Perfect for good weather and take out. They don’t attract as many passersby as Burgermeister does so the wait is not nearly as long, but still long enough for a hungry person to go on a rampage. Or maybe that’s just me. Anyway, go check it out and definitely try ALL the burgers on the menu at ONCE.

  1. U have to Take me there when i come back to Berlin ;)

  2. Have you ever tried Burger Amt in Boxhagener Platz? Cause if you haven’t…you should!!!

  3. Sure, we have been some of there most loyalist customers when we lived in Fhain!